Are You An Over-Communicator?

This is not frequently talked about, but it’s a thing!

Here’s how to know if you are…

1. You’re usually the one who’s TALKING during your interactions with others.

2. Others just tend to LISTEN TO YOU. The people you talk with usually KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU than you know about them.

3. You share a lot of details about your day or the story you’re sharing – even when others haven’t asked.

4. And much more!

Why is this a problem?

Well first off, it’s not a problem if you don’t think it is.

Second, it’s a problem, because it could be the way you are:

* exhausting yourself

* trying to prove you’re good enough

* continually creating relationships that make you feel unhappy unfulfilled in.

* creating unbalanced and unhealthy relationships … and it’s a sign of a childhood wound that’s unhealed.

Would you like to STOP the pattern of creating unhealthy relationships?

Would you like to start forming relationships that support and fulfill you?

If so, I’m happy to guide you.

Wishing you the best in love and life,

The Love Guru

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