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Turn Ordinary Events Into Extraordinary – Healing and Manifestation Events

When I speak at your event, I am also healing your audience of mental and emotional blocks and assisting them in manifesting their dreams. Attendees aren’t passive listeners, they will be actively learning and integrating new ways of looking at life and being. They’ll leave behind the struggle, the hard work, the frustration, and pain and learn tools and techniques on how to partner with The Universe to easily attract The One, heal relationships, and live a life of their dreams. They’ll experience clarity where there was confusion, and healing, peace, and happiness where there was sadness, frustration, drama and disappointment. New insights will be revealed and old, limiting ways of thinking will be released. Many who have attended the The Love Guru’s events, have manifested “The One,” healed broken relationships, released relationship blocks and baggage, and stepped into a life they love.

All Attendees Will Receive:
  • Spiritual Teachings on how to partner with the Universe to live an easier, more fulfilling life.
  • Channeled Messages from Spirit that are specific to your guests and their current situation and struggles.
  • Heart Healings to clear blocks (in their career, finances, love life, health).
  • Practical Exercises so attendees can apply the teachings shared during the event to see fast results.
  • Learn how to have a better relationship with your partner, with others, and with yourself!

Attendees are asked to bring notepad and pen to take notes, as well as water, to help process information and energy shared, as well as to clear stuck energy, emotions and toxins.

Some of the Many Topics Blaire Can Present:

The Spiritual Way To Attract The One Manifestation Workshop

For single women and men who are sick and tired of being single… sick and tired of the dating scene and dating games… and who are looking for love everywhere, but not having much luck. This event is for you if you want to find “The One” and get married, now! At this event, The Love Guru is manifesting with you! In 2004, Blaire put up a website, for friends and family, stating that she wanted them to find “The One” for her because she was tired of looking for him herself. To her surprise, her private website went viral and within 2 weeks, she was featured in The NY Times, CNN, MSNBC and having meetings with VH1 about having her own dating show. Two months into the public search, she got exhausted. This is when the Universe stepped in and showed her the way and she manifested her soulmate! At this event, Blaire will share a few manifestation steps of her method, now called The Spiritual Way to Attract The One® and will manifest love with you!

How To Heal Relationship Issues – or – Should I Stay or Go? Healing Workshop

Sick and tired of trying everything to fix your relationship? Tired of being frustrated, confused, sad and mad? At this event, The Love Guru will share with you why you should almost always stay with a partner (even though you may be miserable). Are you constantly weighing the pros and cons of your relationship and your partner in your mind? Are you having trouble focusing on other things going on in your life? Afraid of making the wrong decision? Tired of asking friends, a therapist or psychics about what you should do? Come to this event to learn exactly what to do.You’ll receive guidance, clarity and exercises to do so you can stop analyzing your relationship and instead, be able to get to the root of why you’re having problems in your relationship so you can heal them or gracefully move on, never having to experience the same pain or relationship patterns ever again.

How To Heal Your Heart After a Breakup (or Divorce)

Are you still upset by a relationship that is no longer in your life? Do you still feel anger toward the man/woman you were in a relationship with? Whether you’ve gone through a divorce or a short/long term relationship that has ended, it can leave it’s mark on you. But how do you successfully heal your heart, so you can move forward and find love anew, rather than being stuck for years to come? Join The Love Guru Blaire as she guides you through a step by step process on how to heal your heart, so you are no longer living in the past or dragging your anger and upset, taking your issues out in a new relationship. Learn how to learn from the past, rather than be one of the walking wounded.

Clear Emotional Baggage and Love Life Blocks Healing Workshop

Blocked in your love life? Having a hard time moving finding The One? Feeling insecure, worried, doubtful or fearful that you might not find love? Or that no one out there is right for you? When we are carrying emotional or mental baggage from past experiences, it’s very hard, if not impossible to attract “The One” and if you do get into a relationship, it usually ends up being just as painful (or worse) than your past experiences. Come learn how to break the pattern and release the pain. During this event, The Love Guru will share spiritual teachings, heart healings, and guide attendees through exercises to open and heal their hearts, let go of past trauma and pain, and get themselves ready to welcome in new love.

Getting Rid of Toxic People and Situations

Toxic people are everywhere, but how do you avoid them or better yet navigate life so you’re not negatively effected by their energy? Blaire will channel specific messages for those who attend on how to get your energy so strong so you either no longer attract toxic people into your life or are able to recognize them and rise above. Learn what a toxic person or situation is. Learn how to recognize toxic people and situations – being well informed and aware helps you transcend the situation. Understand why people and situations are toxic from a spiritual perspective. Learn how to use someone’s or a place’s toxicity to rise in your own life. No longer be soo effected by someone’s toxic energy or words. Receive steps on how to transcend toxic situations. Get to the point that you don’t care if people or situations are toxic because you use them to propel and upgrade your life. And much more! This is a healing and teaching workshop that is filled with spiritual teachings, channeled guidance, heart healings, and practical steps on how to bring healing and change into your life right now.

Spiritual Healing Circle

A meditative, insightful, empowering event. Event is kept intimate (5 person limit), so everyone will receive a semi-private Spiritual Healing Session. Are you blocked in your love life, career, health, finances? Are your desires not manifesting fast enough? During your session, The Love Guru will go into your energy field and read, clear, heal and charge your chakras. She’ll share with you what emotions and experiences are stuck in your energy field and causing you to be blocked. You’ll release old emotions and experiences that are causing you pain and preventing you from moving forward in your life. You’ll also receive channeled messages (from your angels and guides) as well as practical exercises for you to take the healing further. Messages and healings individually will benefit everyone in the group. Come to get re-aligned with your highest path in life.

How Aliens Put Me Into Power

An interesting, fun, enlightening, mind-expanding event on how to connect with your star brothers and sisters from other dimensions! Do you know that you have a family that loves, adores and supports you in another realm? During this event, The Love Guru will share her story of re-connecting with Zeke, a Reptilian alien (who is also her star brother) from Sirius. You’ll learn how it happened, what he taught her, and more. Come to be activated and initiated into expanded level of consciousness. Develop your healing and/or psychic gifts. Learn about the experience of having a kundalini awakening and more! Warning: This event is out of the norm. It’s slightly weird and “out of the box,” therefore best for an audience who is curious and open-minded.

Dog Readings Party

Do you own a dog business? Or have a lot of dog-lovin’ friends? A dog party is an event where everyone gathers for lunch or snacks in one room, while readings take place in another. Or, if guests are open to it, everyone can observe one another’s readings. Although, please note, personal information about the human comes through.

Does your dog have emotional, mental or behavioral issues? The dog readings I do are self development in nature. Your dog gets a healing and reading where he or she will share messages about how to fix the issue he/ she is having and then once your dog is taken care of, he/she will start sharing messages about your life and where you’re blocked. Dog readings heal your dog’s issues, while at the same time healing your issues, too.

Raising Your Vibration to Attract Good Things In Life

In order for you to attract “The One,” have a healthy, loving relationship, as well as a life that you love, it’s key that you have a high vibration. This ensures that you’re happy and attracting wonderful opportunities into your life – all the time. How to do it? Come to this event to have some fun. Exercises are interactive. Lots of laughter will be experienced, as well as you’ll be guided through some “weird” activities. Throughout the event, Blaire will share with you spiritual teachings, heart healings and channeled guidance. Come to learn how to switch out of the “I have to work hard to get what I want in life” mentality and instead learn how to easily magnetize good things to you each and every day.

Relationship Readings, Teachings and Heart Healings – Open Forum

Stuck in your love life? Having love or relationship issues? Want some healing and spiritual guidance? This is an open forum event where The Love Guru will answer questions presented to her from audience members. Only select people will have their questions answered, but messages, healings and teachings will be applicable to everyone because this is how Spirit works. Come with a few clear and precise questions you want Blaire and Spirit to answer for you, so you are ready to be called on. Blaire does not make predictions about what’s going to happen in your life, as your future is not set in stone and is constantly changing. Instead she teaches you the tools and techniques on how to be the master of your life.

Family Healing Workshop: Clear Drama, Trauma, Karma, and Pain

Therapy is of the mind, whereas healing is of the heart and Soul. This is a healing event. Come to learn a new perspective as to why you are having so many issues with your family member(s) and how to heal the chaos and pain. The bond you have with your family members are the strongest bonds you will experience with another in this lifetime. You and your family members carry such heavy karma for one another that the experiences you have with one another effect every area of your life (whether you’re conscious of it or not). Come to learn how to heal family karma and to get to a place of peace with what’s gone wrong. You’ll learn how to start looking at family situations in a new light and how to stop creating more pain and negative experiences.

Fixing Your Daughter or Son’s Love Life

If your son or daughter is in a relationship with someone you don’t like or don’t think is good for her/him, it’s normal and natural to want to step in. But do you? And more so, should you? The Love Guru will take you on a journey of discovering why your son/daughter’s love life bothers you soo much (Hint – it’s not for the reasons you think). You’ll learn about childhood wounds and gain an understanding of how yours are being triggered in this situation and how to heal them. We’ll talk about the karma you and your son/daughter have with one another, you’ll release worry, and gain greater awareness about yourself, your son/daughter and this situation. As a result, you’ll be able to let go of control and become a more loving, conscious parent and person.

How To Care for Yourself and Your Inner Child

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. Come to this event to learn how to speak to your inner child, how to listen to your inner child, and how to truly love, honor and respect yourself. The Love Guru will start the event with a spiritual teaching and then guide attendees through exercises so they can go deeper into loving and caring for themselves. All relationships you have are a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. The better you treat yourself, the better everyone around you will treat you. Learn how to upgrade your your relationships, your finances, and your life experience through by going deeper into loving yourself and self care practices.

How To Ask for What You Need, Want or Wonder About in a Relationship

Do you worry about bringing up certain questions or topics to the guy you’re seeing because you’re afraid it may be too soon in your relationship and don’t want to come across as needy? Do you analyze the situation over and over… “Does he like me? Is he looking for a relationship? Does he want to date casually? Is he dating someone else? Does he want to be “just friends?” It’s easy to get wrapped up in your thoughts when you have no clue what the guy is thinking. You end up wasting a lot of time wondering and debating. “Does he see me as girlfriend material?” “I”m pretty sure he’s attracted to me…” “He did mention he was thinking about me…” Instead of all this thought that goes in circles, this could be a time that the two of you are growing closer, developing a relationship, getting more intimate, and being happy. During this event, you’ll be guided through 5 key steps on how to take back your power, get rid of your anxiety, and get what you want from a relationship!

Releasing Energy Drains

Feeling frustrated with your life? Always tired or just not getting where you want to be in life? If you’re unhappy with a lot of areas of your life, one of the main issues that is probably effecting you is your energy is being drained by people and situations all around you. During this event, The Love Guru will share with you what energy drains are and practical steps on how you can identify them and eliminate them from your life. Come to learn how to eliminate energy vampires, money drains, and vital life force energy. When your energy is drained from you all over the place, you will feel increasingly negative and cynical about people, relationships and your life, and you will have absolutely no energy to create a life that you truly dream about and want. Come learn how to take back your life!

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About The Love Guru Blaire

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Psychic Medium, Dating & Relationship Expert, Marriage & Family Therapist, Horse Healer, Dog Psychic, Animal Communicator

Blaire works with high-powered executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities who’ve experienced career success, but their love life’s a mess.

If you’re fed up and frustrated with being single, she’ll teach you an easier, more natural way to attract love, called The Spiritual Way To Attract The One® She’s also able to clear anything that is blocking you.

If you’re in a relationship, but unhappy and confused, she’ll help you uncover exactly what went wrong so you can fix it or leave your relationship with grace and ease, never having to experience the same pain or relationship pattern again.

Featured in NY Times, MSNBC, Glamour, Montel, Guardian UK and more. Visit

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Speaking Reviews

“It was great having The Love Guru provide love and relationship advice at our Children’s Happy Face Foundations Charity Event benefitting Ronald McDonald House NY and Hudson Valley Chapter of Make-A-Wish Foundation. We’re always looking to add something new and unique to our events and having The Love Guru attend our event turned out to be a very cool concept that was well received by our guests!  They loved it and there was a line to speak with her! The Love Guru Is outgoing, funny, personable and gives great down to earth love advice with a psychic twist. We look forward to having her at more of our events!”
– David J. Lipson, Founding Member, Children’s Happy Faces Foundation
“I really loved hearing your story and I really love your passion and how real you are. It’s refreshing. Thank you.”
– Koren, 33, Mahwah NJ
“Excellent and informative talk. Thank you for your time, love and energy. I believe in angels and our own strong spiritual soul and power within. I feel excited but a bit scared too. Thank you Blaire!”
– Dolores, 50, Wyckoff NJ
“Blaire’s simple message to do what feels good to be successful in business can be applied to many things in life.”
– Mary, 36, Hoboken NJ
“I strongly believe different opportunities are presented at the right time and there was a reason for me to come this evening which is slowly unraveling.”
– Kristin, 29, Hawthorne NJ
“I love everything Blaire had to say. I’m feeling very positive and excited to let my spirit guide my business. Let the Spirit guide you (Love it)”
– Wanda, 31, Jersey City NJ
“I’m feeling a bit more grounded than I was before the evening began. I am in the crossroads of responsibility and faith that the funds will come.
I love the homework you gave of challenging engrained beliefs.”
– Sarah, 39, Tenafly NJ