Corporate NWO Trainings

New World Order Education and Empowerment Trainings for Business Owners, Managers, and Employees

For business owners who want to create positive change in the world

Clear your fears
Get educated
Get into your power
Change the world

The Coronavirus shows us why Corporate Self Development Programs are a MUST.

Dear business owner who is aware of and concerned about what’s happening in the world,

You know something is not right.

You don’t like the changes going on and you don’t support them.

You know that our media lies.

You know that our leaders are corrupt…

And that the government is trying to control and depopulate.

But you feel like your hands are tied.

There are laws you have to follow.

You don’t want to get in trouble.

You don’t want to be fined.

You don’t want to be arrested.

You feel torn.

You want to make a difference in the world.

You know there’s power in numbers.

You know you have to do something before it’s too late.

You want your employees to be educated.

You want to help clear your employees’ (and your own) fears and anxieties.

You want your employees to be empowered.

You want to be more courageous.

You want to be a leader.

You want to be part of a positive change.

I can help you and your employees step into being powerful human beings.

This is what is needed in the world right now.

Is Good Customer Service Having Your Employees Wear Masks?

Are you sacrificing your employees health for the sake of “good” customer service? If so, something is terribly wrong.

Watch the video.

Recorded September 14, 2021

New World Order Educational and Empowerment Trainings

Custom-made teaching, healing and empowering 50-minute long trainings for you and your employees that:

    • Educates you and your employees about the new world order and how it effects you, your rights, your life, and your future. This is a very big topic that I’ve broken down into easy and understandable teachings.
    • Assists in processing and integrating the information.
      Time is allotted to discuss the material, ask questions, and make sure everyone understands.
    • Heals anxieties, fears, worries, and concerns about stepping into powerful leaders.
      The people who are educated about the new world order and the coronavirus hoax (and other hoaxes) going on right now, but are to take action are suffering from anxieties and fears. I will guide you in clearing these within you so you can step into a greater version of yourself.
    • Clears programming, brainwashing, and indoctrination from society, the media, and our family.
      When you are living a programmed (brainwashed) life, and we all have been programmed (brainwashed), your decisions, actions, and thoughts are not your own. Instead, you are just doing what you have been programmed (brainwashed) to do. We have become a society of non-thinking robots, instead of free-thinking human beings.
    • Gives practical exercises on how to move forward.
      People don’t take action because they don’t know what to do or feel their actions won’t make a difference. I will guide you and your employees with pro-active actions that you all can take so that you make positive changes in the world.

You experience true freedom and power when your programming (how you’ve been brainwashed) and your fears are healed and cleared.

Who I Am & Why I’m Qualified to Teach About This:

For over 16 years, I’ve been guiding high-powered executives, entrepreneurs, and celebrities on healing their relationship issues, upgrading their lives, and stepping into greater versions of themselves.

I’m an Intuitive Heart Healer – I have tools and techniques to clear people’s old programming, limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviors, mental and emotional blocks, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, anger, resentment and fear.

I’m also trained as a Marriage & Family Therapist – I have key insights into the psychological workings of your employees, and the skills and training to work with small and large groups/teams, as well as individuals to bring transformational and sustained workplace change.

I’m an avid Researcher – I have studied, questioned, analyzed, pondered, and prayed upon “conspiracy topics” for the last 8 years. The New World Order is real and I will share videos and articles from experts that will clear through the lies and assist you and your employees in stepping into the truth.

I’m a Spiritual Teacher – We’re in a spiritual war right now – a war between light and dark. This is what I have been teaching about for over 16+ years. I can share tools and techniques with you and your employees on how to be powerful warriors of light so the good guys rise. This journey is an internal journey. You need to learn how to clear, heal and deal with your own internal gunk.

Here I am doing trainings for Passaic County New Jersey judges, prosecutors, and other officials at the Passaic County Superior Court.

The Big Picture:

Our world is going through a massive transformation.

This is either for the betterment for society or its detriment.

It’s easier to stop this now before it gets any worse.

The longer it goes, the more momentum it gets.

Humanity’s survival is at stake.

I do not say this lightly.

You are either part of the positive change or you do nothing and watch humanity’s demise.

The Results:

When you bring me in to do a series of trainings,

1 – Your employees, management team, and you will be joining the pack of powerful warriors who are literally saving the world.

2 – You will experience an upgraded your workforce and workplace.

3 – Your employees will be aware of and educated about what’s really going on in the world.

4 – Your employees will have tools and techniques to work through their anxieties and fears.

Because when your employees have these things,

5 – They will live richer, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

6 – They also make your business a more vibrant, creative, profitable, productive, peaceful, etc. workplace. 

7 – Employees who are passionate about themselves and their lives, not only become more enjoyable to be around (greater employee relations and better customer service), but they also become better at serving your clients, your customers, and your company (increased sales).

Learn How To Be Part of The Solution.

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Within 3 SHORT MONTHS, I turned around a troubled retail membership store (events division) that was neglected and lacked supervision for OVER 3 YEARS, that was riddled with employee issues which included but was not limited to low morale, employees goofing off, not working efficiently or productively, employees who had absolutely no customer engagement or sales skills.


• Turned the workplace into a profitable, productive and peaceful club where employee morale and expectations regarding performance standards has greatly risen.

• The team is more cohesive, more interactive, more supportive and team members are excited and eager to come to work to sample, engage and sell, sell, sell!

• Sales have gone up. Sell-outs happen almost every day and by numerous team members.

• Management team is happier because of the increased sales, as well as the more efficient and organized way in which team members work. Everyone is more productive.

Besides all of that, I am in charge of creating systems for and running events (live demos, samplings, roadshows, video demos, etc) and passing on the “how to” trainings to employees.

I assess, recommend, develop and implement solutions to improve store events, as well as improve customer sales and service.

I develop and deliver group classroom style as well as “on the retail floor” trainings. I also provide individual trainings and coaching that inspires, educates and motivates team members as well as increases their confidence, product sales and customer service.

I am the liaison between the marketing company and retail club’s management team and employees. I create and nurture strong relationships with store management, vendors, merchandisers, employees and customers.

I also identify and develop employees special gifts and talents (areas where they excel) and then make recommendations to corporate and do hands on preparation to get candidates ready for promotions.

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NYC and NJ Innovation and Development Consultant, People Expert, Business Intuitive, Therapist

The Love Guru Blaire is Workplace People and Relationship Expert, Business Intuitive who uses her psychic and healing gifts to increase productivity, profitability, and peace in the workplace. She is an Innovation and Development Consultant and Business Intuitive who taps into the c-suites vision for the company and natural gifts to assist them in aligning their business with what comes natural to them and what will provide a positive contribution to humanity and the world. Gone are the days that one does business just for money. We are in a new world and it’s time to build the New Earth. The New Earth runs on principles of truth, honesty, integrity and business that is in support of the highest good of all. Businesses that contribute to the higher consciousness and development of humanity will rise and thrive at this time. She works with NYC and NJ Business Owners, Law Firms, Retail, Restaurants, PR Firms, Marketing Firms, Hotels and Hospitality Businesses, and other Corporations in the New Jersey and New York area. She also travels to other states and countries to provide innovation and development consulting. The Love Guru Blaire provides intuitive guidance and practical business consulting in Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County, Passaic County, New Jersey and Manhattan, Montauk, The Hamptons, Southampton, East Hampton, Long Island, Westchester County, Rockland County, NY.