Dear Friends,

When you enter the world of Spiritual Healing things can get kind of strange!

(Wondering what’s the difference is between Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Healing?) 

First off, you will most likely need more time on your own.

This is for processing new and old thoughts that come to mind.

You will be clearing a lot of old thoughts and emotions.

Even though the clearing process may be upsetting or emotionally painful at times, this is a good thing as the healing work is clearing mental and emotional clutter and blocks from your body and soul.

You may not be able to tolerate or be near people who are your friends or family members.

You may find yourself drawn to different types of people and different types of experiences.

Again, this may come as a surprise, may feel strange, or upset by this experience of clearing out relationships that you once held clear, but again this is all normal and part of the process.

You may need more time to rest and sleep.

We all cope with Spiritual Healing in different ways, but many of us require more down-time.

Your mental, emotional and physical body will require more sleep time, and more rest.

At times you may feel totally and utterly exhausted with no energy to walk around or move.

You may feel dizzy and lightheaded.

And again, although this may alarm you.

You may get scared that something is wrong.

You may get sick or need to be taken to the emergency room.

If you feel you need medical attention, get it.

But also know that a lot of this feeling of having no or low energy is all a normal part of the healing process.

You may have great anxiety or fear come up.

This happened frequently with me as I have had to release a lot of anxiety from my body.

You may fear that you are dying.

You may worry about your health or about your safety.

Do the best you can to cope with this.

If you are a client, book a session with me so I can assist you.

It may help you to listen to some soothing music, affirmations, or simply hugging your cat/dog to calm you down. 

Go out in nature.

Lay on the grass.

Take a nap under a tree.

Walk slowly in the forest and notice all the healing energy around you.

Nature in itself is healing (the color green) so relax and take it all in.

Although, note:  You do not want to be in the blaring sun and heat.

This will only make you feel worse.  Guaranteed.

Pray to God, or the angels, or your guides.

Whoever you feel most connected to.

You may cry a lot.

Crying is good and a form of clearing and release.

Drink lots of water.

It helps clear toxins and also helps you process your emotions.


To get in touch with your emotions and what thoughts or memories are coming to the surface to be released.

Sit in silence.
Read a book.
Do nothing.
Watch a movie that would bring you joy.

Comedies are always good.

No matter what you do – TAKE IT EASY.

You are processing.

These emotions can and probably will come up right after you have had a Spiritual Healing Session or an Intuitive Heart Healing Session or attended one of my classes.

The healing symptoms don’t happen all the time, but sooner or later, if you stay on this path, you will have these experiences that I just mentioned above.

This is all clearing inside of you.

Releasing old thought patterns.

Releasing old fears, anger, sadness, frustration and other emotions.

When the emotion is released it will float around your body and your energy body for a few days.

Be grateful for this experience.

At times you may feel like you are dying (again, not to scare you, but again this has been my experience) but don’t worry, it is really only parts of you that are dying… and with death always comes a rebirth, to a fresh, new you.

Reach out to those who understand.

If you have received Healing Work from me, you are always welcome to email me when you are going through your “hell periods”  (this is just what I call them) 🙂  I will help you understand if they are normal or if you are going crazy (just kidding!).

It’s all part of the process.

Eat healthy, light food.

Fruits and veggies and lots of water.

You also might have cravings for comfort food like pizza and icecream.  That’s fine too, just don’t overdue it as your body is processing a lot of emotions and you don’t want to give it more to do.

Take it easy.

You may have to call in “sick” to work.

But you’re not sick, you’re becoming healthy!

Appreciate your journey and be grateful. 


    Wishing you the best in love and life, The Love Guru    
Want Support? You’re not alone.
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