The Love Guru’s Books

The Love Guru’s “Heart Healing” Books

Books that open and heal your heart, clear your blocks, help you uncover your true self, and do your mission.

These books will help you heal how your family,

society and the media has programmed you.

It’s time to unlearn everything you once thought was true.

It’s time to step into truth.

These are not your average books;

They are self discovery and spiritual mastery programs.

The Love Guru’s books are created to raise your consciousness and expand your mind.

Once you read them, you’ll never look at love, relationships, or life the same again.

Instead, you’ll start to see life from a more enlightened perspective.

What are “Heart Healing Books”?

The Love Guru’s books are encoded with energy and wisdom that awakens, heals, and helps you shift and change. Some of the information and insights shared may bring up uncomfortable feelings such as anger, sadness, frustration, and confusion. This is good, as it means the dark parts of you are being stirred up and brought to the light so they can be looked at, healed, and released. It’s suggested that when you have a strong or uncomfortable feeling about something that Blaire does or shares during her journey that you journal about your thoughts and feelings and see what messages they have for you. In other words, see what you can learn. This is how you not only get the lessons that are being shared, but go deeper in your own healing and expansion journey.

The Love Guru’s books are two books in one.

On one level, The Love Guru’s books are created as a light and fun read that you can easily pick up while you are sitting on the beach or waiting for a plane. But on a deeper level, her books are to be used as self-improvement tools. Within these pages are deep insights, lessons, and realizations that you can apply to better your life and greatly improve your success in the world.

Read the books in order.

The Love Guru’s books document her spiritual journey and transformation over a 16+ year time period. It’s suggested that you read the books in order rather than jumping around (although it may be tempting!). This way, you will go through the shifts in consciousness as Blaire goes through them, and you will experience transformation in your own life too. This happens all by the simple act of reading the books and thinking about what is shared.

Why are the books $150? (pricing explained)

My books are priced the way they are because 1) Spirit told me to do so (so it’s an equal exchange of energy shared) and 2) because they are more of self development / spiritual program, comparable to having a private healing session, rather than passive books that you read in your spare time and zone out.

Each book contains healing energy, light codes, initiations and activations that will heal, activate and initiate you into acting and being a new way in the world. They are 2 books in 1. You can first read them as a nice, entertaining, and interesting story and then go through them a second time to extract the deep spiritual teachings and channeled guidance.

These books are also teaching manuals. Sit with each chapter, study it, journal about what emotions, thoughts, memories, intuitions and guidance come up for you, and then apply the teachings into your life. These books are for you if you want to be proactive in shifting, changing, transforming, and upgrading your life.


All sales are final. No refunds or transfers. A flat rate of $5 is added for shipping. It’s highly suggested that you get the softcover as each one of these books is one you will want to sit with, study, read, review and journal about over and over again. New insights, awarenesses, shifts, and healing will happen each time you go through them. If you purchased the softcover book, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery depending on where you are located in the world. If you purchase the PDF copy, you’ll get the link in your email instantly. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder. If you’re having issues, email me.

The Fairytale Series

The Fairytale Series shatters the fairytales we’ve been told about dating, love and relationships.

Book 1

Published June 2014

348 pages


Do You Know My Husband? is two books in one: an entertaining biography that reads like a diary-style, romantic comedy, and a self-help, dating guide for those looking for love in the digital age.

When Blaire Allison put up a website for friends and family to help her find a husband, she never thought it would go viral. With a countdown clock to find a husband within six months, a blog, press interviews, and people all over the world emailing to help in her quest, Blaire publicly searched for The One. Would she find what she was looking for?

Readers who join Blaire on her unexpected journey will find themselves on a journey of their own. A journey to heal, grow, and learn. To become more loving, self-actualized, and find one’s true self along the way.

  This book is great for both women and men because it shares spiritual principles that are applicable to everyone.

  This book includes 30+ additional pages of dating & relationship Q&A from readers of my website and who were witnessing my journey at that time. This’ll give you the ability to further understand the teachings and concepts I am guiding you through.

“I’m done with your book!  In total….I read it cover to cover in under 3 days flat.  I was HOOKED!!!  Your writing is so authentic, witty, and easy to relate to!”

“An authentic and inspiring journey… I could see and feel the deep transformation in Blaire’s state of mind. Her journey is rich in teachings.”

“…a fun, light-hearted story, but don’t be fooled into thinking it is just another fun romp for romance! Blaire’s story is fascinating, and I couldn’t put it down.”

“… extremely fun and insightful look at one woman’s journey through dating. Even as a married woman, I found tidbits of advice and information that I can use in my own love life! I couldn’t put it down and I can’t wait to read what’s next!”

Book 2

Doing My Life, My Way

Stepping Out of the Illusion & Jumping to Higher Timelines

Published September 2020

269 pages


Are you living a life that you truly desire and absolutely love? Or are you simply repeating patterns and old ways of living that have been passed down to you from your family, friends, media, and society?

In 2010, The Love Guru was guided on a journey where she began to see how she had been programmed to think in certain ways, act in certain ways, and live in certain ways that weren’t making her happy and weren’t producing the life she desired.

In Doing My Life, My Way, Blaire invites readers to explore her past journey and learn how she was able to move past limiting beliefs and programmed ways of being — and how you can too. This book is meant to be used as a teaching, healing and de-programming guide where you compare her patterns to your own and begin to de-program from your conditioned ways of being. This book also helps you heal mental, emotional, and childhood wounds that are keeping you in a loop of unhappiness and unfulfilled dreams.

Use this book to go on an entertaining, thought-proving, transformative, self-guided healing journey where you’ll learn how to jump to higher timelines and easily make your dreams come true.

“The book is really nice! It really encourages you (and teaches you) how to examine all aspects of your life, even things you don’t think of as “problems” or “spiritual” things, and look at why you do the things you do and what your patterns are and then re-evaluate them in terms of what you want your life to be like.

Since reading the book, I’ve started to journal more and rethink some areas of my life. I’m seeing more looseness around finding success (some things are starting to happen!) and not worrying so much about ‘doing it right’ or being as successful as others. It really helped to read about Blaire’s experiences with all of these things.”

“A great book to just kind of meander through and chew on different pieces periodically.”

“I’m seeing things change in my life since reading Blaire’s books. I used to live my life focusing on being peaceful even when things around me were not going well. Now I’m moving into a phase of being happy with my life, while at the same time starting to face things that would have made me really uncomfortable before. Blaire’s books (and work) are helping me go deeper into me, helping me be more happy, and live my dreams!”

“I have been doing tons of metaphysical work since my 20’s (I’m in my 50’s now). “Doing My Life, My Way” has taken me much deeper! I journal for 4-8 hours a day after reading sections of the book. I’m using it as an intensive. I’m very focused on what went on in my childhood and I found some very big core decisions about my life from that phase of life. It’s crazy how my childhood filter has been impacting my whole life!

Reading the book has been a great experience. It feels very intimate and bonding. On one side Blaire is being the guru and on the other she is dealing with all the angles of life (parents, moving, intimate relationship, food, neighbors, competition/comparison with others in your field). The book feels like her and I are on a road trip somewhere, sharing parts of our lives, journaling, and sharing more. It is a very unique experience.”

The Alien Series

The Alien Series shatters the illusions we have about who we are and the power we have to create our lives.

“How Aliens Put Me Into Power”

About the Series:

These books are manuals for living for Indigo warriors.

Indigos are sensitive, curious, fiery, rebellious, activist beings, who are frequently misunderstood and called weird. They have psychic and healing gifts, tend to be loners, and never quite feel like they fit in or belong. Indigos have a big mission on Earth. They are here to bring light to the dark and tear down the corrupt systems that currently occupy our world. Then they are to rise as Leaders of The New Earth who lead in truth, honesty, integrity and for the good of all.

If you’re an Indigo, you’re a not an ordinary being, so using ordinary methods to manifest your dreams is going to be hard and exhausting. Instead, you have to go about pursuing your dreams using supernatural means. These books shows you how to do that.

Book 1

How Aliens Put Me Into Power

First Installment: The Reconnection

Published February 2021

253 pages – includes a 4-page quiz to help you figure out if you’re an Indigo!


In March 2014, I connected with my star brother, Zeke, who is a high vibrational Reptilian alien from Sirius. I did not get kidnapped. I was not hurt or abused. Instead, it was a friendly and respectful visit that lasted a year.

During the first 19 days of this experience, the details of which are shared in this book, Zeke taught me about time travel, shapeshifting, clearing fears, sexual energy activations, Indigos, doing my mission, getting into my power, and more!

This is not your average book. It is a book that keeps on giving.

On one hand, it’s the story of the re-connection with my star family, but on another level, the book is rich in spiritual teachings and psychic techniques that will help you manifest the life of your dreams while preparing you for your mission. It contains healing energy, light codes, activations and initiations.

This book will expand your mind and raise your consciousness.

 Your purchase includes 11+ real and raw videos I made during this time.

 Only purchases made through this site (not Amazon or other book reseller) or The Love Guru directly will receive access to the videos.


This book is “out of the box.” It contains real and raw emotions and a sexual encounter with an alien. Simply by reading this book, you’ll be thrown into a world that will challenge your current reality and make you question everything you once thought was normal. If you are not ready for this, or if you’re not interested in expanding your consciousness, it’s suggested that you stop reading this book right now. You’ve been warned.

Trailer for The First Installment

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Free Excerpt

“I loved your book! I rushed home from work each day I couldn’t wait to read it. I read it in two days.  I couldn’t put it down.  It was addicting!”

“Your book answered a lot questions I’ve had about star beings that were never answered in other books! Now I know what star beings want to do and how they can help.

Fascinating stuff!”

Since reading your book I’ve started working with my sexual energy to raise my vibration and manifest. I love the idea of time travel and now know it’s real!”

Book 2

How Aliens Put Me Into Power

Second Installment: The In Between Time

Published December 2023

367 pages


“The time to value your work, your gift to the world, has begun.”

This story is about the in-between time. When you know something good is happening — you want something good to happen — you can feel something good about to happen yet you’re unsure how to manage the timeline. Blaire’s lease is up. She doesn’t want to stay in Florida. She’s been packed up for months. She knows her dream job, where she’s doing her mission and impacting millions, is coming. Zeke keeps telling her he’s working on it and that it’s going to be good, yet the days quickly pass and this new opportunity hasn’t yet materialized. In days Blaire must vacate her apartment, but where will she go? 

This book is all about manifesting your mission. It’s written specifically for Indigo Warriors, who have a big mission to tear down the corrupt structures of the world and then rise as Leaders of the New Earth. But to step into their power, they need to quit playing small, release old programming, and end the repeating cycles of their lives by uncovering and healing their mental, emotional, and childhood wounds. 

Join Blaire on this multidimensional journey from limited 3D thinking into 5D living. You’ll learn how to let your intuition guide you and understand how to allow your dreams to come to you (rather than forcing them to come true).

“How Aliens Put Me Into Power: The Second Installment: The In Between Time” is filled with deep spiritual teachings and messages in every chapter that you’ll want to sit with, study, and apply to your life. See how you can bring spirituality into everyday life situations, so that you can rise. Teachings brought to you by your favorite alien, Zeke, and The Love Guru!

“Strangely addicting!”

“This book is deeply profound and simple at the same time. I learned that you don’t have to be perfect to be spiritual and also that the most mundane things in your life are spiritual lessons.”

“From reading the book, I’ve learned how to start discerning what is my angels/guides direction and what is my own brain. I’ve also started looking closer at my own reactions and relating them back to childhood feelings. I’ve noticed less of a reactivity when it comes to money, work, and security, and more intentionality and choice when it comes to people pleasing and doing what’s best for myself.”

“This book is giving me blue balls! I want to get to the end already to see what happens!”

“The suspense is killing me!”

“Blaire is an amazing writer. I love the combination of stories and teachings! It makes the books so relatable and fun!”