Healing Laughter Yoga

What is Healing Laughter Yoga?

NJ & NYC Corporate Mindset, Health & Wellness Program

Bring Laughter Yoga to Your Place of Work!

The health and happiness benefits of laughter yoga are incredible!  Invite Blaire into your company or organization to facilitate Laughter Yoga classes for a stress relief, self love, and “get happy” experience.

Healing Laughter Yoga In The Park in New Jersey

Laughter Yoga is a wild and wacky class where we do different exercises that make you laugh.

Developed by an Internist doctor in India, Laughter Yoga has been scientifically proven to make you healthier and happier.

A great exercise for your internal organs and a detox for negative energy.

There’s no need for a mat. No floor moves and no typical yoga stretches to do.

This isn’t your typical Laughter Yoga Class. It’s a healing and manifestation space. The Love Guru (Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Psychic Medium, Marriage and Family Therapist) will share spiritual teachings, channeled guidance and be doing healing work on you during class (no touch) to clear blocks and assist you in manifesting your dreams!

Please note, we don’t talk about our problems in this class. Clearings and healings are done energetically and you’ll leave feeling brand new!

If you’d like to express what’s bothering you and get empowering tools on how to navigate your relationships and your life, then schedule a private Intuitive Heart Healing Session. These two services are designed to complement one another. It’s just as important to learn new ways of being in the world as it is to clear stuck energy.

How’d You Come Up With The Idea?

Laughter Yoga Reviews

“Yesterday was awesome!! Felt great to let loose…

I felt more playful and silly with husband as we reflected on our morning experience.” 


“(All day) friends and family kept commenting about how happy I was. I felt like a younger man!”

“I’m breathing deeper. I feel happier, healthier and I’m on a high after class.

…men of all ages are flirting with me and asking me out!”

I was surprised at how easy it was to get into true laughs.

…the rest of the day I felt happier than I have in a really long time.”

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