The Friend Zone

Get Out of the Friend Zone Without Embarrassing Yourself

Learn how to turn a girl friend into a girlfriend
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There’s No Need For A Grand Gesture, When Getting Out of the Friend Zone is Much Easier.

Look. I know you’re a nice guy.

And I know you’re just a nice guy who’s just looking for a nice girl.

But the problem is, somehow by being “nice” you’ve gotten yourself into the friend zone…

So now, how the heck do you get yourself out of it?

Get this audio and I’ll show you the way!

I thought the best way to present this material was to have a guy ask me his questions about the dating and the friend zone.

This way you feel heard and this way I’m answering all the questions that most likely go on in your mind as well.

In this (almost) 1 hour long audio, you’re getting your questions answered by me, a dating expert – who also just so happens to be a girl. This way you get the expert advice of a dating coach, as well as the inside perspective of a girl.


In this audio, we go over questions, like:

  • “What do you do to get out of the friend zone?”
  • “How do I know if I should wait it out or start dating someone else?”
  • “Why do girls usually end up dating jerks or bad boys?”
  • “Does a guy need to be a jerk in order to get a girl?”
  • “Why does a girl usually like me more when I ignore her?”
  • Why is it when I like a girl, then she doesn’t really like me?”
  • And much more.

The audio (where he’s asking me questions is not so clear, but if you turn it up, you’ll be able to hear his questions). The audio where I share my answers, which I am the one talking the whole time is perfect.


During this audio, I share tips and techniques on:

  • How to get out of the friend zone without embarrassing yourself or looking stupid
  • How to get out of the friend zone without doing a grand gesture. There’s simpler and easier ways to see if the girl you’re interested in wants you too.
  • I share with you how to go about doing this in a non-player way… the way you’d do it when you are looking to “attract The One” and “get married” or “have a serious relationship” – because the way you date when you are looking for the One is different than when you are just looking to get dates.
  • We talk about deeper reasons why you are friends with a girl in the first place…
  • We talk about having chemistry with a girl or not…
  • How to not waste your time
  • … and more!

Take the pressure off… and the awkwardness off… having weird conversations with a girl friend who you want to be more.

Plus, I’m including the audio, “How To Pick Up Girls in a Non-Player Way!”

You don’t have to be a jerk in order to get a girl.

In this audio, I share with you how to get a girl by being yourself.

 You can be nice (and should be)

You don’t have to change.

This audio will just show you how to have more confidence and how to pick up girls… in a nice and classy way.

You don’t have to be sleazy in order to get a girl.

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