Therapy is good for some things and at some stages of your life, but it’s important to realize that most therapists have NOT done their healing work.

That means they are still operating out of their mind, out of their worries, out of their fears, rather than their heart and higher truth and wisdom.

Read that last line again. 

They are operating out of their minds.

Therapy is of the mind.

Which is where fear lives.

Healers, good ones, that is, operate out of their hearts.

I am in several therapist Facebook groups, since I am trained as a therapist, but don’t practice because I have found it to not be as effective, fast with results as the healing work I have the gift to do.

And all this week, last week, and the week before, I’ve seen therapist posting their fears non-stop in these Facebook groups about the coronavirus.

Let me tell you, Master Spiritual Teachers and Healers don’t operate this way.

We don’t have this fear about the virus (or anything else for that matter).


Because we actually work to heal our fears.

This way they no longer have control over us.

This is something you’re able to do too – to be totally rid of fear.

Sure, it’ll still come up with things here and there, but you know how to work through it.

So who do you go to for help with your life?

Do you want someone to guide you who still has worries, concerns, and fears, just like you?

Someone who analyzes things to death?

Someone who hasn’t done or any Soul healing work?

Or someone who’s operating out of their heart, out of love, and someone who has done their deep internal healing work to transcend their fears?

I think the answer is pretty obvious!

A good healer who has worked on their “stuff” just like they will be guiding you to do.

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