Open and Heal Your Heart

Heart Healing Program

3-Month Healing Program


  • Are you tired of struggling or being unhappy with your love life? (relationships, career, or life?)
  • Are you sick of dealing with the same old problems, unhappiness, frustration over and over again?
  • Would you like to heal your issues from the root? (so you never have to deal with the same pain or pattern again?)
  • Have you read self help/relationship books, seen a therapist and/or healers, but not much has changed?
  • Are you ready to move forward?

I’m able to heal your relationship issues fast and teach you a new way of being in the world.

In this new way of being, you are filled with clarity about what is going on, why it’s going on, and most importantly, how to navigate it from a higher level of consciousness.

In other words, instead of feeling frustrated, angry or sad, you are calm, peaceful, and in your power.

Most clients come to me after nothing else has worked for them.

I’m able to clear issues you’ve been struggling with for 10+ years — in just a few months.


Learn a new way of creating and being in relationship(s).

This includes learning how to truly love yourself.


You can continue trying to figure this stuff out on your own…

You can continue getting upset, disappointment, frustrated and mad…

You can continue wasting your time…

Or you can reach out, get guided, get healing, and become a better version of you – You, 2.0.

The “Heart Healing” Program Is For You, If…

  • You’d like to clear blocks – you want to get unstuck.
  • You want to move forward.
  • You want to learn how to be pro-active to get these things to change.
  • You want to stop sabotaging yourself.
  • You want to clear unhealthy relationship patterns.
  • You want to have a long term amazing relationship in your life that makes you feel good, happy, peaceful, fulfilled.
  • You want to get to know your true self.
  • You want to stop feeling sad, frustrated, anxious, or in fear related to your love life, relationships, and life.
  • You want a better life for yourself.
  • You want more.
  • You’re tired of waiting – you want your dreams to come true now.

How The Program Works:

The Heart Healing Program is a 3-month program where you meet with The Love Guru through Zoom or in person (NYC) on a weekly basis.

Each week, you’ll come to your session with something that is bothering you.

We’ll discuss what is going on and then you’ll get spiritual teachings, channeled guidance, and heart healings to clear up the imbalance and give you a higher perspective of it all.

You’ll gain clarity and understanding as to why certain things are happening in your love life/life.

You’ll learn the lessons that Spirit wants you to learn and when you do this, you’ll transcend to a higher level of consciousness.

One session builds on the next and the intention of this program is to open and heal your heart, so you get the love, the relationship(s), and the life you dream of.

Each week you’ll also receive practical exercises that you would do in between sessions to keep the healing energy growing. You’ll learn a new and more empowered way of being in the world – so you easily, effortlessly and magically make your dreams come true.

This program is for you if you want to open and heal your heart and learn a more empowered way of being in the world.

Your life is a reflection of what is happening inside of you.

If you don’t like your life, heal yourself.

This Program Includes:


3 Intuitive Heart Healing Sessions each month

Intuitive Heart Healing Sessions are 50 minute sessions where you’ll receive healing and guidance on totally transforming and upgrading your love life (and life). Blocks will be cleared and you’ll learn what it means to truly be empowered in your life.


1 Spiritual Healing Session per month

This 40-50 minute session is where I work remotely on your energetic body (your aura) and will read, clear, cleanse and charge your chakras, as guided. I will also do healing work to help you release lower emotions that are stuck (such as anxiety, anger, sadness, loneliness, frustration, resentment and fear) and make you feel brand new. In addition, I will also do sound healing, affirmations and prayers over your body to help you be your best. My intention is to help you heal anything that’s blocking you from attracting The One and helping you be in a successful relationship.


Weekly Success Tracker

This is a way for you to track your weekly successes as well as any negative thoughts, doubts or resistances that come up, so we can clear and heal them on your next session.


Each Week The Love Guru Prays For You

I am here as your partner helping you open and heal your heart. Each week, I pray for your success.


Celebration Ceremony

At the conclusion of your Program, during your last session, we will have a celebration ceremony to celebrate all of your shifts and changes. We’ll celebrate your success. During this experience, not only will your love life improve, but your whole life will get better. You’ll be so happy and proud of yourself, as you’ll be an upgraded version of you!

Investment in Yourself

Starting at $15,000


Enroll Now

In order to enroll in the program, the first step is to book an Intuitive Heart Healing – Initial Consult. This way we’ll get to know one another, you get to experience how I teach and heal, and we’ll confirm that this program is a fit.

He uncovered his True Self and Divine Mission.

“I want to give special thanks to Blaire and Spirit for all they’ve done for me. With your guidance, love, and support, I’ve begun to see and experience things I had only learned yet didn’t apply. You’ve showed me I possess spiritual knowledge but not true wisdom. For this and everything else I am eternally grateful. I went into my Heart Healing Program with the intent of finding out who I really am.  I’ve always felt like I never fit in anywhere with anyone. I also wanted to resolve the grief I’ve carried my whole life. I signed onto the Heart Healing Program because I got to the point that I realized I needed help with this. I figured out so many different things as to what was causing my pain but I couldn’t resolve it myself. I needed help and asking for help has always been a big thing for me. I chose Blaire as my Teacher and Healer but it was more like she was brought to me by the Universe. It was a feeling that she was the one who would be able to help me. Through the Heart Healing Program I learned and continue to learn some painful things about myself and my life, however I refuse to live in my ‘Old Story.‘ I learned that I carry a lot of pain from my childhood. That my mother has been hiding things about my past. That I was sexually abused in some way. I learned most of my ‘friends’ were really not friends. I realized how I try to impress others to gain self worth and that I over-ate for comfort. I realized that I spent too much time helping others and not helping myself. And that I hung onto bad relationships because I was afraid to face myself.

Through the Program, I started discovering my Divine Mission. I learned how to stand up for myself. To be more in the wonder of life, rather than constantly trying to figure everything out and get to the final destination.  I have been feeling my full emotions and have learned that this is good rather than stuffing them, like I was.  I have started receiving messages from my guides and laid the foundation for a healthy spiritual practice. I learned to set up proper boundaries for myself and to find what really makes me happy. I have become more organized, an issue I always had trouble with.  And realized that I am not alone and never really was. I have come to a place that I am much happier “by myself” more than I ever was.  I realized that I am a leader, a “Number 1” and not destined to always be a “Number 2.” I’ve started to eat better, lost weight without ‘trying’ or setting out to do so.  I’ve started to physically healing myself. I’ve recognized how many things I have used as distractions. I’ve learned to let go of things gracefully.  Learned to be more in the“Now” rather than rushing to some destination and being unhappy in the present. I’ve discovered what is truly fun for me. Increased my spiritual gifts.  Realized I am beautiful — and I found what I’ve been missing, my identity — myself!  Now I am “ME” — and I LOVE ME!!!” – Gary, Florida

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