Couples Counseling Bucks County PA

Bucks County PA Relationship Healer, The Love Guru Blaire

Are You Struggling in Your Relationship?

(…and tired of reading self-help books?)

Afraid Things May Not Work Out?

(…some times things get so bad, you wonder if you’ve reached the point of no return)

Would You Do Anything To Keep Your Relationship Alive?

(You still love him… you want things to get better… you’re just not sure what to do)

I can help you.

Experience Relationship Healing in Bucks County PA

You can try to fix your relationship (or marriage) by doing a lot of analyzing and hard work, or you can learn how to let The Universe guide you.

Hi there. I’m Blaire. (or The Love Guru, if we’re being official) 🙂

Relationships are hard work.

They’re confusing.

They’re complex.

And they can drive you nuts.

Your relationship (or marriage) may have started off great, but now something’s not right.

Maybe you’re bored.

Maybe you’re frustrated.

Maybe you’re annoyed.

Maybe you’re tired of fighting…

Maybe you’re tired of feeling lonely and ignored…

Maybe you’re starting to wonder if you’re even happy anymore…

I help you uncover exactly what went wrong so you can fix it or leave your relationship with grace and ease, never having to experience the same pain or pattern ever again.” – The Love Guru

The Best Relationship Coach and Healer in Bucks County PA

The first time we meet, it’ll be for an Initial Consult & Assessment.

You can have a session by yourself or with your partner.

  • We’ll discuss your relationship history.
  • Explore what areas in your relationship you feel blocked and what areas you feel you need help with.
  • You’ll learn how The Heart Healing Program works.
  • I’ll share with you the basic principles on how you heal your marriage or leave with grace and ease, so you’re not repeating the same patterns or pain over again with someone new.
  • I’ll share with you my initial intuitions about your love life.
  • You’ll leave with some new knowledge on how to heal your relationship issues…
  • You’ll get some guidance on what you may have been doing wrong.
  • We’ll clear some relationship blocks – you’ll get unstuck.
  • And you’ll receive an exercise (or two) on what you can do in between this session and our next one to start bringing peace, clarity and more love to your relationship and yourself.

During Sessions, You’ll Receive:


Spiritual principles on how to create a healthy, loving relationship with your partner and yourself.


Clear, heal, and release anything and everything that’s blocking you in your relationship.


Psychic messages and guidance that’s directly from Spirit and specific to your situation.


Step by step exercises for you to apply into your love life right now for immediate change.