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You Clean Your Home and Office on a Regular Basis… 


You Want to Clean The Energy of Your Home and Office Too!

Why Clean The Energy Of Your Home And Office?

To increase productivity
To increase profitability
To increase peace
To get rid of entities/ghosts/bad energy
To create a more relaxing environment
To attract love
To make your home/office feel good again after a fight/altercation
To make more money
To welcome in new clients
So things run smoothly!
To wash away people’s energy (of your employees, clients, and entities!)
And much more!


Book an appointment and experience the difference for yourself!

Some Benefits Of Space Clearing For Your Home And Office:


1. Increase Productivity, Peace and Profitability


At The Office:

How would you like your employees to be more productive?  How would you like your business to bring in more money?  How would you like the work day to flow with ease and grace?  Would you like your work place to feel more peaceful?  For everyone to get along?  The more peaceful your employees are, the happier they will be, the more productive they will be and the more sales you will make!


For Your Shop/Store/Restaurant:

The more peaceful and welcoming your shop/store/restaurant is, the more customers will like to come visit, the happier they are when they are in your shop/store/restaurant, which means they’ll come more often, they’ll refer more people — and the more money you will make!


For Your Home:

The same information I posted above applies for your home if you work from a home office. Additionally, you want your home to feel loving and welcoming.  Peaceful.  The better energy you have in your home, the more energetically clear it is, the more opportunities you easily welcome into your life.  This could be the welcoming in of friends, new job opportunities, better job opportunities, better health, happier relationships, a loving and sexy love life, a releasing of your old self, a releasing of things that are blocking you from getting what you want from life.  During your session, we can talk about what you are looking to clear out of your life or what you are looking to manifest and then I will tailor the energy clearing to support your intention and to bring you success.

2. Clear Out Energy That’s Effecting You/Your Employees/Your Business

Every time someone comes into your home or office, they leave energetic imprints of themselves.  That means if they are walking around feeling sad, depressed, frustrated and mad, well, congrats! (I’m being sarcastic here) because they just left some of that energy at your home or office!  Who wants someone else’s energy hanging around THEIR home or office?  Who wants some of someone’s sadness, loneliness, frustration, anger or depression?  Yuck!  Not me!  And I’m sure not you either!  Energy clearing gets rid of the nasty energy people have left behind.

At The Office:

Your employees go through a variety of emotions on any given day (it’s only natural!).  They may have ups and downs of feeling happy, sad, frustrated and mad.  They may even have the energy of boredom and apathy.  Whatever emotions your employees are feeling on a daily basis, it’s great to have a daily or weekly reset so that energy doesn’t linger.  When you’re dealing with business, you ONLY want emotions of happiness, success, excitement, hopefulness and peace to fill your space.  Good energy breeds good energy.  (The same is true for negative emotions!  That’s why you want to have an energy cleaning of your space!)


For Your Shop/Store/Restaurant:

With so many people coming in and out of your shop/store/restaurant on a daily basis, you’re going to have so much conflicting energy in your space!  People leave behind their worries, their fears, their sadness.  This is terrible energy to have lingering around your place of business!  You want the space to feel welcoming, happy, successful, and peaceful.  This way when people enter your shop/store/restaurant they feel they are in a special oasis.  The more of an energetically welcoming experience you can give people, the more they’ll come to visit, the happier they’ll be, the more they’ll buy and the more money you’ll make! 


For Your Home:

The same applies for your home as I shared above.  In addition to that, you want your home to feel peaceful.  Happy.  Your special place.  When there are fights in the home amongst family members or with you and your spouse, it leaves a dark cloud over your home that’s not conducive for happy and successful relationships. Hey, people have problems.  We all have arguments.  We all get upset.  But if you want to foster an environment where you have loving relationships, it’s best to get an energetic clearing of your home on a regular basis, so you can clear out the old energy and only keep the positive energy in your space.

3. There Are So Many Benefits Of Space Clearing Sessions!

When you book your energy clearing session, tell me what you’re looking to accomplish, and we’ll make it happen.  Energy clearing sessions have so many benefits, it would be impossible to list them all here.  But just for the fun of it, I’ll list a few more here…

If you’re suffering from poor health, space clearings can help get rid of stagnant and sick energy to support your body in healing quicker.

If you are suffering from a breakup or a domestic fight, space clearings can help get rid of that terrible energy cloud of anger, frustration, and sadness that comes along with heartbreak.  It’s important to clear this energy asap, so that it doesn’t effect every other area of your life (as it does!)

If you’re looking to attract love, energy clearings can get rid of old relationship and stagnant energy from your space, as well as help you welcome in new love into your life.

If you’re going through a breakup or divorce,  space clearings help get rid of your ex’s energy, so it’s not lingering in your home anymore and you can more forward quicker and easier.

If you’re just opening a business or want to bring in more money, energy clearings can get rid of your old business identity, clear away failure/low sales and “not enough” thinking that’s effecting your business, as well as stagnant energy from your space. It can also bless your business and bring in money and clients (This service is available to support your online business/website and social media channels as well!)

If you are looking to sell your home or your business and step into the new chapter of your life, space clearing helps to release your energy from your current residence/office, so it more easily welcomes in a buyer and a new occupant of your old space.  (It also can help you sell your place at a higher rate).

If you are moving out of a home, space clearing helps release your energy from your old home, so that you don’t have anymore energetic ties there and so that you can fully be in the next phase of your life.

If you’re moving into a new home or apartment, energy clearing helps get rid of previous owners energy and this way helps you fill the space with your intentions of good fortune, happiness, love, good health, and prosperity for the space.

Schedule A Space Clearing:


Remote Clearings

Remote clearings start at $550 for 1-2 rooms (home/office)

Approximately 30 minutes (plus 10-15 min phone recap/consult after clearing)

I’m able to do a clearing on your property as well (mention this upon contacting me and getting a price quote)

Space clearings include, but are not limited to: the use of sage, crystals, tibetan bowls, bells, tuning forks, voice healing/singing, mantras, prayers, blessings, and of course, angels, guides, ascended masters, and more. I use whatever I’m guided to use and have found that less is usually better than more.

Purchase is non-refundable and non-transferable and must be scheduled and take place within 14 days of purchase, unless I am unable to get you in my schedule during that time period. If you do not have your clearing within 14 days of purchase, your session/purchase will be forfeited and no refunds will be given. There are no guarantees with this service. I am going in and energetically clearing the space and will share tips with you on how to keep it clean, but keeping your home/office’s energy clean is just like keeping your body clean – you wouldn’t take 1 shower and expect to smell and look nice for days or weeks on end. It’s something that you have to maintain. Also, if I am assisting you with clearing entities/ghosts/etc understand that sometimes they don’t leave the first time this is done, they may be hooked to you and there may be a certain shift that you must do in order for them to leave or there are clearings that need to be done several times in a row. The intention is there on my part, it should also be there for you, and I am going in there and doing a clearing and healing of your space to the best of my ability at the time.

10-15 minute phone recap/consultation included:

When you purchase your space clearing, you’ll receive via email a link to fill out the session agreement and intake form. On that form you can share with me what you are looking to accomplish with your business/home. For example, if you want more customers or to make more money or if you want a more peaceful and calm environment. Or maybe you want to clear out an energy of an ex after a divorce or are just moving into a new home and want the previous owners energy out of there. The energy clearing will be customized to suit your needs.

Then, at the end of the energy clearing, have a notepad and pen to take notes (as well as water near you). I will call you and share with you an energy reading of your home/office – what intuitions I picked up, as well as suggestions on how to keep your office/home energetically clear and continually welcoming in good energy into your space.

During your clearing:

It’s suggested that you sit in silence, meditate, journal or doodle during the time of your clearing. Join me energetically in the space or have the intention to be there. Think of what your intention is for what you want done with your clearing. This will join our energies and turbo charge what you’re looking to accomplish.

For In Person Clearings OR If Your Space is Larger than 1-2 Rooms

Email me at ( guru at love guru dot net ) for a personalized quote. Let me know where you are located, what the issue is, how large the property is, what you want cleared (home/office/property, etc), how often you’d like it cleared, and any other relevant information.

Discounts given for regularly scheduled clearings and realtors and developers seeking for assistance with numerous properties.


It’s suggested you have an energy clearing at least once a week. It’s the same rotation you would use when you hire a maid to come in. You want to keep the energy in your home/office/shop/restaurant nice, happy and clean.

“I know I have said this before but thank you again for everything you have done and continue to do for me.  Your abilities are phenomenal!”

“I felt so holy while you were working on me. I don’t know any other way to explain it. At one point I got a very weird feeling in my energy field. I called in Archangel Michael and he said I was releasing, so I allowed and went with it. It seemed like my 2nd or 3rd chakra area was morphing and releasing. Thank you so much. I was truly healed and relieved of something. You are a very talented healer!”

“You were not kidding about having that tissue and water handy, as I definitely needed it afterward.  After we hung up, I felt suddenly overwhelmed with emotion and could do nothing but sit there and release it…I have been praying for healing, have made healing my intention, and then you the Universe saw fit to bring this energy clearing experience to me. So I thank you wholeheartedly”

“My session was amazing! Blaire picked up things about me that I didn’t even know were effecting my love life. My intention for the session was to release an ex who I have been having a hard time letting go even though we have been broken up for awhile now. Blaire helped me focus on the underlying issues as to why I was holding onto him…”

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