Many of us from the time we’re young have been told to “be nice,” “be friendly,” “smile” and make conversation/talk to people who we may not be interested in speaking with. There’s a constant push by one or both of our parents to “dress a certain way” or “act a certain way” and to “always look and to things perfectly.”

Most of the time these are done in such a subtle manner, when we’re young and then a lot of times it continues as we get older, that it’s so ingrained in the messages we’ve received by our parents/family our whole live that we don’t even notice them.


Do you suffer from GOOD GIRL/BOY SYNDROME?

(By the way, it’s not actually a “syndrome” but for the sake of this post, that’s what I’m calling it).

How have you started to break out of the GOOD GIRL/BOY programming?

You see, when I talk about HEALING, most of the time I’m actually talking about BREAKING OUT OF PROGRAMMING.

All that I spoke about above, is one of the many ways you may have been programmed to be when you were younger. What happens is that we are so used to “being nice” and “being friendly” and “being talkative” and “being welcoming” that this is who we think we are. But it’s not – or it’s only part of who you are – it’s not your identity, it’s simply who you’ve been programmed to be.

Are you interested in breaking out of the GOOD GIRL/BOY PROGRAMMING to discover who you TRULY ARE?

I can help you on this journey.

Wishing you the best in love (and life),
The Love Guru


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