This post might trigger you. Grant it, anything I say or do might trigger you, if you’re not into self reflection. So read the article and see how it relates to you.


I talk about childhood wounds, because they are such an imperative part of every single part of every one’s life.

I also talk about them, because educating, helping, and healing people’s childhood wounds is part of my Divine Mission.

So now, let’s get down to business.

Were you a loser growing up?

Were you always the one left out?



Not valued?


Not included?

Not appreciated?

Made fun of?

Too sensitive?

Yelled at?


Not paid attention to?

Not respected?

Not listened to?

Not loved?



Well, welcome to adulthood.

And whatever you experienced, felt, were labeled, had happen to you… will follow you into adulthood and beyond, until it gets healed within you.

This happens to everyone.

Even if you had a good childhood.

Even if you were popular.

Even if you were a cheerleader or a model or the star athlete.

Even if your parents coddled you.

Even if others liked you.



Even if you’re successful now and have the big house and the nice car and make lots of money.

There’s always something from your childhood (and usually MANY THINGS) that have scarred you.



And many people think that if they just get that money and that success…

Or if they get the guy (or girl) and get married… 

Or if they change their appearance…

… like get a makeover and are now wearing fancy clothes and their makeup is great…

… or if they head to the gym and get fit and lose that weight… 

Or if they just act more confident…

Or if they just psyche themselves up with affirmations…

Or if they set those goals and hustle to reach them… 

That this somehow makes every insecurity and every childhood wound inside of us better.

That somehow the outside success will clear out that internal emptiness.

And that simply isn’t how that works.



You can work hard to change your outside world, but if your internal world is still scarred, then you will always be the same.


You will always be that loser.

You will always be that person that no one appreciates.

You will always be that person who gets ignored.

You will always be that person who feels left out.

You will always be that person that is left behind.

You will always be that person who is sad.

You will always be that person who is afraid.

You will also be that person that no one really likes.

You will always be that person that no one cares about.



Once a loser, always a loser.

And that sad, sorry, victim story will show up in your love life… in your career… in your friendships… in your family life… and more.

It will limit how happy you are.

It will limit how fulfilled you feel.

It will limit the partner you choose.

It will limit how much career success you can get.

It will limit how much money you can make.

It will limit how far you can go in life.

And it will limit how big your life can get.



When I talk about childhood wounds, I don’t joke around because I want you to understand the immensity they play in your life.


Unless you take the time, energy, and money to heal them, they will limit absolutely everything happening in your life.


And if you’re like me, I know you want to live a big life.

Wishing you the best in love and life,
The Love Guru

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