As you go along the healing path (which is a path of letting go of one behavior after the next that does not support who you truly are and does not support your happiness or you doing your divine mission in this world), you’ll go deeper into letting go of drama and trauma.

Stop for a moment and make an assessment. What are you currently wrapped up in?

What are you currently obsessing about? This could be something related to your career, this could also be a relationship (whether romantic or otherwise), this could be something related to money, or your health, or your family, or a slew of other things.

Make a note of it. Let it come to your conscious mind.

What DRAMA AND TRAUMA are you allowing into your life that takes away from your peace and happiness?

Once you have this in your mind… STOP IT.

I joke, and also I’m not joking. Sometimes it’s that easy to just stop the obsessive thinking and other times we need support of a healer, therapist, or other to help us understand what the lesson is and how to let go of whatever is occupying our mind and making us upset.


Grab your journal and write down what you are releasing today that no longer supports your happiness.


Wishing you the best in love (and life),
The Love Guru


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