About Heart Healing


Heal The Root of Your Love Life and Relationship Issues, Fast!

Tired of struggling with your love life or relationship(s)?

 Have you tried EVERYTHING to fix your love life/relationship/life but things are still the same?!

 Want an easier, more natural way of doing things – the spiritual way – that brings clarity, wisdom and peace?

Creator and Founder of a Unique Healing Modality called “Heart Healing”

Heart Healing is a form of emotional healing that opens and heals your heart, so you can attract the love, have the relationship, and the life you desire.

I’m able to clear and heal anxiety, anger, sadness, loneliness, frustration, resentment and fear from your energy field.

When these emotions (and past traumatic experiences) get stuck in your energy field, they cause blocks in your life. 

Sessions are a combination of spiritual principles, channeled guidance, heart healings, and practical exercises.

About My Work:

I am able to see your highest path and align you with it. Anywhere you have strayed or gone the wrong way, you will be re-aligned. The journey getting there will be exciting, interesting and magical.

At times you will feel great. You will feel exhilarated by the awarenesses and shifts you experience. But there will also be times that you’ll feel like crap. You may be confused. Emotions will come to the surface and you won’t know what to do. This happens because the foundation of how you’ve built your life will be shaken up as you shift and transform.

Because of this I say that my transformational healing work is not for everyone. It’s not for the faint of heart and it’s not for those looking for a surface level, band-aid fix.

My work shifts you from the core.

It’s for those who are dedicated, excited by and turned on by the idea of living an incredible, fantastic, maximized life.

Healing Work That’s Action Based and Results Oriented.

Being pro-active is the name of the game.

Sessions with me aren’t the experience you may have with other healers, where you sit back and they do things to you.

I am teaching you in sessions, as well as offering healing energy, so you shift, but you are invited and expected to be involved.

Heart healing is not a spectator sport.

You will be learning how to be pro-active in your life.

You will be learning how to be in power in your life.

You will be learning how to have mastery over your life.

This requires you to come to sessions prepared to ask questions, take notes, and do the exercises that Spirit guides you with.

Save 10-20+ Years of Therapy and Many Years of Having No Clue!

60% of my clients come to me after they’ve been in and out of therapy over a 5-10 year time span with little or no results.

People typically stay in therapy for many years.

Instead of getting solutions to their problems, they end up going back to see their therapist week after week — for many years!

Not only have they created a dependency on their therapist.

They continue to be stuck.

My work puts you into power.

It puts you into the driver’s seat and gets you moving forward fast.

I have no interest in making you dependent on me. In fact, my intention is quite the opposite.

I give you the teachings, the tools, the techniques and the mindset changes you need in order to be in control.

When you work with me, you’ll know exactly how to create the love, the relationships, and the life you desire.

Deep Rooted Issues Get Resolved Fast.

When you work with me, you speed up your results.

The reason for this is because Spirit and my psychic and healing gifts are involved!

Clients Have Healed Issues They’ve Been Struggling

with for OVER 20 YEARS In Just 3 Months or Less!

All Areas of Your Life Will Improve!

Although most clients come to me for help with their love lives, they are amazed to see how the spiritual teachings, heart healings and channeled guidance I share easily and effortlessly improves their whole lives.

My work provides you with a total life upgrade.

Is your life already good?

Imagine it getting 10x’s better!

Ready To Get Started?

Stop struggling.

Stop wasting your time.

Stop having no clue what to do.

“I took the advice Blaire gave me and just about 6 months later I began dating the man, literally, of my dreams.”

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The best way to reach me is via email.

guru at loveguru dot net

Please allow 24 hours Monday-Friday for a response.

Break Out of the Dating & Relationship Matrix

You're not supposed to go about finding love or being in a relationship like you've been programmed (brainwashed) to do by movies, tv, and society.

I break you out of the dating, love, relationship, and life illusions you've been lead to believe, and instead, align you with truth.

This is a journey of healing all the ways you've been programmed by your family, society, and the media, as well as healing your mental, emotional, and childhood wounds.