Upgrade Your Workforce

“People are Your Profits”

Invest in Your Employees and Watch Your Profits Grow

I upgrade your workforce and workplace.

Most companies focus on the logistics of running their businesses, but neglect building relationships with their employees.

I assess where your company is out of alignment with practices that boost employee appreciation, development, engagement and rave reviews.

Then, I suggest and implement more enlightened, efficient, and effective practices.

My approach creates a ripple of increased productivity, profitability, and peace.

Is your company struggling with any of the following…?

1 – Do your employees lack communication skills, “people” skills, sales or customer service skills? (…or could be better at it?)

2 – Do you have managers that could use some education/trainings on how to be a leader?

3 – Are your employees high achievers, but don’t know how to turn work off? (Are you concerned with them getting burnt out? Are they’re already dealing with burnout? Or do they just have poor work/life balance?)

4 – Is your work environment filled with drama, gossip, backstabbing, and/or rudeness? (or maybe it’s just one or a few employees that are the problem?) Do employees walk around with fear of losing their jobs?

5 – Are your employees inefficient workers? Waste time talking? Doing unnecessary or nonsense tasks? Playing with their smartphones? Hanging out? …something’s not right, maybe you’re not sure what?

6 – Do you want to give your managers tools and techniques on how to succeed in their leadership role?

7 – Do you have employees who have been at the company for a long time and are stuck in the past – “This is how we do it. This is how we’ve always done it” and don’t want to change? (when you want to move forward into the new and improved?)

8 – Are you unsure how to get your company to grow? You’d love to expand.

9 – Do you want your employees to provide better customer service or be better at sales?

10 – Do you want your employees to be more self sufficient (less or no hand-holding), resilient, and have better leadership skills (even if it’s just to manage themselves)?

11 – Want assistance in creating systems that shorten the sales cycle and make it easier and faster for people to buy from you?

If you said yes to any of the above, I can help you.

Upgrading Your Workforce and Workplace

Services Offered:

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Employee Trainings & Coaching

I offer leadership skills, “people” skills, communication skills, resiliency, work life balance, abundance mindset, sales and customer service trainings.

During trainings, employees get teachings, tools, and techniques to make them better employees and human beings. Talk to me about adding on group coaching! Everything is customized to your organization based off your needs and desires.


For business owners, c-suite executives, management, and companies who want personal attention and expert guidance on how to fix your workplace “people” problems and/or take your company to its next level of success.

I’ll be your trusted advisor throughout the process, guiding you on how to up-level your workforce and workplace, as well as clearing mental and/or emotional blocks that are preventing you from going higher.

The information you shared was very helpful!

“The information you shared was very helpful! Thank you. Now I have to speak to my manager about some issues we’ve been having on the floor. Thank you for giving me the tools and the confidence to handle this. It came at the perfect time.”

– Nurse, Nursing Department (Passaic County)

There should be more classes like this one!

“Excellent. There should be more classes like this one.”

– Building Management (Passaic County, NJ)

I’ve never had a manager as influential, helpful, and positive as Blaire

“Ever since I began working at BJ’s Wholesale Club over a year ago, never before have I had a manager as influential, helpful and positive as Blaire.

Before Blaire, my interactions with BJ members were basic. My sales pitches were lengthy and I had a poor attitude. I rarely sold out of my product and I was easily frustrated, bored and didn’t enjoy my job. I was never given any leadership responsibilities or training, even though I kept asking and eagerly wanted to learn. I also had emotional breakdowns every other day and I was scared of losing my job because of them.

However in the course of just 3 months, Blaire has changed all of this. She was different than the other managers. She didn’t think I was expendable and she saved me from the one thing I was afraid of – the possibility of losing my job because of my freak outs.

Blaire has taught me a great deal of helpful skills, such as keeping my sales pitch short and sweet, multitasking without mental load, and now I’m able to tackle any demo I’m given. Now I sell out almost every day! Now I’m training under Blaire to be a proper team leader, something I’ve been dreaming about for a really long time.

I have been free of emotional breakdowns and have learned how to kick some serious butt when it comes to sales. I’m very pleased with how Blaire has shaped me into a model employee and how much I’ve changed from how I was when I first began. Thank you, Blaire!!!” – Tom, BJ’s Wholesale Club