Dear Friends, you may be wondering “What the heck is Spiritual Healing.

And I would say, “good question!” as this is a question I have wondered over and over, many times in my life.

Let me start from the beginning.

First off, I have found that “Spiritual Growth” is related but somewhat different than “Spiritual Healing.”

I think it’s best for me to define these terms for you.

SPIRITUAL growth is similar to SELF growth.

With spiritual growth, you learn about yourself.

You learn ways to make yourself better.

You learn how to improve what you are doing.

And learn about why you act in certain ways.

Spiritual growth also includes learning about the spiritual world.

You may start to learn about angels, guides, fairies, archangels, ascendent masters, etc.

Spiritual growth is very much a mental activity.

You learn and learn.

You read and read. 

You may try things, like trying to connect and get messages from your angels, guides, or the fairies.

To me, that basically sums up what Spiritual Growth is.

I have been involved in spiritual growth for a very long time.

If I had to put a date to it, I would say my college years, around when I was 18, was when it started. 

I have always had a fascination for spiritual topics and would always read books related.

But around the age of 18 is when I started to get signs from the Universe.

I would see numbers repeating or overhear people’s conversations that would be answers to some questions I currently had.  Their comments in their (personal) conversations would indirectly share guidance with me.

I would get frequently get messages by the things I saw, and things I heard.

That was my experience for several years.

I continued to read more books.

I would take a class or a workshop about some spiritual topic and learn… and learn… and learn.

Then I graduated from college and saw an ad for an upcoming energy healing class.

I didn’t know anything about energy healing, but the course sounded interesting and I thought I’d go and study for the weekend (or the course may have spanned a few weekends, I can’t recall now). 

My first introduction to energy healing was Pranic Healing.

I learned a lot of new information and techniques, but overall wasn’t really interested in it. I couldn’t understand the use of it.  Let’s just say I wasn’t dazzled.

I remember trying out one of the techniques on a close friend when he had a headache (I was going to use the energy technique I had learned to remove his headache) and I told him to close his eyes. 

The session lasted maybe 2 minutes when I saw him peaking through his squinted eyes and we both started laughing.  Let’s just say, my journey, at that time with energy healing didn’t last long.

More years went by.

I read more books and took more classes.  Again, this in my opinion was continued “spiritual growth” work.

Then in 2004, when I was feeling restless and bored with my life and wanting more, I received an invite to an intensive two weekend long workshop called The Silva Method.

For two weekends, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from early morning to the evening, I learned about using the power of the mind to manifest.

We did a lot of meditation exercises and I found the workshop very interesting, but I was also a bit bored as I had intuitively been doing many of the exercises that were taught.

The facilitator of that workshop then became my teacher for the next several years.

And during that two weekend span of time I was taking the manifestation course was when the idea for my website that went viral came to me.

I won’t go into details about everything I learned at that time, but I was also studying Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism) with Rabbis in NYC pretty intensely and learning weekly with a one on one mentor. 

I share all of this with you just so you understand that spiritual path is a long journey. 

One that opens in layers and one things leads to the next.

You just need to follow your intuition and say “yes” to the places it guides you.

It’s not like you learn from one person or you learn in one workshop and stop… although I guess you could, but this wasn’t my path.

Again, I am sharing this all with you just to explain that in my eyes, this was all spiritual growth I was doing.

I hadn’t yet started on my path to Spiritual Healing.

Spiritual Growth opened the door for me, and in many ways changed my life, but Spiritual Healing took my spirituality and my life to a whole ‘nother level. 

Several more years went by.

Still learning weekly with my teachers who I mention above… and then something happened.

I was in a long term relationship and we broke up.

Instead of being devastated like I had been with past breakups, I was fine.

It was at this time I had realized that I had found my true “One” – I had found myself.

This is right when my next teacher – who was actually a healer – entered my life.

One day one of my business colleagues was talking about how she had regular sessions with an “Intuitive Healer.”

I had no idea what an Intuitive Healer was and since I am naturally curious, I scheduled an appointment.

I wanted to learn more.

This is when my life – my spiritual growth – went fast forward.

This is when my life went topsy turvy and got a whole lot better.

Now I can finally define Spiritual Healing for you.

Spiritual Healing is when you receive energy work and are given guidance on how to process it.

Through Spiritual Healing, your human life experience and childhood wounds start to get healed.

Receiving energy work stirs things up.

The false belief patterns that you have been given or adopted as defense mechanisms to survive in this sometimes tough world come to the surface to be healed. 

Spiritual Healing gets to the root of whatever issues – challenges – you are having… and heals them.

This means that you are no longer dealing with them anymore.

The energy is cleared.

So let me take a step back here.  As you can see I have done many years of Spiritual Growth learning and work, but what made the biggest difference in my life is the work I have done since with healers that have come into my life.

Now, you may think you have no wounds.

You may think you have no defense mechanisms.

You may think you have nothing “wrong” with you… and I would assure you, everyone does.

Everyone has something they need to heal.

It’s the reason we are on this Earth – to heal.

And just being born into this world makes us wounded.

Spiritual Healing helps you become whole again.

Pure again.

It gives you the ability to see the world for how it really is, NOT for how you have been programmed or wounded to see it.

Spiritual Healing helps you uncover your True Self.

Are you curious to know who you really are?

My Spiritual Healing Sessions (as well as my Intuitive Heart Healing Sessions) do this for you.

Just by being human and living on this planet you get wounded. 

And in order to protect ourselves we put up these defense mechanisms. 

We may get guarded. 

We may develop anger issues.


Negative thoughts.

We may get frustrated easily. 

We may feel like a loser.

We may feel lonely or like we don’t belong. 

We may feel that we’re not worthy.

Or we may feel frequently afraid of being abandoned by those we love.

Or losing the things we’ve worked so hard to attain.

Or we may feel fearful that if we love someone they will leave us or will hurt us. 

Or we may feel that others can get ahead in life or that we’re always trailing behind. 

We may feel like we’re not lucky or we’re destined to keep struggling and have a hard life.

Or we may feel like we don’t know how to make money.

Or that relationships don’t work for us.

There are a whole slew of things that I could list that are false beliefs.

All of these are wounded beliefs.

And this is where energy healing comes into play.

Whereas Spiritual Growth is a mental activity of trying to figure things outSpiritual Healing happens at a deeper level.

It gets to the root and clears things out.

Now, I must share a word of caution as I don’t think that all energy work is the same or that all energy workers are similar. 

Of course I am bias to the way I work with clients, as I’ve seen it get fast results for my clients over and over again.

But, you see, you can get energy work done from anyone who knows it.

From the energy work, all this “gunk” and random emotions may come up.

You may feel uncomfortable, scared, emotional, etc. and then your session is done.

Many energy healers will do energy work and end the session leaving you to process on your own. 

With my work, I do the first 20 minutes or so of some of my sessions with remote energy healing work where I will read the chakras, do toning work, prayers, clear and recharge them.

Then I will connect with my clients on the phone and share guided messages with them, from Spirit as to what their next steps on their journey are. 

I will share exercises, fun assignments, mantras, journal exercises, amongst other activities that I will give to them to do during the week.

I will also process exercises and emotions with them on the phone or in person during the session.

This helps you learn the lessons and ground in the new and better (and healthier) way of doing things.

Session by session, you start to understand about your coping mechanisms.

You start to peel away the “fake” parts of you.

You start to clear away the defenses and armor you’ve put on to get through life.

And you get on the path of getting to know the real you.

It’s a wonderful experience. 

In the process, through the sessions I have experienced with clients, they become psychic, they learn how to tap into their heart for guidance, they develop a stronger connection to Spirit, to themselves, and in doing so bring more love, happiness, and peace into their lives. 

Our whole lives we put on armor to protect ourselves from hurtful people and situations.

In healing sessions, we gently, step by step, remove that armor so the real you sparkles and shines.

Spiritual Healing has changed my life. 

It is one of my favorite things to do and it has completely changed the way I view my life.

I am more aware of false beliefs, more aware of when I am being true to myself and when I am being fake.

I am more aware of what is in my heart.

What path is right for me.

And things in life take on a magical quality.

I end up being more and more in the right place at the right time.

I’m going to stop this post at this point and link to the experience of going through spiritual healing, as many times it’s a flip flop, sometimes crazy, wild ride.

The experience of Spiritual Healing is sometimes a really wild ride.

But as you go through it, you already experience tons of magic when you get on the other side.

Looking forward to taking you through the experience!  Until then…

Wishing you the best in love (and life),
The Love Guru


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