Doctors & Nurses Covid Fraud

PA, NJ, NY Doctor and Nurse Covid Fraud Trainings

 Learn about the covid genocide that you were (or are) involved in.

Dear Doctor or Nurse,

“First, do no harm”

Do you remember your oath?

Do you value it?

Believe in it?

Live by it?

Or during the “covid” fraud and “vaccine” rollouts, did your…

Fear of being reprimanded…

Fear of losing your license…

Fear of losing your life…

Fear of losing your job…

Fear of losing your paycheck…

Fear of losing your prestige…

Fear of losing your credibility…

Take precedence over going against your hospital, your medical board, or the CDC’s protocols?

Did you conform or comply when you should have spoken out? 

Should you have done more research before you just did what you were told?

Are you riddled with guilt and shame?

Or are you confused

and have no idea what I’m talking about

because you fell for the covid hoax too?!

My New World Order Trainings will help you.

Look, I’m Going To Cut To The Chase.

Millions of people worldwide are sick, dying, and dead because of the damage that was done by the “covid” protocols and by getting the “covid” injections.

Now, I’m not personally pointing the finger at you, because I’ve known for a long time how doctors and nurses are badly brainwashed, but many in our world are understandably very mad at you.

They’re upset.





In a rage.



They trusted you.

Of course everyone’s responsible for their own lives, their own health,

and their own decisions…


But with that said, if you’re promoting yourself as a “health” professional, then health and healing is what you should bring, correct?

(Rather than sickness, damage, destruction and death)



And I know, you still may be very confused.

Maybe you thought you were doing what was best

(because you believed what the CDC, the government, the media, and what your bosses said)



Regardless of what the situation is, there’s work for you to do.

You have to make this right for yourself on a soul level, a karmic level, as well as in this physical world.

Step #1: Educate yourself as to what the hell went wrong.

My trainings will guide you through the ins and outs of all of this…

Government documents… step by step education… videos… resources for you to look into on your own… etc…

A real education about what actually happened during the con (“covid) and the “vaccine” rollout.

To learn the truth, not what the media or the government told you.

My trainings will help you with this.

Step #2:  You need to take a deep dive into what within you made you susceptible to going along with this scam.

You’re a highly educated person, but most likely you’re also highly brainwashed too…

In my trainings, we’ll go over how you were brainwashed/programmed to go along with all of this.

How maybe you didn’t even notice the warning signs that were right in front of you.

My trainings will de-program you.

Step 3: You’re going to need support in dealing with the sadness, guilt, and shame that is bound to come up (or is already there) in knowing that you caused others ill health and death from what you administered and/or what you were a part of.

During trainings I will support you with healing and clearing these uncomfortable feelings.

Everyone makes mistakes and falls for scams and bullshit before they awaken to what’s really going on in this world (and even when people are awake, there’s always new levels of awakening. We’re all susceptible to being bamboozled.)

Clearing the shame, sadness, and guilt is key to help you heal, rather than stuffing down these emotions (which causes sickness)

Step #4: I’ll address your questions and concerns about having possibly taken the “covid” injection yourself and how you can cope with this, heal your body from having taken it, as well as start to help others around this.

No, I’m not a doctor, and I’m not offering medical advice, but clearly the drugs, surgeries and protocols you’ve been following are not working.

(Or have you still not realized that people are dead and very sick because of the “covid” protocols you’ve been following?)

It’s time to leave behind the old and corrupt ways.

I will walk you through a new way of doing your work.

A way that works.

And heals people.

Rather than carrying on as you have been, being a drug dealer and surgery pusher.

Clearly you’ve been operating on the wrong side of things.

Watch this video.

This is a compilation video – one of thousands!

Healthy, Young People are Suddenly Dying

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)

Pricing & Book Trainings:

For more details, pricing and to book trainings, send me an email at thelovegurublaire @ gmail with details about your group, date you’re interested in having your training(s), approx number of people attending, where you are located, and some information as to why you are seeking to have trainings/what you are looking to achieve/what the problem is. Trainings are done online or in person. I travel to your group. Once I receive your email, I will reply to you. Include your phone number and the best times to reach you.


The information I share in these trainings may be looked at as controversial. It may bump up against your long-standing beliefs and how you see (or rather, have been programmed to see) the world. The information shared in trainings may upset you, confuse you, frustrate you or make you angry. It will also educate, enlighten and empower you. I will be guiding you through the awakening process and having different thoughts and emotions come to the surface (to be processed) is all part of the experience. With that said, I will be with you every step of the way during your awakening and transformational journey. I will share tools, techniques, teachings, and healings to help you have a more enjoyable experience. Would you rather know the truth, even if it rattles you a bit, so you can understand what’s really going on in the world, and then take steps to fix it? Or would you rather continue to live a life that is based off of lies, manipulation, and control?

Learn How To Be Part of The Solution.

About The Love Guru Blaire

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Dating & Relationship Expert, Marriage & Family Therapist

For over 20 years, Blaire has guided individuals out of illusions and into truth.

Everything you have been taught here on Earth is a lie. The truth is, since birth you have been programmed / indoctrinated / brainwashed.

As an emotionally and spiritually mature adult, it is your job to get de-programmed. This is what I help you do.

Learn how to heal your mental, emotional, and childhood wounds, as well as clear all the ways you’ve been programmed by society, by the media, and by your parents.

Once you clear this internal “gunk” you are able to see the world as it really is, not through a distorted lens of false beliefs and lies.

Featured in the NY Times, LA Times, CNN, MSNBC, Glamour and more.

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