“Don’t expect anything from him…”

“You’re going to be like a single mother…”

“You’re going to be let down.”

“You think he’ll be there, but he’s not”


I overheard two women talking today in the park. The statements above are excerpts of their conversation.

I don’t seek out listening to other people’s conversations. I actually try to avoid noise (except those of the birds) when I’m in the park, but Spirit continually brings me people who need help with their love life, so I can do my mission and serve.

When you go to your friend or family member for advice, it may feel good to shoot the shit and get some comfort, but the guidance that friends and family members give you is usually quite bad.

Not on purpose, it’s just that their reference point on how to handle relationships is the same as yours.

Which means — nothing’s going to change.


If you are actually seeking to HEAL your relationship.

To fix it.

Whether that’s to grow closer in intimacy to your partner or to get assistance in gracefully moving on (and no, that doesn’t mean just breaking up or divorcing and saying “To hell with you”) then that’s where I can help you.

You’re having problems in your relationship for a reason.

Come see me and let’s dive into the reasons why Spirit/God/The Universe has brought these issues into your life… and more so, what you can do to heal them from the root.

Make this a learning experience.

A growth experience.

One where you get closer to God…

To you…

And to your partner (whether it’s the current one or someone new).


I am currently welcoming in new clients to my private practice and mentorship programs.

These are 3-month long programs where we meet weekly and dive into what is bothering you.

During each session, you’ll get spiritual guidance, channeled messages, heart healings and practical exercises.

You do the exercises in between each session to get things to change. (It’s also a great distraction from your current problems, as it gives you something positive to focus on, rather than sitting in the confusion, upset, guilt and shame)

You can have sessions with your partner or with yourself.

You will experience incredible results either way, and either way, things will shift and change.

There is no guarantee you and your partner will stay together.

I can’t guarantee that, nor can anyone.

My intention is to root for you. Your heart and soul. To help you develop a deeper connection within yourself, so you are able to be guided by your intuition and know which way to go.

We will focus on healing unhealthy relationship patterns.

Childhood wounds.

Relationship blocks and baggage.

And anything else that is keeping you in this situation that is causing you pain.

In order to see if the Heart Healing Program is right for you, the first step is to schedule an Intuitive Heart Healing Session (Initial Consult).

Sessions are done through the phone or Skype.

Or, if you are in Northern NJ or NYC, the option to meet in person is available for you too.

For more info and to schedule your session, go here:
Initial Consult – Intuitive Heart Healing Session