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If I Act Cute and Sexy Will You Forgive Me?

When you and your partner get into a fight... Or if you do something that your partner doesn't like... Do you then start acting "cute and sexy" so your partner won't leave you and to get back into his/her good graces? Think about it and become aware of your behavior....

My Soulmate is Married with Kids

I've Just Met My Soulmate, But He's Already Married... with Kids! Meeting one's soulmate is a rush. It brings incredible energy and a surge of excitement into your life. Maybe you were coasting along. Doing the same old routine... And then suddenly, your soulmate...

Help my son or daughter find love

Help my son or daughter find love

Does your son or daughter have everything going for them, except for being in love? I get a lot of concerned mothers and fathers who call me and tell me the same thing: My daughter or son is very successful. He or she runs her own company. Makes a lot of money. Is...

Helping Men Create Better Relationships

To many of my male clients over the years, I act as a female/relationship surrogate. I am honored to be able to play this role. I don't have sex with my clients, nor do I speak with them outside of session times, unless they have a quick question or something they...

The Difference Between a Healer and Therapist

Therapy is good for some things and at some stages of your life, but it's important to realize that most therapists have NOT done their healing work. That means they are still operating out of their mind, out of their worries, out of their fears, rather than their...

Heal Your Relationship with Money

Heal Your Relationship with Money

Heal Your Relationship with Love and Money Taking silly pictures in the Starbucks, because this is how you do it, right? When you build your wealth, make sure you do it in a job that you love. In a life that you love. In a way that you love. Because if you don't,...

Overcoming Rider’s Anxiety (Going Deeper Than Mindset)

Overcoming Rider’s Anxiety (Going Deeper Than Mindset)

💥🐎 Exciting day today! My article in THE PLAID HORSE about HORSE HEALING is out today! Loving that my life keeps branching out in the most wonderful ways! 🐎💥   Overcoming Rider's Anxiety (Going Deeper Than Mindset) BY THE LOVE GURU BLAIRE Rider’s anxiety can be...

I don’t want to be alone anymore

When you get the feeling that you don't want to be alone, it can really tug at you. You may start feeling lonely a lot. Or like you're missing out. Or that you need and want a partner right now. And that may be your heart calling out for a partner. In which it means,...

Heal issues with your horse

People have scheduled Horse Healing Sessions with me because: They thought their horse was mad at them They were afraid to ride their horse They thought their horse was in pain They thought their horse didn’t want to be with them anymore They thought their horse...

"When I started working with Blaire I was at a bad spot in my love life. I was a few months out of a dysfunctional relationship that lasted on and off for 3 years. ... I took the advice I was given, just about 6 months later I began dating the man, literally, of my dreams."

"Before joining Blaire's program, I was very anxious about dating and finding the One. I felt very lost and unsure about what the right things to do were and what I should or shouldn't be doing. Now I feel much more confident, calm, and at ease. I KNOW I will find the One..."

“Our last session was great! It helped me realize how I’ve been sending out really bad signals to men. I’ve been acting very passive and playing a role that isn’t me, in order to get them. ...As always, working with you is very inspiring and helps me…thank you!”

“Blaire offers what I've been seeking - the honest truth, advice that works, lessons she from her own life, and her intuitiveness, all while being personable. The experience was a breath of fresh air. Lessons are interactive and personalized and help clear the fog of doubt I had...”

“Blaire is an amazing spiritual healer... I had two sessions with her so far and she totally sensed what it was that was the next step for me to take in order to further stand up for myself and live even more who I am..."

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