I’ve Just Met My Soulmate, But He’s Already Married… with Kids!

Meeting one’s soulmate is a rush.

It brings incredible energy and a surge of excitement into your life.

Maybe you were coasting along.

Doing the same old routine…

And then suddenly, your soulmate enters and you feel a new level of being alive.

But what are you to do when your soulmate is already married… with kids?

This is what happened to me recently, and I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.

And what this all means.



What Does “Soulmate” Really Mean?

Even though in our society, most people believe that soulmate means life partner.

Or your other half.

Or your “One”

Soulmate is simply someone who’s in your soul group, which is someone who you have spent lifetimes with.

A soulmate could come in the form of a lover.

In the form of a friend.

In the form of a business colleague.

A father, a mother, a brother, a sister.

Or more.

So when you meet a soulmate, and you feel that “spark” of attraction…

It’s simply your souls recognizing one another.



Is It Possible To Have More Than One Soulmate?


As I shared above, soulmates come into your life in all forms – friends, family members, co-workers.

So when it comes to love, you definitely have more than one soulmate.

You have more than one “One.”

And that’s how it goes.



Can Soulmates Be Just Friends?

When you meet a soulmate that is already married… or already married with kids, like the soulmate I recently met, you have to make a conscious choice as to what you want to do.

You can give yourself over to the chemistry and have an affair.

You can try to tempt your soulmate to be with you, rather than with his partner.

You can destroy his or her family.

Sure, you can do all of that.

This is your life.  You make your own choices. And you can choose how you want to handle this experience.

Or you can pull back.

Be mature.

Dis-engage from whatever romantic or dirty thoughts you might be having about them.

You can step out of fantasy mode… because after all, psychically you’re taping into another lifetime, another time line, and another dimension where the two of you were possibly partners and/or lovers… and decide to come back into THIS REALITY.

In this reality, this specific soulmate is married.

In this reality, this specific soulmate has kids.

In this reality, this specific soulmate is meant to be something else to you… even if he or she is just teaching you to control your mind, control your body, and back away.

You can make your soulmate your friend.

You can make your soulmate a business connection.

You can create something beautiful together.

After all, your soulmate was brought into your life for specific reasons….

I share more about this in my books, audios, and programs listed below.

Why Was My Soulmate Brought Into My Life At The Wrong Time? 

 The answer is, it’s not the wrong time.

There’s a reason why you two have re-connected in this lifetime.



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