Heal Family Drama


“Healing Family Dynamics”

The Love Guru’s events help you develop better relationships with yourself, with others, and with life.

  • Do you have a turbulent relationship with a certain family member?
  • One minute, you love him/her and want to be closer and then the next, you’re filled with sadness and anger?
  • Wondering why this happens?
  • Want to know how to fix it?


You and your family members carry such heavy karma for one another that the experiences you have with one another effect every area of your life. This is true, whether you’re consciously aware of it or not.

I can help you heal family karma.

Healing Family Dynamics with The Love Guru

This is a small group gathering with The Love Guru where you will receive spiritual teachings, channeled guidance, heart healings and practical exercises so you can create change, right now.


During This Event, You’ll Start The Healing Process Of:

  • Getting to a place of peace as to what’s gone wrong or what’s currently going on.
  • You’ll learn a new way of handling family relationships.
  • You’ll learn how to heal childhood wounds and dysfunctional patterns that have been passed down from one generation to the next.
  • You’ll stop creating more negative feelings, more negative experiences, more karma and more of a mess.


A Note From The Love Guru:

I have been on and off estranged from my family for the last 9 years. This is an experience that I never thought I would be in. I was raised by a good family, in a good home, and by all means had a good childhood. Yet, it was an experience that still happened.

Having family issues and being estranged has brought great sadness and pain into my life. It’s an experience that changes you to the core. But I am also grateful for this experience because it brought me great awareness, growth, strength and change. It also opened the door to my life’s work, which I will be guiding you through here.

In November 2019, Thanksgiving day weekend, my guides told me I had healed my family’s karma.

This is nothing I set out to do, although it was all part of my Soul’s path during this lifetime, and I am grateful I have been able to come this far. It hasn’t been the easiest path!

During this time it also dawned on me that I have been working on healing this stuff (childhood wounds, dysfunctional family patterns, karma and generational wounds) consciously and unconsciously for more than 20 years!

I look forward to sharing my wisdom, guidance, tools and techniques with you!





Sunday, December 8th, 2019






Magnet Theater Training Center



22 West 32nd Street (btw Broadway & 5th Ave)

10th Floor, Look for “The Love Guru” on announcement board

New York City, NY


Only 6-8 spots available!

1 Ticket – Early Bird before 12/3 – $125

1 Ticket – $150

Cancellation Policy:

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Class is Guided by Spirit:

Because Spirit guides my events, class material is subject to change at any time. What you see listed on this page is the original intention and download of the event. But as the event comes closer and Souls start signing up, their energy starts gathering. I tap into this energy before the event and some times Spirit shares with me new or different material to share that would most beneficial for you to hear. Because of this I reserve the right to change the class/event material at any time.


Paper and pen to take notes, bring water to clear toxins and help you process. Come with an open mind ready to learn.



By writing down your intention as to what you’d like to learn, heal, shift or change within your family dynamics. Write down a few questions you’d like more awareness, guidance and clarity about.


Books For Sale:

The Love Guru’s books will be for sale at a reduced rate of just $20 (normally $33+), so make sure you have cash or Venmo handy if you’d like to take your learning further.

Further Support:

If you’d like to go deeper and get personalized guidance, healing and support, you can schedule a Family Healing Session here.

“The session we had was the seed for me to explore a new dimension… I have thought often about what you shared and I will do my utmost to preserve and enhance the relationship with my son…”

“I chose Blaire as my Teacher and Healer but it was more like she was brought to me by the Universe. It was a feeling that she was the one who would be able to help me.

Through the Heart Healing Program I learned and continue to learn some painful things about myself and my life, however I refuse to live in my ‘Old Story.’

I learned that I carry a lot of pain from my childhood. That my mother has been hiding things about my past. That I was sexually abused in some way. 

I realized how I try to impress others to gain self worth and that I over-ate for comfort. I realized that I spent too much time helping others and not helping myself. And that I hung onto bad relationships because I was afraid to face myself.”

“I really loved hearing your story and I really love your passion and how real you are.

It’s refreshing. Thank you.”

“This was wonderful and insightful.

The lightbulbs are going off in my head.

Thank you, Blaire, for your skillful facilitation and creating a safe and loving environment.

I’m looking forward upcoming talks.”

“Blaire was awesome.

So much of what she touched on has also been some of my struggles and I am free of a lot of the world bondage that we buy into.”

“Blaire’s teachings are deeply empowering and a blessing to all who attended”

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