Corporate Trainings Rave Reviews

“Excellent training!”
– Recreation Therapist (Passaic County)

“Very interesting way to communicate”
– Administrations Office Employee (Passaic County)

– Attorney, Prosecutor’s Office (Passaic County)

“Excellent.  There should be more classes like this one.”
– Building Management (Passaic County)

– Equipment Operator, Road Department (Passaic County)

“Very helpful tools!!!  A new take on old problems”
– Child Protective Services (Passaic County)


“Loved the way you presented the material.  Thank you!”
– Police Officer Trainer, Sheriff’s Office (Passaic County)

“The course was helpful”
– Mosquito Control, Health Department (Passaic County)

“The information you shared was very helpful!  Thank you.  Now I have to speak to my manager about some issues we’ve been having on the floor.  Thank you for giving me the tools and the confidence to handle this.  It came at the perfect time.”
– Nurse, Nursing Department (Passaic County)

– Counselor, Social Services (Passaic County)

Speaking Reviews

“It was great having The Love Guru provide love and relationship advice at our Children’s Happy Face Foundations Charity Event benefitting Ronald McDonald House NY and Hudson Valley Chapter of Make-A-Wish Foundation. We’re always looking to add something new and unique to our events and having The Love Guru attend our event turned out to be a very cool concept that was well received by our guests! They loved it and there was a line to speak with her! The Love Guru is outgoing, funny, personable and gives great down to earth love advice with a psychic twist. We look forward to having her at more of our events!” – David J. Lipson, Founding Member, Children’s Happy Faces Foundation

“I really loved hearing your story and I really love your passion and how real you are. It’s refreshing. Thank you.” – Koren, 33, Mahwah NJ

“The talk was a positive experience and rang true with many decisions in my life. I got a feeling of validation that being present is the best practice for me to continue.” – Jennifer, 39, Bergenfield NJ
“Excellent and informative talk.  Thank you for your time, love and energy.  I believe in angels and our own strong spiritual soul and power within. I feel excited but a bit scared too.  Thank you Blaire!” – Dolores, 50, Wyckoff NJ
“Blaire was awesome. So much of what she touched on has also been some of my struggles and I am free of a lot of the world bondage that we buy into.  Thanks for sharing.” – Donna, 50, Hawthorne NJ
“I had a great experience as I have been very intuitive and learning how to listen to when Spirit does talk to me.  Lately I have been really trying to follow my heart in all aspects of my life.  Thank you.”  – Jannette, 39, Glen Rock NJ
“Everything you said makes perfect sense… sometimes you just need to hear it!” – Deborah, 52, Closter NJ
“Blaire’s simple message to do what feels good to be successful in business can be applied to many things in life.”  – Mary, 36, Hoboken NJ
“I strongly believe different opportunities are presented at the right time and there was a reason for me to come this evening which is slowly unraveling.”  – Kristin, 29, Hawthorne NJ
“Blaire’s talk helped me reflect on my connection and faith and trust in God and trust his direction in my business and to know that he will make it happen.” – Kim, 44, Woodcliff Lake NJ

“I love everything Blaire had to say.  I’m feeling very positive and excited to let my spirit guide my business. Let the Spirit guide you (Love it)” – Wanda, 31, Jersey City NJ

“I’m feeling a bit more grounded than I was before the evening began. I love the homework you gave of challenging engrained beliefs.”  – Sarah, 39, Tenafly NJ

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