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People come to me when they want to learn how to attract, create and be in spiritual relationships

Step 1:  Let’s Get To Know One Another

Do You Know My Husband?® Book

This book is good for you whether you are single or in a relationship, male or female, old or young, all sexual orientations.

In this book, I share how I “broke out of the dating matrix” which is just another way of saying, I learned how to partner with The Universe to easily, effortlessly and magically attract “The One” to me. When you read this book, you’ll learn how to do it too.

12 Secrets to Attract The One & 11 Fatal Mistakes Singles Make

With these two audios and PDF guides, you’ll start to learn a new way of dating and attracting love.

Why work so hard looking for “The One” when becoming magnetic is easy?

  • Learn how to attract the type of guy/girl you really want, rather than settling for someone who’s so-so.
  • Become aware of things that you’re doing that are sabotaging your success.
  • Receive practical exercises that you can apply in your life right now for quick change.

When you purchase, you’ll get instant access (check your email). No refunds.

Step 2:  Let’s Hang Out

Intro on How To Easily Attract “The One”

If online dating, dating apps, and looking for “The One” in lounges, restaurants, and at events hasn’t been working with you, then this is for you.  Start to learn an easier, more natural way of attracting “The One” to you by partnering with The Universe.

1 hour audio + “get started” guide.

Into on How To Heal Relationship Issues

Traditional relationship advice is that if you’re unhappy, to move on.  That it’s best (and probably easiest) if you find a new partner.  After all, what’s the alternative?  To stay and be miserable? You’ll learn why moving on too fast is bad advice and what to do instead.

1 hour audio + “get started” guide.

Step 3:  Let’s Spend The Day Together

How To Raise Your Vibration

In order for you to attract “The One” or create and maintain a healthy, loving relationship with yourself and another, it’s key that you have a high vibration. This ensures that you’re happy and attracting good things into your life – all of the time.

1 hour audio + “get started” guide.

How To Ask For What You Want, Need, or Wonder About In A Relationship

Do you worry about bringing up certain questions or topics to the guy you’re seeing because you’re afraid it may be too soon in your relationship and don’t want to come across as needy? Learn how to take back your power, get rid of anxiety, and get what you want.

1 hour audio + “get started” guide.

Step 4:  Let’s Get a Little Bit Closer

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