Stop Trying To Wake People Up


“Stop Trying To Wake People Up! Do This Instead”

“Covid”… the “vaccine”… the “wild” fires in Hawaii/Canada/etc… Israel/Palestine….

(fill in the blank with the current catastrophe)

It’s the latest and greatest distraction and once again, those who are “awake” are swept up by it.

If you’re newly awakened, then okay, I understand, you’re trying to get others to see the corruption.

But if you’ve been awake for awhile, then you are supposed to be MOVING ON.

There are OTHER things for you to do…

… like getting into your power.

… like fighting back (not with guns!)

…like creating a new and better world.

But the problem is, most “awake” people don’t know how to be in their power.

As a collective, we’re in new territory.

People are lost.

Most of us have been programmed since birth to be weak.

To be out of our power.

To focus on other people.

Most of our relationships are unhealthy.

Most people are suffering from codependency.

Most people have done zero inner work.

Most people are addicted to drama.

Most people have tons of mental and emotional baggage.

Class Details:

Want to learn what to do if you’re NOT trying to wake people up?

Want to learn how to get into your power?

Want to learn how to rise above the bullshit?

Want to learn how to exit the system?

Tired of complaining or cursing the government and the media?

Tired of feeling helpless, hopeless, and like a victim?

Tired of feeling sad, mad, and/or frustrated?

Tired of watching one catastrophe happen after the next?

Tired of waiting for people to wake up, so this craziness will finally end?

There IS another way.

Let’s Get Real:

If you have been awake since the con/covid started 3 1/2, almost 4 years ago(!) you’ve most likely been trying to wake people up since then.

If you were awake BEFORE the con happened 4 years ago, then you’ve most likely been trying to wake up those around you for MANY years.

Are you tired of, year after year, trying to do the same damn thing?!

It’s crazymaking!

Tired of seeing little to nothing change?

Tired of wasting your precious life force energy?

Tired of talking about the same things over and over again…when no one is really listening? Or they just don’t care.

Tired of going around in circles?

Putting your life on hold?

Being lost in some weird in between holding pattern where nothing much changes?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting to get a different result.

You’ve probably quoted this to other people.

Well, now, I’m saying it to you.

Stop trying to wake people up.

Book this training for you and your group to learn a new way of being in the world…

a way that gets results…

and moves you forward in your life…

and makes you feel good about yourself.

Rather than constantly being blocked…

Talking when no one is listening…

Getting no where…

Wasting your time and energy on people who don’t give a shit.

Wasting your time and energy on people who may NEVER wake up at all.

You have more important things to do with your life.

Let me show you the way.

Blaire is a light on fire!

She’s articulate, knowledgeable and informed!


The information I share in this class may be looked at as controversial. It may bump up against your long-standing beliefs and how you see (or rather, have been programmed to see) the world.

The information shared at this class may upset you, confuse you, frustrate you or make you angry. It will also educate, enlighten and empower you. I will be guiding you through the awakening process and having different thoughts and emotions come to the surface (to be processed) is all part of the experience.

With that said, if you want support during your awakening and transformational journey, I am here for you, but since this is just a 1 hour event, you will have to book a session with me, come to other events, schedule NWO trainings for you and your group, or purchase audios off my site that will help you. In all of my work, I share tools, techniques, teachings, and healings to help you have a more enjoyable experience. Would you rather know the truth, even if it rattles you a bit, so you can understand what’s really going on in the world, and then take steps to fix it? Or would you rather continue to live a life that is based off of lies, manipulation, and control? More info on further resources and trainings can be found here:

Blaire brings insightful and thought-provoking discussion of current events, healing techniques and how to be an activist without getting immersed in the culture of fear and reactivism.

Her approach is different than other spiritual teachers, and she offers down-to-earth advice about how to use spiritual teachings to effect real change, heal our ingrained programming, and move into our power.

About The Love Guru Blaire

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Dating & Relationship Expert, Marriage & Family Therapist, Teacher of Truth, De-Programmer, Awakened Warrior

For over 20 years, I have been guiding individuals to heal and clear their mental, emotional and childhood wounds, and all the ways they’ve been programmed by their friends, family, society and the media.

I guide you in stepping out of illusions and into truth.

Everything we’ve been taught here on Earth is a lie. The truth is, since birth, we’ve all been programmed/brainwashed/indoctrinated.

As an emotionally, mentally, and spiritually mature adult, it is your job to get de-programmed. This is what I help you do.

Once you are clear of this internal “gunk,” you are able to see the world as it really is, rather than through a distorted lens of false beliefs and lies.

For over 11 years, I have been studying and teaching about the New World Order, corruption, and how to be a leader who leads in truth, honesty, integrity and for the good of all.

Featured in over 100 media outlets – The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, CNN, MSNBC, Montel Show, Glamour Magazine, The Guardian UK, and more.

“Blaire is passionate about the work she does.

It’s inspiring and her energy is infectious.”

Amazing and thought provoking!

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This event is for entertainment purposes only. By attending, you understand and agree you are expected to do your own research, come to your own decisions, and that you are responsible for your own actions. Anything that happens to you or does not happen to you from following the information shared at one of Blaire’s events is your responsibility and your responsibility only. You release Blaire and all others who attend these events for any and all consequences that happen in your life.

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Attendees to this training should contact their attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular legal matter. No attendee of trainings should act or refrain from acting on the basis of information at the trainings without first seeking legal advice from counsel in the relevant jurisdiction. Only your individual attorney can provide assurances that the information contained herein – and your interpretation of it – is applicable or appropriate to your particular situation. Attendance of trainings or any of the links or resources shared at trainings do not create an attorney-client relationship between the attendee or user and training presenters and contributors. 

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Blaire’s energy is attractive and infectious!

I always learn so much from Blaire!

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