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These are manifestation and healing programs where you work on your own in the comfort of your own home. 

The Spiritual Way To Attract The One®


Say good-bye to dating sites, dating apps, singles events, and matchmakers. There’s no need for a middleman when you have the power to draw love to you!

9-step self-paced manifestation and healing program that guides you through the step by step process on how to easily and effortlessly attract “The One.” Contains a lot of spiritual teachings, heart healings and practical exercises, as well as bonus audios and videos.

Money on Demand


For years, I heard stories of how people manifested ‘money on demand’ but couldn’t figure out how to do it. So I kept asking Spirit to show me.

This video training program shares the guidance that Spirit has been taking me through on how to do it. Not only has more money come into my life, but I’ve also started to step into the life I’ve been dreaming of.

Warrior Training


Online, self guided, year long business healing program for Indigo Warriors who are (or plan on being) Spiritual Teachers, Healers and Leaders.

If you’re an Indigo, typical marketing tactics and ways of running your business are going to end up being very frustrating to you. They also won’t work for you. Indigos are very unique and this program will guide you in creating a business as unique as you.

Attracting and being in relationship with The One

can be much easier (and more fulfilling)

than you’ve been experiencing!

Let me show you the way.

Personalized Programs

These are private personalized manifestation and healing programs where you work one on one with The Love Guru.

In this video, I share how The Heart Healing Program works

Heart Healing Program


A 3-month Heart Healing and Manifesting Program tailored to your needs and desires to help you clear and heal old thought patterns, sabotaging behaviors, relationship baggage, past heartaches, childhood wounds, karma and more.

You’ll release unhealthy ways of being in relationships that no longer serve you, and you’ll learn a new (and more empowered) way of being in the world.

This program is for you if you want to open and heal your heart, and discover your True Self.

Interested in this Program? Schedule an Initial Consult to make sure this program is right for you.

Attract The One Accelerator


A 5-month Manifestation and Healing Program where you are guided step-by-step on how to partner with the Universe to easily attract The One. This program will also clear and heal anything that may be blocking you from love.

You’ll learn tools, techniques, and mindshift changes to draw love to you. This way you’ll never have to go out and look for it ever again.

This program is for you if you want to easily, effortlessly, and magically attract The One.

Interested in this Program? Schedule an Initial Consult to make sure this program is right for you.

1-Day Heart Healing Intensive


1 day totally focused on your healing and growth. You’ll get accelerated results in a short amount of time.

We’ll spend the whole day together (in person or remotely) and focus on healing your heart, clearing old pain and baggage, eliminating unhealthy patterns, and co-dependency.

You’ll learn how to create healthy relationships, and step into more of your power.

Interested in having an Intensive? Schedule an Initial Consult to make sure an Intensive is right for you.

"When I started working with Blaire I was at a bad spot in my love life. I was a few months out of a dysfunctional relationship that lasted on and off for 3 years. ... I took the advice I was given, just about 6 months later I began dating the man, literally, of my dreams."

"Before joining Blaire's program, I was very anxious about dating and finding the One. I felt very lost and unsure about what the right things to do were and what I should or shouldn't be doing. Now I feel much more confident, calm, and at ease. I KNOW I will find the One..."

“Our last session was great! It helped me realize how I’ve been sending out really bad signals to men. I’ve been acting very passive and playing a role that isn’t me, in order to get them. ...As always, working with you is very inspiring and helps me…thank you!”

“Blaire offers what I've been seeking - the honest truth, advice that works, lessons she from her own life, and her intuitiveness, all while being personable. The experience was a breath of fresh air. Lessons are interactive and personalized and help clear the fog of doubt I had...”

“Blaire is an amazing spiritual healer... I had two sessions with her so far and she totally sensed what it was that was the next step for me to take in order to further stand up for myself and live even more who I am..."

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