Heart Healing Intensive

1 Day VIP Heart Healing Intensive

A day focused on your healing, growth and evolution


What is a Heart Healing Intensive?

1 day to totally and completely focus on your healing and growth.

Heart Healing Intensives create massive transformation and accelerated results in a short amount of time.

You’ll experience the healing work, guidance and movement forward that’s equivalent to 2 months of weekly sessions with The Love Guru.


During Your Intensive, You’ll…

  • Be guided in examining, understanding, healing and improving the relationships (or a specific relationship) in your life.
  • We’ll also focus on the relationship you have with yourself.
  • The love life/relationship issues you’re having don’t just effect your love life/relationship, they effect every relationship in your life. They also effect the way you show up in the world.
  • During your Intensive, we’ll take a look at who you are, how you treat yourself and how you develop relationships with others.
  • You’ll uncover how your relationships are healthy or dysfunctional and how you may be repeating patterns or living out karma.
  • You’ll understand how are you giving your power away…
  • And how you are hiding your True Self.


When you do this deep healing work, your whole life gets better because you become aware of where you are selling yourself short in life and not living up to your potential (You get the insight, the healing and the tools to be more powerful)

Intensive Location:

Intensives take place in person or through Skype.

In person intensives are held in a beautiful hotel and/or meditative location perfect for you to get away from your every day worries and take some time to focus on yourself. It is suggested that you stay over at the hotel the night before and the day of so that you can marinate in all the changes. It’s a great way to give yourself the gift of relaxation and being away from it all. This is sacred time to be just with you, developing deeper into more of the real You.

In person intensives are a magical gift you give to yourself.

Virtual intensives take place through Skype in the comfort of your own home. It is suggested that you take a day or two, away from your normal routine to think about and process what you have learned and healed.

After approximately 4 hours, it will be time to rest, and then later implement what was shared.

You will leave with ample notes (which are up to you to take), guidance to read over and consult, as well as exercises for you to implement over the next few weeks.

If you would like The Love Guru to come to you, arrangements can be made.

It’s Impossible To Attract Your Ideal Life Partner,

Have a Deep and Meaningful Relationship (With Anyone),

and Fully Enjoy Your Life,

If You Haven’t Uncovered Your True Self.

The Heart Healing Intensive Will Give You A Blast of Energy in That Direction.


The “1 Day Heart Healing” Intensive Is For You, If…

  • You like the idea of spending a day focused on your healing and growth work – a healing vacation focused just on you!
  • You don’t have time or interest to dedicate yourself to weekly sessions.
  • The issues you’re dealing with are urgent and you need help in working on them and healing them right now… and a one hour session just won’t do.
  • You want a lot of guidance and healing in a short amount of time, so you can quickly clear it and move on.
  • You’ve been dealing with some relationship issues for way too long and you’re eager and enthusiastic about rolling up your sleeves and healing it right now.


Heart Healing Intensives are a great way to dive into what’s bothering you, get tons of insight and healing, so you can clear through what has been blocking you.

The 1 Day Heart Healing Intensive Includes:

4 Hours of Intuitive Heart Healing

Heart Healing Intensives are approximately 4 hours of healing. Please block out the whole day, as we will adjust the schedule based on how the energy is coming through and how much healing your soul can receive. We want to fill you up with insights and higher energy, but not to bombard or overwhelm you, so the sessions and breaks will happen in phases. There will be times for walks and times to rest. Lunch and snacks will be available so you can re-fuel (food and beverage is included).

Intensives, as the word states, are intense with so it’s important that we don’t push the learning and healing. I will monitor energy levels as well as keep in contact with Spirit as to when enough learning, healing and guidance has been achieved.

We will go at a pace that is comfortable to you.

For some people, they end up getting “filled up” with enough energy, education and healing within 2 or 3 hours. If this happens for you, then you will be given the option to complete the Intensive within 2 hours and take the remaining 2 hours as a follow up Intuitive Heart Healing Session via phone to answer questions and help you integrate. (This happens within a day or a few)

The Heart Healing Intensive is Completely Custom To You…

With that said, here are some possible topics we can focus on:


Healing Your Intimate Relationship

Are you fighting with your partner? Is something (or many things) tearing you apart? Or maybe you go through periods of silence. Trying to ignore your partner and the issues, dodging what is really going on. Issues in relationships don’t occur overnight. They don’t come from no-where and they should not take you by surprise. Issues in relationships occur because there is an imbalance within you on how you create and act in your intimate relationship. It’s also related to the wounding you have from childhood. In this intensive, we’ll get to the heart of what is bothering you. You’ll receive action steps of how to move forward, healing and guidance, as well as spiritual and relationship teachings on how to fix the situation.


Healing Your Heart, Clearing Blocks

This is for you, if you’re looking for help on opening and healing your heart — whether from a breakup — or from “always” being single — or from attracting unhealthy relationships. During this Intensive we will dive into what is blocking you from finding the love and the relationship that you desire. We will go deep into healing childhood wounding/scars, unhealthy and unconscious relationship patterns and will teach you how to set up stronger boundaries and create more love for yourself so you attract a partner who honors you too.


Uncovering Your True Self

You have a lot of opinions, a lot of things to say, but you’re afraid to say them. You’re afraid you may offend someone, may hurt someone’s feelings, may cause someone pain. This is not your intention. You’re afraid of saying the wrong thing, of being told you’re wrong, afraid of being told to be quiet. You’re afraid of being criticized or shunned. You don’t want any of this to happen. You just want to express yourself. You want to be fully your true self. You want to be powerful. But you are afraid. Fearful. Anxious. Scared. The focus of this intensive is to clear the blocks to things that are keeping you down. To re-work the relationships around you, so that you are fully supported. To heal those parts of you that are wounded, hurt, and need to be healed — so you can be fully in your power.


Healing Childhood Wounds

The focus of this intensive is healing those childhood wounds that have caused you so much pain. Hating people, holding anger, frustration and resentment is a pattern that will repeat in your life over and over again, until you come to peace with those early childhood relationships. In this intensive we will take a deep dive into healing your childhood wounds, as well as a teaching and re-learning of new and successful ways of how to be in relationships and proper ways to set boundaries so that you’re not always hurt. We will do exercises and you will receive healing energy to release the anger and resentment that you have been holding onto.


Don’t see what you want to work on listed?
I’ll customize a Heart Healing Intensive for you.

Investment in Yourself

Starting at $7,000



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