Are You in Power?

Are You in Power?

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Most people think that power is how much money you make, what possessions you own, and who or what you have control over. True power comes from having control and mastery over yourself. And it works in a magical way, because once you have mastery over yourself, the whole world opens up to you. This is what my work brings to you.


1. Do you feel like a slave to money, your parents, your partner, or your job? Like if you did not go to work you’d be without money… or if you didn’t respond to your parents or partner within a certain amount of time when they call or text you’d be in trouble?


2. Do you feel taken advantage of by someone or a situation happening in your life right now? What do you currently feel helpless around in your life? That you wish would change, but not sure how to get out of the situation?


3. Do you feel uncomfortable saying ‘no’ to people, your parents, your friends, or your partner?


4. Do you feel uncomfortable sharing your feelings? Or that no one cares about or really listens to your feelings? Or that people have to really push you to share what you’re thinking of feeling?


5. Do you feel uncomfortable being vulnerable? Or, do you not give people around you too many compliments or tell people how you really feel/care about them or appreciate them because then it gives them the upper hand in your relationship? Or you like to keep your feelings to yourself or a slight emotional distance so no one can ever hurt you or have the upper hand to potentially do something bad to you?


6. Do you feel uncomfortable bringing people close to you because you’re afraid you might get hurt? Do you have a track record of getting hurt by those you bring close? Do you have trouble trusting people?


7. Do most relationships in your life end badly or do most people disappoint you?


8. Do you NOT like giving other people the upper hand?


9. Do you like being in control in your relationships?


10. Is it hard for you to trust other people to be there for you or to take care of your emotions in a relationship, yet you usually think about other people’s emotions and try to not hurt others?


11. Do your friendships or business relationships usually end?


12. Are you afraid of being who you really are in corporate situations, with strangers, or even sometimes with your friends or family members?


13. Are you too deep for others?


14. Are you too demanding for others?


15. Are you too passionate for others?


16. Are you too passive in your life?


17. Are you “too sensitive?”


18. Do you stay small either consciously or unconsciously because you don’t think the Universe/Spirit will support you in growing bigger?


19. Would you rather blend in in a crowd rather than stick out because you feel safer this way?


20. Would you rather text or email than meet people in person?


21. Is it easier for you to say how you feel through text or email, rather than the phone or in person?


22. Do you tend to tell others too many details about your life?


23. Is it hard for you to give short answers and get to the point?


24. Do your friends, family members or business relationships/boss ask you to do something and you feel you have to do it, so you oblige, even though you don’t feel like doing it?


25. Are you not sure how to make money?


26. Are you bad at making money?


27. Are you not confident in your ability to make money?



How Did You Score?

If you said “YES” to any of the questions above, you’re NOT in your power and this is something that you must work on.

I can help you.

(By the way, no need to be upset about whatever you said “yes” to, as we ALL have things to work on and new levels of power we can step into. It’s an ongoing journey of getting more and more powerful… which simply means, becoming more and more of your True Self)



When You’re In Your Power…

You feel confident, strong, happy and fulfilled.

You act as your True Self, rather than in wounded ways… altering yourself from one situation or one person that you interact with to the next.

You’re in MASTERY of yourself and of your life.

You feel great. No words can explain it.

You’re acting as your higher Self.


Start healing the wounded parts of yourself, and clear out the lies you were believing about who you are and how this world works, you become more powerful in this world.

You become a better version of you.




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