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For years I heard stories of how people manifested ‘money on demand’ but couldn’t figure out how to do it for myself.  I used to always say, “I’m great at manifesting all sorts of things… but money, I can’t!”

And I would get mad at Spirit.  “Why don’t you bring me the money that I want?” “Why is it so hard for me to manifest money, when I know it’s just like manifesting anything else?”

Well, I am happy to say that the answers to my prayers have arrived and Spirit has been taking me through a curriculum on EXACTLY how to do it!

And since this is all new to me, and I feel the desire to share it with you, as I go through the process, I am offering trainings that share the teachings as I learn – and apply – them.

This is the same way that Spirit taught me how to MANIFEST THE ONE many years ago. (and it’s also how Spirit and I guide my/our clients on how to attract The One or fix their relationship — step by step, one teaching after the next, one exercise after the next)

So step by step, as Spirit is taking me through this journey, I am guided to share it with you!

So if you are interested in learning how to MANIFEST MONEY ON DEMAND by using YOUR ENERGY and YOUR MIND, then these trainings are for you!

And please note, since these are newer teachings that I am learning – and sharing – they are at a much lower “introductory” rate — but know that in a few weeks or months, that these trainings will be most likely turned into a program and the price will be raised.

Get them when they are low and let’s all start rolling in the dough!

Not through hard work.

Not through struggle.

But by using your innate power to get what we want!

Program Update:

This program has slightly changed since I started creating it. It’s actually expanded! And instead of “just” focusing on money, Spirit has been guiding me through the journey of “how to make my dream life a reality.” It ends up that my Soul didn’t just desire money, it desired a bigger life (I already knew this!) and this program came through as my way of getting me there. So in the video trainings I talk about money, but more so go into depth about making your dreams come true. Which, attracting more money into your life – on demand – ends up being a by-product of your experience when you are living the life of your dreams. So in this program you get BOTH for the price of one! How’s that for an experience? Go you!

What This Program Is:

This is a training program that consists of videos. You watch one after the next and apply the teachings and action steps to get results. This program is taking you through the steps that Spirit has been taking me through – in real time – to be able to manifest money in the amount I want it and in the time frame I want it. You will learn how to do this too.

This program supports you in stepping away from the “I have to work hard for money” programming that our society has been brainwashed to have. This is not spiritual truth, but man-made concepts. In this program you are learning how to use your mind and energy to get the money and the life you desire.

It would probably be helpful if you already have some spirituality teachings under your belt to understand the concepts I am talking about, as well as already running a business (or something part time) that you love. With that said, I don’t think these things are an absolute must, I think they would just be helpful in you manifesting the money on demand, but that could very well be a limited view that I am still carrying along. As with anything, the choice is up to you. If you feel curious about this program, then there’s something in it that’s meant for you. Follow that intuition and pull.

What This Program Is Not:

This program is not a linear, “do this, then do that” step by step formula, although it does have those elements, because this is the steps that Spirit took me through to clear out remaining money blocks and how to make my dreams come true at a much faster rate. I’m just sharing this because it’s not a left brain, linear, boring way of sharing that many programs share. It’s free-flowing and organic, it’s something that you experience, rather than analyze to death.

This program contains videos with me sharing guidance and downloads I get from Spirit. I share my hesitancies (“internal gunk”) and negative thoughts that come up, as well as the insights I get, and the actions I take. There are a lot of videos included.

The path getting from point A to point B in your life is not a straight line. You take steps in this direction, it either feels right or it doesn’t, you tweak what you are doing, you get new insights and then you realign and go for it again. That’s what this program guides you through – you get spiritual teachings, healings, and guidance – and it helps you find your own (best) way of manifesting money and your dream life.

This is the journey of me figuring out how to make money (a lot of it) and how to make my dreams come true at a faster rate (usually within 12-24 hours of asking for something, Spirit brings it to me). This ability comes from the healings and teachings I share with you, that were shared with me by Spirit, as I was going through (recording) this program. This is the journey you will go through. In order for you to get the benefit of these teachings and in order for you to get benefit from this program, take lots of notes while you listen to videos, think about what was shared, journal about what comes up – no matter if they are insights or uncomfortable or resistant thoughts, and then take action. And if you’d like more support, then I suggest you sign up for the program option that includes two private healing sessions with me. That will help you greatly and it gives you the ability to get personal attention, healing and teachings specific to your specific money blocks.

How To Go Through The Program:

It is suggested that you start with the first video training, let it sink in for 4 days to 1 week and then move onto the next training. This program is one where you are being pro-active with what you are learning. It’s not for you to “just” listen to. You have to actually apply what Spirit is teaching you to see results.

Introduction to Money on Demand

30 minute video where I talk about the program and what to expect. It’s the same video posted on the top of the page, but I put it in the program files too as it’s important for you to understand what you are getting when you enter the program and how your transformation will go.

Training #1 – How To Get Started

Video is approximately 1 hour long. During this training, I share with you how I started getting in the flow of manifesting money on demand. There are many teachings as well as exercises for you to command money into your life. Grab your notepad and a pen and expect to listen to the recording over and over again! Each time you do, new teachings, awarenesses and shifts will occur within you!

Training #2 – Money How You Want It

This training was a doozy! Normally I shake people up, shift their reality, give them new things to think about – but this time I’m in a shifting reality! I have to go back and watch the training again… something is stirring within me.

Today we talked about (and by we, I am talking about me and Spirit):

  • The poor man’s mentality
  • Shifting out of getting things for free or “randomly” vs having the power to command money
  • What exactly is “money on demand”
  • Making money the way you want to

And lots more teachings. Video recording is around 45 minutes. Just like how my sessions work, one session… and in this case, one training builds on the next. You’ll get more out of it if you get the first one first, but do as you feel guided.

Training #3 – Commanding Money

Video is 70 minutes long. I go through the exact steps Spirit has guided me through to draw in money in the amount I have wanted and within the time frame. When I made this video I was able to call in money in this way twice. There are other teachings throughout this teaching, but it’s mainly a complete run-through of the exact steps.

Training #4 – Dealing with Your Anger

Video is 30 minutes long and in this video I discuss how anger effects your money manifestations.

Training #5 – DTBG

Video is 90 minutes. Are you DTBG? You know the saying, DTF — Down to F*ck, well DTBG is something my guides have saying in my ears and teaching me about the last few weeks. It means Down To Be Guided. You see, DTGB takes finding money, feathers or seeing numbers to a whole other level. It’s an experience of truly trusting yourself and the Universe to ALWAYS take care of you IN ALL WAYS and I will be talking about the ways this has been showing up in my life during this journey and how I have had to really stretch my trust, faith and taking the leap muscles.

Training #6 – Surrendering To Your Desires, Not Fighting The Flow

Video is 1 hour and 15 minutes. In this video training I talk about what it means to truly surrender to your desires and how Spirit has been guiding me to do it in my life. I also talk about some information that was downloaded to me about how to NOT fight the flow, which I now realize I have been doing for years (and you are probably too) as it’s what most everyone does in our world. This teaching was really eye opening for me because I was able to see how I was causing myself a lot of pain and staying small for way too long.  

Training #7 – Letting Your Heart and Intuition Lead Rather than Your Head

Video is close to 2 hours. In this very big video training, I share what’s been shifting in my life and how I’ve been letting my heart and intuition guide me rather than getting sucked into anxiety and fear. I also discuss staying centered amongst very big changes that your mind has trouble comprehending and the importance of staying close to God. While following this program, you will get to a tipping point, where an avalanche of shift will start to occur. I guide you in how to lean into those changes, rather than to run with them with fear.

Training #8 – Eliminating Money Drains

Video is over 1 hour. I discuss energy drains that you have most likely never heard of before. These energy drains are also money and dream drains that are preventing you from connecting with that life you desire. This is the most transformational training Spirit has taken me through in this training so far and it has taken me a few months to clear out all that Spirit has wanted me to related to this. One layer after the next keeps being revealed and as I shut down each energy drain, my life gets better. Yours will too.

Training #9 – You Are Worthy

Video is just under 1 hour. There’s a lot of talk in the spiritual community about being worthy of whatever you desire, but what does that really mean from a practical standpoint and how does one apply that teaching in order to actually get what you want. I share in this training the realizations I have been having on how I have been selling myself short and how Spirit has been helping me boost my confidence and worthiness.

Training #10 – Looking for the Money

Over an hour training about the differences between commanding, demanding and being pushing with God/The Universe/Spirit about him/them bringing you the money. After this teaching, we go into a training about how to look for money by stepping away from using our logical minds and the way we have been taught to do it by a society and tapping into the magic we all possess. This then leads into a bigger discussion about how to manifest anything and everything you want in your life. This was a fantastic training with so many spiritual principles shared, as well as healings to clear away old limiting beliefs as well as ways you are trying to make your dreams come true (that are just not working). This teaching will take you from living a logical, small, boring life and guide you in how to create a more magical, exciting, freeing life of your dreams.

Training #11 – Being a Butterfly

In this 75 minute video training, I talk about how to manifest your desires in an easy, light way like a butterfly does. I share several examples from my life as well as the teachings and awarenesses that have come along with it. Life has become much easier and much more full of joy. This is how it’s supposed to be. Easy and fun with you getting exactly what you want.

Training #12 – Releasing Bad Money Habits and Financial Freedom

Video training is 1 hour and 20 minutes long. We go over examples of some examples of bad money habits that you need to start eliminating now. I discuss how they are screwing up your manifestations and how they are literally block more money from coming into your life. I also talk about the principles of creating money and your desires. These are downloads that have been coming to me the last few days that tie in a lot of the current teachings, and as always, I share examples from my own life.  We discuss what true financial freedom means, as well as what creating true wealth means and how you never have to be reliant on a job or your business or a spouse or any other source of money ever again. This is a really good training that connects a lot of the recent teachings as well as shares new information.

Training #13 – There is Always Enough and It’s Never About Money.

Video training is 1 hour long and we talk about how when you want money that it is never really about money, but this instead. We also go into discussions about how you always have enough money. A lot was covered in this training.

Training #14 – Let It Go

15 minute video training with a discussion about surrender, riding the wave of co-creation, letting The Universe lead, grounding into your new normal and how physical manifestation really works.

Training #15 – How To Stop Being a Penny Pincher

1 hour long video training. This training goes in a different direction than you may be expecting. Get guidance about getting in alignment with the new life you are creating.

Training #16 – Being Unconditional and Trusting God

1.5 hour video training that covers a whole slew of information around being at peace with your path and who you are, choosing to be unconditional as you go through your life, trusting god, as well as having everything.

Training #17 – The Tipping Point

1 hour video training. Getting to the place where the number in your bank account doesn’t phase you at all. When you’re re-connected to the magic in the world and you are tapping into it. 

Training #18 – Completely Trusting God and Limiting How You Receive

75 minute video training. How to turn to God for all that you need and all that you want. Many people say they trust God but have no idea how to really do it.. and don’t really do it. Plus a teaching about how you most likely are limiting how you receive money and other good things from coming into your life.

Training #19 – Closing Out Cycles with Love and Money Freedom

75 minute video training about how to move out of scenarios in your life that make you mad, upset, frustrated or bored, such as leaving a job you hate, a relationship that sucks, a living situation which is bad and closing it out in a way that you are not doing drama and chaos and instead leaving it with gratitude and love.

Training #20 – Happiness vs Mania and Getting Really Close To God

80 minute video training about how to build a powerful, magnetic, force field around yourself so you easily and magically draw your dreams to you.

Training #21 – How Am I Supposed To Sleep When I’m So Happy & High?

80 minute video training about how life keeps getting better and better and more magical things happen once resistance is cleared and thoughts are re-aligned with spiritual truths. Plus a recap of many of the teachings and principles learned through the program.

Training #22 – Valuing Resources and Networking with God 

1 hour video training on how to look at money, your resources and God in a new way and more.

Training #23 – From Expenses to Desires 

16 minute video training, moving out of survival and covering expenses into desires and playthings.

Training #24 – Jumping Timelines 

75 minute video training about how to get into higher timelines and disengage from things that drain your energy (that you most likely have never realized where pulling on you). I give lots of examples from my own life and share how this practice frees you from years of confusion and sadness about bad that have happened in your life.

Training #25 – Ending Cycles, Money, and Self Care 

7o minute video training about childhood wounds, ending generational patterns, unhappiness and disappointment around money and career and more.

Training #26 – Filling Your Life with Love 

7o minute video training about releasing the old you and fully and completely stepping into and maintaining the abundance, wealthy, prosperous, happy, loving, creative new version of You.  Wow, how far we’ve come. You’ve received the keys to the kingdom and your fun, easy, incredibly, magical life has just begun!  Congratulations for having traveled so far. You did it!

Training #27 – Closing Out Cycles of Scarcity 

7o minute video training about clearing out scarcity programming around money and the experiences related that keep playing out in your life. 

Training #28 – Closing Out Fearful Cycles 

45 minute video training about clearing out other fearful cycles in your life that are controlling you and your money making ability, as well as your ability to live your dreams and generally, be free. 

Training #29 – The Shift 

Close to 2 hour video about how my life shifted into 5D with a crescendo of experiences. Learn what to be on the lookout for and how to transform old experiences by reacting and responding to life as the new You.

Training #30 – Rinse and Repeat 

1 hour video about how to easily manifest the money and your desires over and over again.

Training #31 – The Wealth Curriculum 

75 minute final video in this program. You get a review of some main concepts to rinse and repeat, you get an idea of what foundational thoughts you must have about money and The Universe/God/Spirit providing it for you, and then you practice, practice and practice some more bringing money in on demand. Spirit has taught you and me on how to bring in Money on Demand and now they are moving me (and maybe you? If you join me) into the second part of this program, called “The Wealth Curriculum” which is where they are guiding us on how to be able to expand the amount of money we can have in our bank accounts and receive. I share in this last video how you can relax into money coming in on a regular basis, moving from “on demand” into autopilot, and a review on how to fully step into being that person who you were born to be.


Parallel Universes – Are You Stuck In The Wrong Life?

This is a bonus video (just under 1 hour) that talks about the concept of parallel universes/lives and what to do if you are living a life that you know is not the one you are supposed to be living. I recorded this video live and got great feedback on how it connected with people watching.


17 Ways To Raise Your Vibration & Why Each One Works.

This is a bonus audio added to this program to support you in manifesting money (and the life you dream of) on demand. It’s key that you keep raising your vibration in order to connect with a life that is better than you currently are living. This audio will give you real life ideas on what to do to make that happen. It also includes teachings throughout.


Why Things Aren’t Manifesting

40 minute video training to watch when things aren’t manifesting or not manifesting fast enough. Clear through frustration, sadness, and disappointment as you get these spiritual teachings that help you stay positive on your journey.


Childhood Wounds Effect Every Area of Your Life

50-minute video from a live class in NYC where I share how childhood wounds effect every area of your life and how you can get yourself out of the endless loop of upset, disappointment, frustration, anger and more. This video will help you get to the root of your money issues and guide you on how to heal it so you can set yourself free.

The “Money On Demand” and Live Your Dream Life Program

Call in The Amount of Money You Want,

When You Want It

And Live The Life You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Option 1: Standard Enrollment

Includes access to all the video trainings listed above.

Go at your own rate, and experience shifts, awarenesses and success along the way!


To start your enrollment, pay the $500 non-refundable deposit by clicking the pay button above.

Once you pay deposit, you’ll get an email with a pre-program assessment and program agreement to fill out and email back.

The remaining payment for the program is accepted via bank transfer (I have a service I use that will make it easy for you) or a portion can be paid with crypto. Details on how to pay the remaining balance will be forwarded to you once you pay the deposit.

If you have questions email me at guru @ loveguru dot net

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It is up to you to work the program, digest the material, think about it and do the exercises so you get success.


Option 2: Program Enrollment with Sessions

Includes access to the video training program

2 (50 minute) phone sessions with Blaire

This is your opportunity to get private one on one support from The Love Guru while you go through your money on demand journey. You can use this healing and manifestation session to get clarity on any of the teachings in the program, to review your notes, to get healing to clear your money blocks, to ask questions about what is currently happening in your career/financial situation and more!


To start your enrollment, pay the $500 non-refundable deposit by clicking the pay button above.

Once you pay deposit, you’ll get an email with a pre-program assessment and program agreement to fill out and email back.

The remaining payment for the program is accepted via bank transfer (I have a service I use that will make it easy for you) or a portion can be paid with crypto. Details on how to pay the remaining balance will be forwarded to you once you pay the deposit.

If you have questions email me at guru @ loveguru dot net

I’m here to help you.

Once fully enrolled, you’ll have access to this program for 3-months and then your link will expire.

Payments are final, no refunds or transfers.

It is up to you to work the program, digest the material, think about it and do the exercises so you get success.

Must have your sessions within 60 days of enrolling in this program, otherwise you forfeit your sessions and there will be no refunds or credits. It is your responsibility to reach out to me to schedule your session. Sessions are done through the phone (or zoom if you are in another country) and are held daytime hours (before 4PM) during the week only.

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Adding Sessions at a Later Date:

If you enroll in Option 1 which includes enrollment in the program only and then decide at a later date you’d like The Love Guru’s support with private sessions, you can do so for a 15% increase in the rates listed above. So if you desire to have private sessions with The Love Guru it saves you money to pay for it when you originally sign up.


Session Policy:

Sessions must be used within 90 days from date of enrollment. It is your responsibility to contact The Love Guru to schedule your sessions. If they are not scheduled within 90 days, you forfeit your sessions and no refunds or credits will be given. If you need to re-schedule your session date or time, you must give at least 24 hours notice, otherwise your session is forfeited and no money is returned. You are allowed to re-schedule 2 sessions only. You are given a 15-minute late to call courtesy, after that, if you are a no-show, the session will be counted as a missed session and will not be rescheduled or refunded. The session will still end at the originally scheduled time. For your sessions, The Love Guru will call you or you will meet one another on Zoom.


Refund Policy:

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When You Enroll in the Program, Don’t Rush!

Go at your own pace and feel free to savor each lesson. There’s no need to rush through this program. Shifts and manifestations happen with every step you take! You will start calling in money right away. And you do not have to hurry through the program to make it happen. 

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"You really gave me a lot to think about, and I like the way you don't think the way most of our society does..."

“Thank you for the great "Heal The Root Of Your Illness or Disease" workshop today! The class was intense! I loved how you spoke to everyone!” - Nora

"Blaire teaches spirituality in an easy manner. Her 17 Ways To Raise Your Vibration made an immediate and lasting positive impact. I am taking steps to use her techniques in my daily life to improve and heal myself for long term happiness."

“After a recent breakup I felt lost and unsure about everything. I was miserable. A friend who had used some of Blaire’s other products told me about “Embracing A Breakup." I bought it and listened right away. I started to do the exercises and after a week or two I really started to feel better. I recovered from the breakup and am ready for my next relationship. I feel ready for a better relationship too.”

"Blaire's 17 Ways To Raise Your Vibration guide was very informative and helpful. I like that the list is, as she said, small baby steps you can take to grow one step at a time. Nothing in itself is difficult or inconvenient, and some of the suggestions I would have never thought to try!"

"Thank you so much for your time and energy today at the "Heal The Root Of Your Illness or Disease" workshop. I really enjoyed it! I hope to work with you in the future. I’m going to start planning and preparing for a private session." - Andi

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I break you out of the dating, love, relationship, and life illusions you’ve been lead to believe, and instead, align you with truth.

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