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Experience a Healing Session with Your Horse

Get To Know Yourself Better.

Develop a Deeper Relationship with Your Horse.

Perform Better in the Show Ring.

A Horse Healing Clears Mental and Emotional Blocks for You and Your Horse!

Did you know that your horse is working through the same issues in life as you?

If you’re struggling with speaking up, being in your power, relationship issues, feeling rejected, abandoned, or want to feel more secure in your life, plus much more, your horse is going through that too.


Get Un-Stuck with a Horse Healing.

Get Guidance on How To Move Forward

Powerfully Towards Your Dreams.


The Horse Whisperer, Horse Healer The Love Guru

horse whisperer the love guru blaire

Hi. My name is Blaire and I’m a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Psychic Medium, Marriage and Family Therapist.

I’m also a Horse Whisperer, Horse Healer and Animal Communicator.


I can hear your horse speak to me.

I can feel his/her emotions.

I can also deliver special messages that s/he has for you.

Book a Special Event at Your Barn!

(I will travel within the US and abroad)


Horse Healings Are Great, If You Wonder…

  • Is your horse happy?
  • Lonely?
  • In pain?
  • How you can give him/her have a happier life?
  • What your horse prefers when it comes to work or competition?
  • How you can help your horse heal emotional and/or behavioral issues?
  • What your horse thinks of you?
  • Or what your horse wants you to know?

A Horse Healing can help with all of these things, plus more!

Highlights from Horse Healing Sessions:

equine therapy to heal relationship issues

Horse Healing #1:

At the beginning of the session, this horse wouldn’t let me touch him and he didn’t want energy work at all (even if it was hands off), so I turned to his mom to find out what was going on.

She shared the story of how they had gotten in a fight a few days ago and she wasn’t sure if he still wanted to be with her or if he wanted to move on. Through working with this horse and his human, we were able to clear the air, figure out what was causing the disruption, and come to smoother waters.

This horse had some very special messages for his mother and knew that the only way he’d get her attention about the things he wanted her to fix in her life was that if 1) she booked a session with me and 2) he was the one who started causing disruption in her life. By the end of the session, the horse’s demeanor completely changed.

He was now loving and cuddly to his human again, and kept confessing how much he loves her.

Has your horse been acting up lately? What messages is your horse is trying to get through to you? Schedule a Horse Healing to find out!

Horse Healing #2:

Unfortunately, not all horses come from loving homes, and this horse was physically abused in the past.

I wasn’t given the details of this before the session, but when I tapped into his energy field, it was very clear that the remnants of this horse’s emotional pain were still there.

So as per his approval, I cleared the horse’s trauma and abuse from his root chakra which showed that this horse was still afraid, even though the abuse was in the past. He was still suffering from the experience. I then explained to his human the new and special way she was to walk with him and treat him so that he began to feel safe and trust her.

Once the trauma was cleared, this horse’s personality started to shine! He kept making me laugh with his funny personality and started talking about how he wanted to train more and enter more competitions so he could win more ribbons, and show off to other horses that he’s a champion.

Does your horse want to compete more? Are you working him/her enough? OR was your horse abused and still carrying that pain? Would you like to help your horse heal? Having a Horse Healing will help.

horse whisperer healing horse abuse

Benefits of Having a Horse Healing Session:

  • Develop a deeper relationship with your horse.
  • Go deeper in understanding who you are and your highest path in the world.
  • Clear blocks that you and/or your horse are struggling with.
  • Get messages that your horse has for you about his/her own life, as well as your own.
  • Get channeled guidance and exercises on how to get things to improve (in your life, as well as his/hers).
  • Clear negative energy that may be causing your horse chaos, upset and pain.
  • Help your horse heal physical, mental and emotional issues.
  • Get guidance directly from your horse as to what would make him/her happier…
  • As well as get guidance from your/the horse as to how to step into more power with your relationships and life.
horse therapy during horse clinic brings tears

Sessions are Very Personal and Life-Changing (For You and Your Horse!)

Your horse is with you for many hours during the week.

They see and know everything about you and your life (whether you tell them or not). So many times, when these magnificent beings start to speak and realize that now they are being heard, they share messages that bring their humans to tears. This is beautiful to witness. All sessions are very powerful and unique.

Your horse’s messages cut right to the heart of what’s going on in their life or yours. Horses are not like humans where we mince our words or hesitate in fear of what others will think, say, or do.

Horse’s messages are direct and to the point.

I have found that during many sessions, horses will want to talk about what’s not working in their own lives (or their humans lives) and what they feel needs to change – right now.

A Horse Healing Session is a beautiful gift

you give to your horse and yourself.

horse therapy for self development

Horse Healing #3:

This horse is very clever. Early in the session, he stated that he wanted his mom to have a session so he could spend quality time with her.

He was feeling a bit lonely and used, and although he was seeing his human a lot to train, she was coming each time to see him in a hurried way.

The human confirmed that she had been working a lot and that she’d be in a rush, and with an agenda when she would visit her horse and take him out to ride.

Horses are just like people in that they want to spend quality time just “being” with those they love. No agenda, and no expectations to have to perform. This horse encouraged his mom, along with gave her suggestions and exercises, on how to follow her intuition more and nurture her feminine side, rather than getting caught up in the hustle bustle of work.

Does your horse miss you? Does s/he want to spend more quality time with you? Does s/he think you’re working him/her or yourself too much? Schedule a Horse Healing Session to find out!

Horse Healing #4:

There was an imbalance in this horse’s throat chakra, as well as his third eye, showing an inability to express one’s self and a clouded intuition.

Many of your horse’s issues are mirroring what’s going on with you. In speaking with this horse’s human, she shared that she had been feeling blocked with something related to her career and had been hitting many roadblocks whenever she tried to get her desired result.

She shared how she was feeling upset and frustrated, and not sure what to do. Through the session, (a beautiful, awe-inspiring adventure to witness and facilitate) her horse took the lead and showed her how it’s safe to let go of fears and step into the unknown.

That along the way, she’ll receive support, guidance, and make new friends.

Are you dealing with fears, frustrations or upsets in your life and not sure what to do? Schedule a Horse Healing Session to see what guidance your horse has for you.

horse clinic to discover your true self
equine therapy for abused horse
horse clinic to develop psychic and healing gifts
horse clinic to clear mental and emotional blocks

Every Session is Unique and Amazing.

They are beautiful to be a part of, to witness, and to experience.

The most exciting take place outside no matter what the weather, so bundle up, strip down, wear a poncho, or snow suit, and come ready for an adventure.  They can also take place in an indoors arena where your horse is allowed to roam freely.

Everything that happens during a equine healing is a message your horse has for you! (I will interpret the messages for you!)

Come with an open mind and a pen and paper to take notes.

Invite Horse Whisperer, The Love Guru To Your Barn for a Horse Healing Event or Horse Clinic!

I love doing this work and feel blessed for the gift to be able to communicate with horses. I also love connecting with others who love animals as much as I do.

If you would like to have me come to your stable to get an in person horse healing, then speak to your stable owner or manager, and let’s organize equine healings or horse clinic!

I’m available to travel within the US and abroad.

Contact me for details and let’s make it happen!

horse healer the love guru

Booking a Horse Healing Session or Event:

Horse Healings are $850 if you are located in Northern NJ, Nyack area NY, or Phone Sessions.

I am also available to travel to you wherever you are in the world (cost minimum + travel cost + accommodations).

Discounts given if you have multiple people who are interested in having a session.

I’m also available to do dog readings/healings for you and your dog, healings on rescue horses where I clear abuse from their system and can teach a horse class where I share with your group how to upgrade your life with the help of your horse, which includes healings, teachings and a demonstration.

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Here’s an Inside Look into a Session!

Horse Healing Rave Reviews

“The session was AMAZING! Hershey was so cuddly after the session and all the horses were looking at us when we were walking back to the pasture. Now I know how to walk with my horse. Thank you!” – Angela, Rhode Island

Blaire’s horse healing’s were AWESOME! She is truly a gifted individual. Old traumas cleared, heart chakras opened, a few tears, a lot of laughs. One participant was assigned to read a trashy romance novel to help reconnect her with her lost sassy personality that is crying out for resurrection!” – Rachel, Horse Instructor, Rhode Island

Thank you! This has been very helpful to me.” – Kristie, Rhode Island

Thank you for today! I have a lot to reflect on. The session was great for the horse and amazing for me.” – Kelly, Rhode Island

Blaire’s sessions are incredible! Within the first few minutes she pinpointed exactly what the issue was and then spent the rest of the session unpacking it for her clients. Each session is different from the next, and you never know what to expect. Some people operate on auto-pilot but Blaire gives her all in every session. They take over her!” – Dawn, Rhode Island

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Sessions in person, phone or online.

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