When you and your partner get into a fight…

Or if you do something that your partner doesn’t like…

Do you then start acting “cute and sexy” so your partner won’t leave you and to get back into his/her good graces?

Think about it and become aware of your behavior.

If you said yes, well, then first off, good for you for recognizing and admitting that you do this.

And second, let me share with you, that you have a childhood wound at play here happening beneath the surface that you need to look at, heal and clear.

The childhood wound of, “Let me act cute and sexy, so you won’t be mad at me… ignore me… leave me” has to do with guilt.

It has to do with shame.

It also has to do with control.

So now, that “innocent” thing you’ve been doing every time you get into a fight or do something wrong in your relationship now becomes a way you try to manipulate.

It is an unhealthy relationship pattern.

It’s a false self, fake behavior you replicate.

When you look at it this way, because that’s what it is — it’s an unhealed childhood wound — you start to recognize how you have to go deeper into getting to know yourself and healing yourself.

When childhood wounds are not healed, they rule and wreak havoc in all areas of your life.

Your love life.

Your family relationships.

Your business relationships.

And so on.

And the interesting thing, weird thing, and screwed up thing is until you actually start doing the work to heal your childhood wounds, you don’t even notice how these childhood wounds have been effecting you in every area of your life.

So every day, you carry on living your life, thinking that you are being who you really are, when really you are just acting as your false self.

Do you desire to clear up these unhealthy relationship patterns?

To heal your childhood wounds?

And to uncover your True Self?

Schedule an initial consult. I look forward to helping you.

Wishing you the best in love and life,
The Love Guru

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