Lehigh Valley PA Leadership Coach

I’m able to fix your workplace “people” problems,

upgrade your workforce and workplace,

and improve your company’s profitability, productivity and peace.

I develop leaders.

Leadership Skills

Communication Skills

People Skills

Customer Service & Sales

Abundance Mindset




Programs Offered

Book as little or as many trainings/workshops as you’d like for your employees.

Ideally, leadership/staff development should be an ongoing thing.

You don’t go to the gym once, stop and then expect amazing results.

That would be crazy thinking.

Developing your staff is a continuous thing – you provide training to make your employees (and therefore your workplace) better and better.

All programs are customized to your industry and your organization based on the problems you’re looking to fix and/or how you want to upgrade your workforce and workplace.

Contact me to set up a complimentary 30-minute call to see how I may be able to help you reach your goals.

Leadership/People Skills /Communication Skills

Trainings for New Leaders (who were just promoted, new hires, never been in leadership roles, who used to work in the field and now are in management positions, etc)

Ongoing Trainings for Leaders/Manager Who’ve Been In Their Leadership/Management Position for awhile to keep developing their skills and becoming better and better

How To Network Like a BOSS –
Do your networking skills need a boost? Are you not getting your desired results? Feel like you’re wasting your time attending one networking event after the next? At this power packed workshop, you’ll learn key leadership, business, and people skills on how to present yourself, boost your confidence, connect with key business contacts (not only at networking events but everywhere you go!), as well as how to follow up with class and seal the deal – turning your contacts into (paid) business!

Creating a Positive Work Environment

How To Not Be a Toxic leader (or reverse the damage and course correct if you think you’ve already become one)

Creating and Maintaining Work Relationships (developing and maintaining trust)

Time Management Skills – how to prepare for and run an efficient and effective meeting

Uncovering your True Self

Understanding Your Communication Style as well as those on your team

How To Have Difficult Conversations

Putting An End to Gossip and Drama in the Workplace

Developing an Introspective/Meditation Practice

How To Feel Comfortable Being Yourself at Work (releasing people pleasing programming)

Getting Out of Overwhelm (and over-scheduling)

How To Communicate in an Effective and Empowered Way

How To Stop Self Doubt and Trust Your Intuition (build confidence)

How To Use Your Super Power of Intuition at Work to guide you to success

How To Deal with Clients, Co-Workers or Situations that upset or anger you

Powerful Communication Skills, rather than ghosting behaviors or leaving people hanging

How To Deal with Your Employees or Team Members emotions (developing empathy)

How To Not Take Co-Workers or Clients Feedback Personally

Recognizing How Your Childhood Wounds are negatively effecting you at work (and in your career success)

How To Separate Life Issues From the Workplace

Resiliency/Abundance Mindset

Don’t Give Up! 5 Reasons Why People Give Up On Their Goals – 
Motivational, healing and interactive workshop where I share 5 reasons why people give up on their goals along with healing of mental blocks and emotional wounds that are keeping them stuck and practical exercises to help your employees/sales team can finish off the year strong. By summer/mid-year, people are usually checked out, have forgotten about what they want to accomplish this year, and have abandoned their New Year’s resolutions. By this time, they have also already bumped into their “old self” – which has all these mental blocks and emotional gunk that prevent them from moving forward and instead keep them stuck where they have been the previous year and the year before that, and the year before that. This is why people live the same life day after day, week after week, month after month – and nothing much changes. My specialty is in helping people clear their internal “gunk” so they can go to their next level of success. I help high-powered executives and entrepreneurs upgrade their lives in a very short amount of time – within 2-3 months, after being stuck at a plateau for 5-10 years!

End of Year Training – Accessing The Last Year and Goals Not Hit. How to deal with the disappointment, upset, and frustration related to dreams not realized and clearing and healing mental and emotional wounds, so you release the gunk and are able to move forward into the new year fresh and clean.

Understanding what having an abundance mindset is and how it guarantees success in the workplace (as well as all areas of life)

How to pick yourself up again after you’ve failed a million times (being your own cheerleader and best friend)

Beginning of the Year Training – Setting Intentions for the New Year. Deciding what you want to achieve in all areas of your career.

Taking One Step at a Time

How To Calm Your Inner Critic (releasing negative thinking)

What To Do When Life Is Out Of Control

Healing Workplace Anxiety and Fear

Releasing Gossip and Drama

Protecting Your Energy and Privacy

Releasing Programming Around Success (given by family, society and the media)

Laughter Yoga to boost immune system, resiliency and happiness

Healing Perfectionism Programming

Following the Flow (guided by your heart and Spirit/Soul rather than your mind)

Breaking Habits and Patterns

Releasing Expectations and Attachments

How To Be Successful at Everything in life, all the time

Having an Abundance Mindset

Choosing Happiness


Burnout/Work Life Balance

7 Ways to Avoid Burnout
Learn different ways to rest and create a balanced life

Heal Workaholism Programming

Understanding Empathy and How It Contributes to Burnout

What To Do When Life is Out of Control

How To Love Yourself (incorporating self care practice – self introspection)

Healing Your Smartphone Addiction

Releasing Gossip and Drama (minding your own business)

Stopping Obsessive Thinking

Incorporating Self Care Practice – nature/meditation

Releasing Overwhelm (and over-scheduling)

Learning To Listen To Your Body

Healing People Pleasing and co-dependency programming

Healing “I am good enough” Programming (valuing yourself and your value)

Protecting Your Energy and Privacy

Building Out a Balanced and Full Life

Building Trust in God/Higher Power

Customer Service/Sales

Group workshop style trainings or “on the floor” coaching is available depending on what the problems are and what you are looking to achieve or improve. I will customize a training or coaching program specific to your organization.

Clear Blocks In Your Career
If you work in sales, and want to close more deals, make more money, have more power, make a bigger impact, have more freedom and peace, etc, you’re going to have to keep clearing your negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, old programming, and more. I help you do that in this workshop. Figure out what your blocks are and get them cleared so you go to a higher level.

Dealing with Rejection

Look at the trainings listed in the other sections. So many are applicable to customer service and/or sales trainings.


There has been a ton of misinformation and disinformation put out on purpose by the government and media. I offer trainings to help people step out of illusions and into truth. Not only do I teach about the corruption happening in the world, but I guide people on how to be powerful leaders who lead in truth, honesty, integrity and for the good of all!

Some trainings offered:

What is True? Navigating The Misinformation and Disinformation That’s Flooded Our World. How to know who you can trust. (developing your intuition and critical thinking skills)

Understanding the Awakening Process

How To Deal with Your Sadness, Frustration, Anger, and other emotions when you’ve been triggered (go from being reactive to proactive)

How to Process Anxiety, Fear, Anger, Sadness, and Grief in a healthy way when dealing with a world that is no longer like it was

How To Be Resilient in the face of ongoing personal and collective challenges

Everything We’ve Been Told Is a Lie (de-programming yourself and re-aligning with truth)

And more.



Great to help you hit your goals!

Understanding How Your Mind Works and how to create in this world

Setting Intentions

Daily Practices to Bring Success

Laughter Yoga to Increase Energy and Vibration

Eliminating People and Places Not in Alignment

Understanding Happiness

Understanding the Holographic Matrix We Live In

Healing Wounds and triggers

Breaking Patterns

Keeping Consistent


Seniors as Leaders

I have a “Redefining Retirement” program that’s for seniors in our community which helps them step away from society’s programming that they’re no longer needed, wanted or valued and instead helps them build their confidence, rebrand their image, and empowers them to step into leadership roles. Leadership is much more than management roles, it’s how you conduct your life and interact with other people.


My trainings improve your employees emotional intelligence, build empathy, intuition, and increase their people skills, communication skills, and leadership abilities.

90% of high performers

90% of high performers at the workplace possess high emotional intelligence, according to TalentSmart.

20% more revenue

Managers with high emotional intelligence generate 20% more revenue, according to Multi Health Systems study.

Is your company struggling with any of the following…? 

1 – Are you short staffed? Having trouble finding employees? Have high turnover?

2 – Are your employees overworked? Dealing with burnout? Having issues with time management?

3 – Do you have managers who are great workers, but are lacking “people” skills, leadership skills, or communication skills?

4 – Do you have a lot of new managers, who maybe have never managed over someone before, and want to give them the tools and techniques to succeed in their leadership role?

5 – Do you have a lot of employees who have been at the company for a long time and are stuck in the past of, “This is how we do it. This is how we’ve always done it” and don’t want to change, when your company wants to move forward into the new?

6 – Do you want your employees to provide better customer service or be better at sales?

7 – Do your employees waste tons of time talking to one another, not working, on their smartphones, having meetings or not working efficiently which is eating at your bottom line?

8 – Do you want your employees to be more self sufficient, resilient and help them develop leadership skills?

9 – Do you have a toxic work environment – managers/employees who are bullies, who gossip and backstab, who are poorly trained, who have little or no communication or people skills? – want help cleaning it up?

10 – Want assistance in creating systems that shorten the sales cycle and make it easier for people to buy? Increasing productivity and profitability.

11 – Do you struggle with work/life balance or in creating that for your employees? Are you noticing burn out, errors and/or health issues?

If you said yes to any of the above, I can help you.

Book Trainings and/or Group/Individual Coaching:

If you’re interested in one or some of my training programs listed above, contact me at guru at loveguru net with your get details about pricing and book trainings or coaching for your team.

In your email, please include if you are interested in booking trainings or coaching, approx number of employees, the name of your company/location, best number to reach you at (and times), along with brief details about what you are seeking to accomplish.

I will get back to you about setting up a complimentary 30-minute phone call.

If you are seeking more clarity around what would help your company and would like more time to discuss your current workplace “people” problems and are unsure as to whether coaching, trainings, consulting or a combination of the three would be the best plan of action to accomplish your goals, then schedule an Initial Consult below.

Book Consulting Services:

An initial consult is 1 hour long and done through zoom/online or in person (travel cost is additional)

An initial consult is beneficial if you are having a lot of workplace “people” problems going on and aren’t sure as to what the best plan of action would be to fix the situation.

It’s also helpful if you’d like me to provide a series of trainings and/or coaching support for your employees and organization and would like to have time to share your thoughts and ideas, concerns and problems encountered, and would like to receive clarity and guidance as to the best way to move forward.

A consult is great for just you – or feel free to invite another key member of your organization (2 people total). Additional management or team members are welcome to attend for an additional fee, although please keep in mind, the less people in the consultation, the more effective and efficient we will be. You can always meet with your other team members ahead of time, get down top concerns and desires and pass the message onto me during our time together.

Once you sign up for a consult, I will forward you an intake form to so you can share with me ahead of time a brief overview of what workplace “people” problems you’re having and what you’re looking to achieve. Filling out this form will help me get a better understanding of what’s going on within your organization ahead of time, so we’re able to make the most of our time together.

During the consult, come with a paper and pen to take notes. Our time together will go fast and the focus is on coming up solutions and an action plan that will include practical steps that either you, as an organization, can implement on your own, or I can further support you through creating and delivering in person or remote trainings to educate and empower your team/management, provide individual and/or group coaching, and/or offer consulting for HR and/or c-suite execs. All with the focus on upgrading your workforce and workplace.

If you’d like to sign up for an initial consult and assessment, email me at guru @ loveguru net for pricing and the payment link.

About The Love Guru Blaire:

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Relationship and Communications Expert, Leadership Coach and Trainer, Marriage and Family Therapist

I’ve been working as a professional intuitive, relationship expert and leadership coach for over 20 years, guiding employees, managers, c-suite execs, and entrepreneurs in improving their leadership skills, communication skills, “people” skills and more.

I’m also trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

My speciality is in helping employees heal and clear their negative thoughts, emotional baggage, sabotaging behaviors, unhealthy relationship patterns, codependency/people pleasing tendencies, unhealed childhood wounds, and more.

I get my clients quick, sustained results.

Throughout our relationship, I serve as your trusted advisor who is there to support you and your company every step of the way through customized trainings, individual and group coaching, and management/owner consulting.

I’m able to fix your workplace “people” problems, and upgrade your workforce and workplace, which increases productivity, profitability and peace.

Rave Reviews

“Very interesting way to communicate”
– Administrations Office Employee (Passaic County)

“Excellent training!”
– Recreational Therapist (Passaic County)

“The information you shared was very helpful! Thank you. Now I have to speak to my manager about some issues we’ve been having on the floor. Thank you for giving me the tools and the confidence to handle this. It came at the perfect time.”
– Nurse, Nursing Department (Passaic County)

“Excellent. There should be more classes like this one.”
– Building Management (Passaic County)

This picture shows me in action during one of the corporate trainings I created and delivered for Prosecutors, Police Officers,  Social Workers, Nurses, and other employees of Passaic County, NJ.

I trained government employees “How To Be More Powerful and Effective Communicators at Work (and Home)” in order to decrease gossip, drama and complaints to HR about co-workers.

“Very interesting way to communicate”
– Administrations Office (Passaic County)

– Attorney, Prosecutor’s Office (Passaic County)

– Equipment Operator, Road Department (Passaic County)

“Loved the way you presented the material. Thank you!”
– Police Officer Trainer, Sheriff’s Office (Passaic County)

“The course was helpful.”
– Mosquito Control, Health Department (Passaic County)

“Ever since I began working at BJ’s Wholesale Club over a year ago, never before have I had a manager as influential, helpful and positive as Blaire.

Before Blaire, my interactions with BJ members were basic. My sales pitches were lengthy and I had a poor attitude. I rarely sold out of my product and I was easily frustrated, bored and didn’t enjoy my job. I was never given any leadership responsibilities or training, even though I kept asking and eagerly wanted to learn. I also had emotional breakdowns every other day and I was scared of losing my job because of them.

However in the course of just 3 months, Blaire has changed all of this. She was different than the other managers. She didn’t think I was expendable and she saved me from the one thing I was afraid of – the possibility of losing my job because of my freak outs.
Blaire has taught me a great deal of helpful skills, such as keeping my sales pitch short and sweet, multitasking without mental load, and now I’m able to tackle any demo I’m given. Now I sell out almost every day! Now I’m training under Blaire to be a proper team leader, something I’ve been dreaming about for a really long time.

I have been free of emotional breakdowns and have learned how to kick some serious butt when it comes to sales. I’m very pleased with how Blaire has shaped me into a model employee and how much I’ve changed from how I was when I first began. Thank you, Blaire!!!”

Tom - BJ's Wholesale Club

“I’ve been working this job for 3 years. For that entire time I’ve been experiencing difficulty with selling and multitasking. For example, I’ve struggled with cooking the product, selling, and engaging with members. I would watch other specialists and see how comfortable they were with doing this and it wasn’t until Blaire came in as the manager 3 months ago that I finally got the help that I needed.

Before sell outs of my product was rare. I wouldn’t hit my sales goals and my presentations were lengthy and didn’t prompt people to buy. Now I sell out on my product several times a week! I’m able to talk to customers and connect with them rather than talk at them, and frankly, my demos are amazing! Blaire has also been teaching me how to sharpen my leadership skills. I’m learning how to speak up for myself, direct people, speak more powerfully and succinctly and make executive decisions. I’m much better at managing my time.
Before I would easily get distracted. Now I’m learning to focus and accomplish my goals (which is everything!) and my day runs much more efficiently. (Before Blaire came in a lot of time was wasted by the whole team and it was never addressed). Blaire has empowered each one of us. She has motivated and coached us and the whole team has developed beyond what we thought was our potential. I highly recommend Blaire. She brings a lot to the table, much more passion, skills and effort than any job description would require.”

Mary Lou - BJ's Wholesale Club

“Blaire is a manager who really cares about her employees.

She’s given me with the leadership skills and confidence to step into a being a manager.

This is something I didn’t feel comfortable doing, nor was I ever provided training for this role in the 7 years I worked for the company. She’s coached me in speaking up about my concerns to employees and upper management in an empowered way, rather than complaining, being a victim, and creating drama.”

Yolanda - Dollar General