Healing Your Old Wounds In Relationships

I would like to talk to you about healing as it relates to your relationships.

Many years ago when I was introduced to the concept of healing I didn’t know what the term meant.  I thought that healing was for people who had something wrong with them.

Maybe an illness or some disease.  Maybe something traumatic in their childhood or something traumatic happen in their life.

But nothing “bad” had happened in my childhood and nothing “bad” had happened in my life.  So when a Intuitive Healer had mentioned to me that I was going to be doing healing with her, I had no idea what she was talking about.

Through our sessions she did energy healing on me.  We did a combination of energy healing, channeled messages from Spirit, and emotional healing.  Coincidentally, or actually more like the way life works, as she was doing healings on me and as I was going through this process with her, I was also opening up to my psychic gifts and learning how she does the things that she does, so that I now do this for my clients.

But that’s the way it works.

When you work intensely with someone, you are becoming both the student and the teacher.

Student to her teachings.  Learning and growing with her.  As well as teacher for my clients.  Learning the skills to do what she does to help others.  That’s how my journey began and that’s what I’ve learned how the spiritual world works.

Okay, so back to my story.  Every 2-3 weeks I would meet with my Intuitive Healer.  She would talk to me about things going on in my life and she would understand on a deeper level what interactions were really happening.

I might have seen the situation in one way, but she saw it in a completely, deeper, more insightful, truth-based way.  She saw it the way source sees it… the way Spirit sees it.

Each session I had took me deeper into an understanding of myself and deeper into the healing of my emotional wounds.

Just like an onion, each session, I was peeling off layer by layer parts of my personality that I had developed to keep me safe.  Parts of my personality that I had developed to help me survive.

Again, I must share with you that nothing major or bad had happened in my life but just by being in this world, we all develop these layers and these various forms of protection to get us through.  These could be defense mechanisms, certain ways of interacting with people, outdated or incorrect thought patterns.  We develop these things not as something to sabotage our life and our relationships, but as ways of protection to keep us safe.

So each time I spoke with her I was able to release this emotional baggage.

Each time I spoke with her my perspective on life had changed.  I was able to see my old way of viewing life and would also be able to see the new thought pattern I was re-adopting into my life.

The reason why I say “re-adopting” into my life is because this process of emotional healing, allows you to see where you were thinking faulty thoughts.  It allows you to see how you developed thought patterns and defense mechanisms that helped you survive in this world, based on the wounds in relationships you experienced.  There is nothing wrong with these thought patterns, as they helped you get through that period in your life and they helped you feel safe through them.  But now, when you feel called to come to a healer, your soul is calling you, you are feeling ready to release these patterns you adopted and you are on a conscious or unconscious level saying, I am ready to get rid of these wounded thoughts and I am ready to re-step into the truth.

The truth, as I speak about it here, has to do with the thoughts that are in alignment with love.  They are thoughts and ways of seeing the world that are based on no fear, compassion, protection, truth and love.  These are the thoughts, they are the way of being, as your higher self lives.  They are ways of being, your Spirit lives.

The more you are able to shed your old thought patterns.

The more you are able to heal your old wounds, your life experience gets better and better.  Your relationships with everyone gets better and your psychic ability improves.  (This last part was a major motivating factor for me and still is).  But everyone has their own motivation as to why they would want to do emotional healing.  There is no right or wrong answer.

The reason why I first went to an Intuitive Healer was because I was curious.  The curiosity was a big factor for me.  I wanted to see what she could do for me.  I wanted to see what she was offering and how my life would change.  My curiosity is what kept me coming back.  But I also felt much better about my life.  I felt much happier.

In our sessions I was learning all about me.  I was falling in love with me and I was fascinated.  I learned why I acted in certain ways, why certain things hurt my feelings or why certain things made me mad.  I was learning all about my gifts and abilities – gifts and abilities that were never recognized or appreciated by others.  Our sessions made me feel very good.

My life got better.  I felt more confident, happier, and peaceful.  Also, my psychic abilities improved.  My psychic abilities came out and flourished.  This was super exciting to me.  My life took on a magical quality.  I felt like I had found my “home.”

I also started seeing how most of our society does things and lives lives based on fear.  I used to be in this group, but working with my healer helped clear this for me.  I continue to do this work on myself, because as I said before, it’s a process which continues for the rest of your life, like an onion, layer by layer.  You get deeper into knowing and loving yourself.

So this is a little bit about my journey with healing.  I share it with you so you can benefit.  I share it with you because I feel strongly it is my time to share this information with you.  How funny that I do emotional and energy healing with my clients, but don’t ever talk about it publicly?  Now is the time.

We are going into a special energy with the year 2012.  We have already started feeling that energy.  It is so strong and so powerful.  This year is going to be a magical year for all of us.  Many new insights and a new ways of being in the world.

It is very important that if you feel intrigued by what I am talking about, that if you are curious what energy healing or emotional healing is all about, that you start working with me or another healer to start uncovering the thought patterns that are no longer serving you.

Start working with a healer so you can start healing the old wounds you are carrying around from your past relationships and from your failed relationship.

To clear the old wounds you are carrying around from childhood.  We are all carrying around wounds from childhood and this is something I will speak about in the future.  But like I shared with you in the beginning, it doesn’t matter how great or wonderful your childhood was, there are deep down wounds that you are carrying around like heavy stinky baggage, that if you cleared them out, you would experience your life on a whole different higher level.

My specialty is emotional healing.  I am an Intuitive Heart Healer.  I deal with, like it says, matters of the heart.  Emotions, feelings, longings of the heart, the beauty of your heart.  Anything having to do with your love life and anything to make your life better.  Stepping into the life you have been dreaming of.

I share this with you, because I want to be specific about the type of work I do.  There are Intuitive Healers who specialize on medical conditions and if you are having health problems, I would suggest you speak to an Medical Intuitive and not me 🙂  Some Intuitives are able to see, feel, smell, know where disfunction is in the body and help you heal that.  My work covers some of this, but we all have our special gifts, and again, my specialty is on emotional healing – which is heart healing.

To learn more about my work, visit here.

It will share with you how my sessions work and what exactly an Intuitive Heart Healer is.  This was a title I was given by Spirit.

If you are interested in scheduling a session, I work in person (Northern NJ/Manhattan and locations when I travel) and over the phone/Skype so you can  if you are anywhere else in the world.

I wish you the very best on your magical healing journey.

​The Love Guru Blaire


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