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“Do You Know My Husband?” Reviews

“Hi Blaire, I am done with your book!  In total….I read it cover to cover in under 3 days flat.  I was HOOKED!!!  Your writing is so authentic, witty, and easy to relate to!” – Karyn

“An authentic and inspiring journey that put ourself in the shoes of Blaire, in her way to find “The One.” This is a precious case study of how the law of attraction (among other principles) can do some “miracles” in our life. Through my reading, I could see and feel the deep transformation in Blaire’s state of mind. Her journey is rich in teachings. This book is a must read to all women who are truly looking for a pure, sincere and fusional relationship with “The One” because it goes far beyond “knowing” and “theory.” It is also interesting for men to read it because it helps to picture what is going through women’s mind. A good book that does his job: putting yourself on the right track to find “The One!” – Alexis

“Thank you Blaire and peace to you.  I can’t put the book down….so happy I won it. God has a great plan for all of us; thanks for confirming that and sharing your beautiful soul with us.  PS:  I’m already on page 130!” – Dolores

“This book was an extremely fun and insightful look at one woman’s journey through dating. Even as a married woman, I found tidbits of advice and information that I can use in my own love life! I couldn’t put it down, and I can’t wait to read about what’s next!

“When I began the book, I figured it would just be another light read about someone looking for love in the digital age. I was happily mistaken! The readers of this book are able to look into her personal life and journey and the interesting encounters with potential “One”s along the way. Do You Know My Husband? is a fun, light-hearted story, but don’t be fooled into thinking it is just another fun romp for romance! Blaire’s story is fascinating, and I couldn’t put it down. Would she stick with “Airport Guy”? Would she really find “The One”? Have we been misled by society about what our search for “The One” should look like? I had to know! To top it off, as I read through her book I felt like I was watching her grow as a person through each of her dating experiences. It felt as though I was watching myself grow, too! Her book made me realize that I wasn’t crazy, or stupid, or wrong for trying to re-frame my past relationships. I also realized that I can’t, and shouldn’t, force anything. The Universe, as she puts it, will let everything happen in time. Things are how they’re supposed to be, and will continue down that path. I would highly recommend this book to anyone: those actively looking for “The One,” those who think “The One” may never show up, or anyone just wanting to learn a little bit about their own relationships and journey along the way. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!” – Aubry

“Delightful and insightful. I think at some point we all have a bit of despair about not being able to find someone who “completes” us. Blaire’s search for “The One” is an entertaining – TRUE – story told in a fresh, unique format that let’s the reader enjoy the ups and downs of her wild ride in pretty much the same fashion as the original fans who watched it all unfold in real time. I’ve never read anything quite like it.” – Sarah

“…This book is a great stream of consciousness adventure that puts you in the birds-eye view position to watch a very sophisticated dater, try to find “The One.” On a timeline. In the public domain. In New York City. I love the intimate portrayal of her feelings (which she is not shy with) and yet, I feel like everybody in the story benefits, including the guys she has no interest in. I do too as a reader. The overarching point isn’t lost on me: our harmony with the overall world directly affects our ability to find what we want in it, while realizing that our journey is to experience and learn and grown and ultimately achieve happiness. But this isn’t just some idealistic Ayn Rand style self-loving “selfish” kind of philosophy (though I feel there is some merit to that concept). It’s more like a: “when I’m at my best, I can find the best things and reach out and grab them” type of concept. Watching the protagonist mature into a well-rounded, self realized, more-loving individual is amazing. It gives you pause when you realize that this was a real life thing: Blaire is documenting part of her love journey by compiling blog posts of her viral website from several years back, where she, very publicly, searched for “The One” and ultimate found him. And found herself along the way. It’s a very cool way to look introspectively at our own situations, without having to be vulnerable like she was at times in her journey. I love the way it helps you learn really tried and true lessons, as old as time; that we systematically shy away from as we live our modern lives. I really congratulate Blaire on a successful book, where so many authors have butchered the innocence of trying to find perfect love and where so many others have make it something that was clearly ingenuine. If there is a single word that describes Blaire’s book it’s: Genuine.” – Benjamin

“This book is SUPER AMAZING SOUL FOOD!! I was privileged to experience Blaire’s discovery and growth in her quest to find a husband. This book is not just about the dating scene. It is about self-love, the courage to be vulnerable, to be able to step away from society’s beliefs and to live from your heart! Blaire embraces her inner self and that is when her transformation begins. That is when she becomes irresistible! She taught me to have the courage to believe and love who I really am, deep in my soul. That is the only way to find a perfect mate. When you love yourself enough to shine from your heart, the Universe will send you the same. I learned from this book to value my true beliefs and to carry myself with confidence. Blaire was not the only one changed from this book. I was changed too. I wondered, as I read the book, what happened in the relationships with the men that were not her husbands. As I finished the book, my eyes were opened and none of my questions mattered. I realized her heart was guiding her and that she was listening. That was the only answer I needed. This book is empowering and revitalizing! I feel freedom and courage in loving myself and sharing my deepest soul to the world, just like Blaire!” – Mariquita

“How Aliens Put Me Into Power” Reviews

Aliens Book 1

“THIS is the book Love Guru fans have been waiting for! A must read for anyone interested in spiritual development and sacred sexuality. Highly erotic, inspiring, and healing!”

“Your book answered a lot questions I’ve had about star beings that were never answered in other books! Now I know what star beings want to do and how they can help. Since reading your book I’ve started working with my sexual energy to raise my vibration and manifest. I love the idea of time travel and now know it’s real!”
“I really love your book. You have no idea how much I just ACHE to have something like this happen to me. But my brain gets too caught up in anxiety and worrying. Time travel, aliens…you can’t imagine how much I desperately want it.”

“I loved your book!  I rushed home from work each day I couldn’t wait to read it.  I read it in two days.  I couldn’t put it down.  It was addicting!” – Marta, Switzerland

“I just finished reading How Aliens Put Me Into Power First Installment: The Reconnection, and to be honest, it was a book that was way out of my comfort zone. This does not mean I did not enjoy the book, though, so bear with me. I find the idea of aliens, or otherworldly beings (they don’t love the term aliens), fascinating, though I have never had any firsthand experiences myself. I’ve never considered having a star family, that I could possibly be from another planet, or that these spirit beings could help me achieve things here on Earth. These are all ideas that Blaire explores throughout this book with her star brother, Zeke. On the surface, this book may seem a bit “cringy.” There will be parts that potentially make you uncomfortable. She does, after all, warn about some sexual topics from the get-go. I find, however, that these potential “problems” with the book take a backseat to the overall lessons presented. Yes, this is a story about Blaire reconnecting with her star family, but it’s also a story about a woman coming into her own power. She begins to explore the idea of taking control of her life – letting things just “be” while still fighting to get the most out of this life and fulfill her destiny. I found this book to be uncomfortable in the way that a true crime book would be uncomfortable. No, I don’t particularly want to read about rape and murder (or Blaire’s sexual experiences with her star brother in this case), but it’s worth the read for the overall journey/experience. At the very end of this journey (or at least the first installment…more to come!) Blaire asks the reader to examine their own journey, to explore what shifted or changed in their thinking. To this I say that this book has caused me to step out of my comfort zone and explore a topic that was completely new to me. I have discovered that there is a fine line to toe between just letting things be and fighting for what you want – and I feel better equipped to be on the lookout for this line in my own life. I highly recommend this book. You may not get anything out of it, but, like me, you may be surprised!”

Aliens Book 2

“I’m really enjoying the “How Aliens Put Me Into Power” book series. The books are changing the way I look at my life and making me re-evaluate things that I never questioned before.”
“Strangely addicting!”
“This book is deeply profound and simple at the same time. I learned that you don’t have to be perfect to be spiritual and also that the most mundane things in your life are spiritual lessons.”
“The suspense is killing me!!!”

“Blaire is an amazing writer. I love the combination of stories and teachings! It makes the books so relatable and fun!”

“From reading the book, I’ve learned how to start discerning what is my angels/guides direction and what is my own brain.
I’ve also started looking closer at my own reactions and relating them back to childhood feelings. I’ve noticed less of a reactivity when it comes to money, work, and security, and more intentionality and choice when it comes to people pleasing and doing what’s best for myself.”
“This book is giving me blue balls! I want to get to the end already to see what happens!”
“A huge change I noticed lately from reading your books is how I deal with money and bills. Last year when I found out that I owed the IRS a lot of money, I freaked out and was seriously upset. This week, I had to get my car’s transmission replaced. It was double the amount that really upset me last year. But this time, I didn’t freak out at all! Instead, I calmly researched my options, made a decision, and got it done. Later it dawned on me that I normally wouldn’t have react that way! I only did because of all the work I’ve been doing with your books! It blows my mind!”