Should I Stay or Go?

ATTENTION: Coupled up spiritual seekers who is sick and tired of trying everything to fix your relationship… tired of being frustrated… confused… sad… and mad. And want a sure-fire way to get to root of what’s gone wrong in your relationship, so you can fix it or move on.

“Why You Should Almost Always Stay With A Partner”

(Even Though You May Be Miserable)




Tired of Being Confused About Your Relationship?

Do you frequently wonder, “Should I stay or should I go?”

Constantly weighing the pros and cons in your mind?

Have trouble focusing on other things going on in your life?

Afraid of making the wrong decision?

Wondering if you give your relationship more time that maybe it’ll improve?

Checking in with friends, or a therapist, or a psychic to try to get some clarity about what you should do?

If you’re struggling with this situation, I feel for you…

Because I’ve been there too.

Is My Partner Right For Me?

Let me tell you a story.

You see, several years ago, I met the man of my dreams.

Or rather, I should say, I manifested him.

I used the manifestation techniques I teach to bring him into my world – and poof! He appeared.

It was very magical how we met.

We were both on vacation in Florida.

It was his first time in America (he’s from England).

It was also the last day of his trip.

The odds of us meeting that day were a million to one, but Spirit obviously wanted us to meet.

Why Do Good Relationships Go Bad?

In the weeks and months that followed, our romance blossomed.

He would fly to New Jersey from England to see me.

We would sightsee, wine and dine, and do fun things in New York City.

He would fly me out to England and take me on trips around Europe.

I was living the dream.



Our life was glamorous and adventurous,

and we quickly fell in love.



But behind closed doors,

not all was what it seemed.


As we settled into (and cemented) our relationship, I started noticing things that he would say or do that bothered me.

There were times during our visits to see one another (we were doing the long distance relationship thing) were we would be out of sync.

We would have silly, stupid disagreements when we first re-connected.



The fights were over little things (or so I convinced myself)…

And I was upset a lot.

But, once we got back into our groove of being with one another, everything was back to normal.

We were lovey dovey.

We were happy.

And I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

Everything was all right.


I tried to brush off the things I didn’t like about him.


I tried to ignore the things that upset me about our relationship.



When we were happy, none of those things mattered.

After all, we were from two different countries, two different cultures, and we were still getting to know one another.

But since I wasn’t happy all the time in the relationship – and things still bothered me about “him” and “us” I sought out ways to improve our relationship.

At the time I was in graduate school training to be a Marriage and Family Therapist, so I had access to tons of techniques on how to help save couples in distress.

But one technique after the next didn’t work.



This is when I went deeper into spirituality, and deeper into healing myself.

When I started applying this information, that’s when everything in my relationship changed.

The relationship with my ex didn’t last, but I was able to receive something MUCH MORE through this process.

I was able to identify exactly why we were having the problems that we were.

I was able to understand MY PART in the situation too (not that it was “my fault” or even yours, but since a relationship is of two people, we each have our part to HEAL)

And I was able to heal that part of me that was out of balance.

The part of me that had drawn in the issues we were having in the relationship.

And when I healed this situation, it was HEALED FROM THE ROOT, which means, I never have to experience the same relationship problems like I had with my partner (or the same pain) EVER AGAIN!

This the information that that I’m sharing with you in this audio.

Let me help you heal your relationship issues from the root!

Start The Journey of Healing Your Love Life

“Why You Should Almost Always Stay With A Partner”

(Even Though You May Be Miserable)



In this audio, I share with you some important shifts in your thinking and exercises you can do right now to start healing your relationship.

PS: In this audio + guide, I share with you how you can start healing your relationship. This is not information that you typically hear. I’m not going to talk to your partner about your problems. I’m not going to tell you to go to couples’ therapy. I’m also not going to tell you to leave him (or her). All of those things either don’t work or make things worse.

Stop Analyzing Your Relationship

and Know EXACTLY What To Do!


When You Purchase This Product, You’ll Get:

A 1 hour audio

Get a 7-page get started guide.

Guidance, clarity and exercises to do so you can stop analyzing your relationship and know exactly what to do.

You’ll be able to get to the root of why you’re having problems in your relationship.

You’ll FINALLY be able to get out of your constant state of confusion.

You’ll FINALLY be able to get PEACE, clarity and move forward.

You’ll STOP putting your life on hold!

You’ll also be able to heal what caused the issue within YOURSELF got you into this situation. (This is not to blame you – not at all – but there’s a reason why you attracted this situation, so this will help you heal that part of yourself that is out of balance and wants to heal.

Purchase this product so you learn the secret to getting the relationship that you want.

PSS:  Traditional relationship advice is that if you’re unhappy – to move on.

That it’s best (and probably easiest) if you find a new partner — one who can treat you right and satisfy your needs. After all, what’s the alternative? To stay and be miserable? But guess what? That’s actually terrible advice and by getting this audio, you’ll understand why moving on quickly is actually self defeating – and a recipe for more years or heartache.

You’ll learn what to do instead, along with a new way of being and thinking in your relationship that will support your highest good. With this work, you’ll never have to experience the same pain or heartache ever again.

No refunds.

The download link will be emailed to you as soon as you purchase. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it within 10-30 minutes after purchase. If you have any questions or issues with your purchase, please email or call for assistance. Your email will be responded to within 24 hours M-F.

Please note: This is an introduction to my teachings about heal your relationship. These are a few of the many teachings I share. It is unreasonable to think you are going to completely fix your relationship after listening to one 1 hour audio and doing some exercises. This is the first step on your journey. And although I have had Clients transform their relationship after listening to just one of my audios, videos or having just one private session with me, this is not the norm. Healing your relationship is a journey and this audio will serve as an introduction on how you can do it. If you want more in depth teachings, sign up for a private session or personalized or self study program.

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Why You Should Almost Always Stay With A Partner (Even Though You May Be Miserable)

"You really gave me a lot to think about, and I like the way you don't think the way most of our society does..."

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“After a recent breakup I felt lost and unsure about everything. I was miserable. A friend who had used some of Blaire’s other products told me about “Embracing A Breakup." I bought it and listened right away. I started to do the exercises and after a week or two I really started to feel better. I recovered from the breakup and am ready for my next relationship. I feel ready for a better relationship too.”

"Blaire's 17 Ways To Raise Your Vibration guide was very informative and helpful. I like that the list is, as she said, small baby steps you can take to grow one step at a time. Nothing in itself is difficult or inconvenient, and some of the suggestions I would have never thought to try!"

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