How To Not Comply


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“How To Not Comply

(& Not Be Afraid When Not Complying)”

(with wearing the mask, with giving your temperature, with 6 feet distance, with the “vaccine”, with closing your business, with putting up plexiglass at your business, with scanning QR codes, scanning your hand or giving your fingerprints, scanning your eyeballs, agreeing to company’s using voice recognition technology to identify you…with any of the bullshit! WHERE ARE YOU DRAWING THE LINE?)

Update 1/2024: Doctors/hospitals are requiring masks again. Contact me to book this training for your group or organization if you want my help in getting into your power or download this teaching for yourself here.

Update 2/11/2024: I’m hearing people talk about how they have been scanning QR codes, scanning their hands or fingerprints, or their eyeballs, or giving company’s authority to use voice recognition technology to identify you. Book this training to learn the issues and how to get into your power, rather than blindly complying because you feel you “have” to or because everything else is doing it or because you don’t understand the issues with going along with all of this.

We’re heading into Round 2 with rumors that the government is going to start regulating that people wear the muzzle once again.

What will you do?

Maybe the first time around you gave into wearing the “face diaper” because you didn’t have enough information.

or because you didn’t understand the scam,

or because you didn’t want to upset people around you,

or because you didn’t want to stand out,

or because you wanted to fit in,

or because you wanted to be a good girl or good boy,

or because you were scared,

or because you needed to get food,

or because you needed to make money,

or because you didn’t know what to say,

or because you didn’t know what to do,

or how to do it,

or because you were afraid of losing your job,

or because you were afraid of losing friends,

or whatever, whatever….

Now that we’re in Round #2, what are you going to do?

Maybe you’re wiser now?

Maybe you’re more educated about the scam?

Maybe you’re more firm in your “fight for freedom”?

Well, good for you.

But, you still have one nagging problem that’s holding you back – your fear.

What if you get in trouble for not complying?

What if you get yelled at?


What if you cause problems?

What if people come after you?

What if…. a lot of things.

I can help you.

Blaire is a light on fire!

She’s articulate, knowledgeable and informed!

“How To Not Be Afraid When You’re Not Complying”

  • In this training, I’ll help you get to the root of your anxiety and fear and start you on the path (or take you deeper) in healing and clearing it.
  • I’ll also walk you through ways you can build up your courage to stand up for what is right
  • I’ll guide you in how to NOT give into tyranny or really, anything that you do NOT want to do in life. Because, after all, it’s YOUR life and you should be able to do what you want, anytime you want.
  • In short, I’m going to help you 1) clear your fears 2) clear your programming and 3) help you step into your power.

What This Training Is:

This training is for healing, educational and empowerment purposes.

I am a spiritual teacher, healer, de-programmer, teacher of truth, teacher of the new world order, and trained as a therapist. 

I’m going to take you through the inner work that grows your Soul so you can be more powerful in your life and in this world, which includes standing up to tyranny and standing up for freedom.

This is work that helps you respect and love yourself more, because you know you are doing what is right and you are living in integrity with your Soul.

This work frees you from a Soul level because you doing the inner work to clear your mental, emotional and childhood wounds and all the ways you’ve been programmed by your friends, your family, the media and society.

What This Training Is NOT:

I am not a lawyer and will not be going over any laws with you or your legal rights.

What I will be able to share is my personal experiences in NOT wearing a mask EVER and how I was able to navigate going in and out of supermarkets, stores, etc, as well as talking to many store employees, store managers, store owners, firefighters, and cops along the way to either educate them or to stand up for myself when people claimed to be clueless, afraid, or “just following orders.”


The information I share in these trainings may be looked at as controversial. It may bump up against your long-standing beliefs and how you see (or rather, have been programmed to see) the world.

The information shared in trainings may upset you, confuse you, frustrate you or make you angry. It will also educate, enlighten and empower you. I will be guiding you through the awakening process and having different thoughts and emotions come to the surface (to be processed) is all part of the experience.

With that said, I will be with you every step of the way during your awakening and transformational journey. I will share tools, techniques, teachings, and healings to help you have a more enjoyable experience. Would you rather know the truth, even if it rattles you a bit, so you can understand what’s really going on in the world, and then take steps to fix it? Or would you rather continue to live a life that is based off of lies, manipulation, and control?

Blaire brings insightful and thought-provoking discussion of current events, healing techniques and how to be an activist without getting immersed in the culture of fear and reactivism.

Her approach is different than other spiritual teachers, and she offers down-to-earth advice about how to use spiritual teachings to effect real change, heal our ingrained programming, and move into our power.

About The Love Guru Blaire

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Dating & Relationship Expert, Marriage & Family Therapist, Teacher of Truth, De-Programmer, Awakened Warrior

For over 20 years, I have been guiding individuals to heal and clear their mental, emotional and childhood wounds, and all the ways they’ve been programmed by their friends, family, society and the media.

I guide you in stepping out of illusions and into truth.

Everything we’ve been taught here on Earth is a lie. The truth is, since birth, we’ve all been programmed/brainwashed/indoctrinated.

As an emotionally, mentally, and spiritually mature adult, it is your job to get de-programmed. This is what I help you do.

Once you are clear of this internal “gunk,” you are able to see the world as it really is, rather than through a distorted lens of false beliefs and lies.

For over 10 years, I have been studying and teaching about the New World Order, corruption, and how to be a leader who leads in truth, honesty, integrity and for the good of all.

Featured in over 100 media outlets – The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, CNN, MSNBC, Montel Show, Glamour Magazine, The Guardian UK, and more.

“Blaire is passionate about the work she does.

It’s inspiring and her energy is infectious.”

Amazing and thought provoking!

Blaire’s energy is attractive and infectious!

I always learn so much from Blaire!

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