Does your son or daughter have everything going for them, except for being in love?

I get a lot of concerned mothers and fathers who call me and tell me the same thing:

My daughter or son is very successful.

He or she runs her own company.

Makes a lot of money.

Is attractive.

Has all great qualities to share, but is not in a relationship.

We’re worried.

And we want to help him or her.



Then they continue to offer to pay for a session for their son or daughter or they want to come in themselves for tips on how they can help their son or daughter secretly.


Although this is very sweet and nice that you are so concerned about your son or daughter’s love life, a few things need to be in place before I can help.


Let me share those things with you…


1 – So although your son or daughter may be good looking, wealthy, smart, runs a company, etc. but does he or she want a relationship?

2 – It’s important that you understand that I teach singles HOW to attract the One.

I do not match them up with anyone. You/they have the power to draw love to them.

I empower people. I give them the tools and techniques on how to partner with the Universe to draw love to you without using dating sites or working hard at it.

This is internal work.

I also clear any and all love life blocks that is preventing someone from finding and maintaining a love relationship.

Does your son or daughter want to learn how to be empowered?

Or do they just want someone to match them up on a few dates?


3 – The work I do with my clients requires participation from your daughter or son (or you).

I’m helping him or her find love.

This is not a job where you hire a maid to clean your home.

If you want a deep soulful relationship, then this requires your son/daughters/your mind, body and Soul.

It’s a spiritual experience and it requires your son/daughter/you to be involved.

4- We already talked about this, but it bares repeating. The work I guide my clients through is inner work.

If your son, daughter, or you is not into self growth, self development and bettering one’s self, then this is not a match.

Finding love is not a transaction — it’s love. Your heart has to be involved.



5 – If your son, daughter, you is not into spirituality, we’re not a match

6 – I don’t present your son, daughter or you with “beautiful rich smart whatever” matches and have him or her pick.

These are surface level relationships.

I help people connect on a deeper level.

I help people be with who they are meant to be with.

Who they are destined to be with.

I guide people in attracting their soulmate, twin flame, and life partner.



7) Does your son or daughter have time in his or her schedule for love?

It’s very nice that you are concerned about your son or daughter but if he or she makes NO time for a relationship and only works, then that’s a failed relationship in the making whether a matchmaker steps in and pulls “wonderful, beautiful, hot women/men” for him or her.



8) If your son or daughter DOES WORK a lot, but acknowledges that he or she needs to make time for a love relationship but is having trouble breaking the work addiction, then I can help.

Clearing blocks to love is what I do!



I trust that my list has helped shed some light for you on how I can assist you and your son or daughter before you schedule a session.


There are many NYC Matchmakers, Dating Coaches, Love Experts, Dating Experts, Relationship Coaches, Relationship Experts and Healers out there that would gladly take your money and have you book a session with them just to explain this all to you, but my intention is for you and your daughter or son to actually get something out of the session, otherwise it’s a waste of time, energy and money for me and you.


Looking forward to helping you!



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