Moving from a place of karma to dharma.

I had to look up that word (dharma) as I had heard it here and there through the years but didn’t pay much attention. But when my guides told me on Friday that this was now happening in my life, I had to do a little bit more research.

My suspicions were confirmed.


I am moving into a place of my true work on this planet.

My true purpose. My Soul’s work which is helping family’s heal and helping people heal their childhood wounds, karma and generational patterns.

I have done this work through the years. The spiritual journey isn’t one that has a definite start date like the business world or humans like to do. Instead, it’s a gentle merging, an unfolding over the years. I am just now at more of a conscious and willing place to submit, commit and surrender to my Soul’s work.


Plus, my family’s karma is healed. 💥🎉

That is celebration enough for me, as it also dawned on me this weekend that I have been working on healing this stuff (consciously and unconsciously) for more than 20 years!

So hurray for me. I am so happy and proud to move onto this new phase of my life.


For so many years I felt I was stuck in a prison of having to heal this stuff.

But now I am free.

And I am now offering these “family healing” sessions online and in New York City.

If you are on this path to healing family drama, karma, pain, chaos, generational patterns, shame and blame, I would be honored to assist you on your journey.

Schedule a Family Healing Session

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