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People come to me to learn how to attract, create and be in spiritual relationships

I Get It, You’re Picky.

It takes you a long time to find someone you really like.

You don’t want to settle.

You’re afraid you may never find someone.

You’re afraid you may be always be alone.

You’re nervous.

You’re scared.

You’re frustrated.

You’re upset

You may even be slightly mad

You want help.

You want to know exactly what to do.

You Want to Find “The One” So You Can Get Married!

She Attracted “The One!”

Now She’s Married with 2 Girls

The Bucks County Dating Scene Can Be Very Difficult When You’re Trying To Find Your “One”

Let’s face it.

People are a bit distracted in Bucks County.

Everyone’s focused on their career.

Everyone’s focused on making money

There are a million options for people to choose from on dating apps.

Someone may say they’re looking for love, but they sure don’t act like it.

Is This You?

✔  You’re NOT interested in going to Bucks County bars, clubs or lounges to pick up men (or women).

✔  You’re NOT interested in one night stands or casual relationships.

✔  You’re looking for love and marriage. 

✔  You’re NOT interested in wasting anymore of your time. 

✔  You’re NOT interested in just dating anyone… 

You want to find “The One!!” 

She Healed Her Love Life Blocks and Is Now Ready to Attract “The One!”

Say ‘goodbye’ to dating apps*

Say ‘no’ to matchmakers*

Say ‘see ya’ to looking for dates everywhere you go!*


* With my method, you don’t have to do any of that!

Do you want to have kids, but are afraid of running out of time?

Maybe you didn’t think much about kids when you were younger, but now it’s constantly on your mind.

You’ve read all about how fertility decreases as you get older – and you’re a bit scared.

Should you freeze your eggs (or sperm)?

Have you waited too long?

Would you raise a kid on our own?

You don’t want to rush into a relationship.

You want to make sure it’s right with the person you’re dating or in a relationship with before you start a family.

But there’s no one good is in your life right now, so what are you to do?

You can’t waste any more time.

Your inner self is saying, “Hurry up, before it’s too late!”

Medical science has come a long way.

There are fertility drugs, great fertility doctors, acupuncture and other ways to conceive, but you know there’s a cut off date to do this before it’s too late.


I can help you get on the path to attracting “The One” right now.

It’s not instant, but most of my clients get quick results.

This all depends on where you are on the path to attracting The One, and how much healing and opening of your heart you need.

As well as how open you are learning a new way of doing things.

Schedule a session today, so we can start working together.

I can help you increase your odds of finding “The One” before it becomes too late.

Work with Buck’s County Best Dating & Relationship Coach

People come to work with me because they are seeking to work with New York’s #1 dating coach.

My service is for you, if:

✔  You’re tired of waiting for “The One.”

✔  You want to be pro-active in drawing love to you.

✔  You want to hurry up and find your soulmate – before it’s too late for you to have kids.

✔  You’re seeking guidance from an expert who has been in your shoes – and who has gotten success in her own love life!

✔  You’re interested in spirituality, psychology and/or self growth.

✔  You love to learn new things – and better yourself.

✔  You want clarity when it comes to finding love — rather than constantly feeling frustrated and confused.

Dating coaching rates start at $1,200 for your first session, and goes up from there when you enroll in a personalized or group program to get expert guidance, healing, teachings and support on a weekly basis to totally transform your love life.

I also offer dating and relationship products at a lower cost, starting at just $33! This is where you can download dating audios, videos or PDF guides and learn on your own.

I am a Dating Consultant for men and women, as well as a Relationship Coach, Intuitive Heart Healer, Psychic Medium, and Marriage and Family Therapist.

I can also clear and heal anything that may be blocking you from finding (or maintaining) a love relationship.

Client Success!

“When I started working with Blaire I was at a bad spot in my love life. I was a few months out of a dysfunctional relationship that lasted on and off for 3 years. … I took the advice I was given, just about 6 months later I began dating the man, literally, of my dreams.”

“Before joining Blaire’s program, I was very anxious about dating and finding the One. I felt very lost and unsure about what the right things to do were and what I should or shouldn’t be doing. Now I feel much more confident, calm, and at ease. I KNOW I will find the One…”

“Our last session was great! It helped me realize how I’ve been sending out really bad signals to men. I’ve been acting very passive and playing a role that isn’t me, in order to get them. …As always, working with you is very inspiring and helps me…thank you!”

“Blaire offers what I’ve been seeking – the honest truth, advice that works, lessons she from her own life, and her intuitiveness, all while being personable. The experience was a breath of fresh air. Lessons are interactive and personalized and help clear the fog of doubt I had…”

“Blaire is an amazing spiritual healer… I had two sessions with her so far and she totally sensed what it was that was the next step for me to take in order to further stand up for myself and live even more who I am…”

Get In Touch

The best way to reach me is via email.

guru at loveguru dot net

Please allow 24 hours Monday-Friday for a response.


Break Out of the Dating & Relationship Matrix

You’re not supposed to go about finding love or being in a relationship like you’ve been programmed (brainwashed) to do by movies, tv, and society.

I break you out of the dating, love, relationship, and life illusions you’ve been lead to believe, and instead, align you with truth.

This is a journey of healing all the ways you’ve been programmed by your family, society, and the media, as well as healing your mental, emotional, and childhood wounds.