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Freedom Classes for Gun Owners Who Want To Be Part of The Solution

Got Your Guns Ready…

But Not Sure What Else To Do To Fight for Freedom?

(Recorded May 2022)

Dear Fellow Warrior,

Thanks for holding down the fort and standing for the second amendment.

These things are important, but there’s more to do.

Are you wanting to get more involved in the fight for freedom?

There’s a huge agenda rolling through to disarm Americans.

Are you just watching all these “mass shootings” happening and doing nothing?

Saying to yourself and your buddies, “I’m not sure what I can do.”

Believing the lies?

Watching the destruction continue?

And again… just hanging on the sidelines, while this agenda to ban guns runs through?

It’s great that you have your guns,

but NEWSFLASH! Tyranny is happening all around you – EVERY SINGLE DAY.

There’s more work for you to do.

We need you.

Are you wanting to get involved?

So here’s the deal. I want to share with you what I’ve noticed…

For four years, since the con (covid) began, I’ve heard a lot of gun owners say, “get your guns ready”

And sure that’s fine.

But also over these past four years, the tyranny has been insane.

And I’m NOT seeing gun owners get involved.

I just hear gun owners talk about how they’re ready… locked and loaded.

And also, a lot of gun owners talk about “fighting for freedom” but again, not seeing any involvement or action in the real world.

…And no, I’m not talking about violence of any kind.

So since I’m hearing a lot of hype about “fighting for freedom”…

But not seeing much action...

It makes me wonder a few things…

1 – Are you not seeing what’s going on in America and the world?

2 – Are you unaware of the tyranny? Unsure as to what to look for? Not seeing the signs?

3 – Are you afraid to get involved?

4 – Do you actually understand what the New World Order is? … like truly understand the ins and outs?

(I hear a lot of people say “yes” to this question, yet when I speak to them further, I realize very quickly they aren’t really educated as to what this term actually means – it’s a very big subject!)

5 – Or Are You Just Not Sure What You Can Do to effect real and positive change?

If you want help, I can assist with all of the above.

But first, let me introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Blaire and I’m known as The Love Guru.

I am a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Relationship Expert, Marriage and Family Therapist, De-Programmer and Teacher of Truth.

I teach about the New World Order, which is the depopulation and total control of humanity, that is going on now.

I also help people heal their anxieties and fears, childhood wounds, trauma, and programming

that keeps you small, quiet, and scared of speaking up, being seen and standing up to authority and for what is right…

Constantly complying with tyranny… and most likely, not even realizing it…

I help people step into their power.

And when people are empowered, then they are TRULY ABLE TO STAND FOR FREEDOM and get involved.

So, if you’d like to get involved or get MORE involved in fighting for freedom…

Or if you’d like to step more into your power…

Or if you’d like to understand better the big picture (as well as all the details) as to what is happening every day that is stripping us of our freedom…

(There are so many things you can do EACH DAY to stand up to tyranny)

And you’d like to be part of the solution to the craziness happening in America and the world… 

Then grab a group of your friends and book Freedom Classes.

Freedom Classes

For gun owners who are concerned about what’s happening in the world and want to be part of the solution.

Get educated, de-programmed, empowered, and involved.

Freedom Classes: Trainings for Freedom Loving Gun Owners

Over the last 4 years, since the con began, I’ve been guided to put together trainings for fellow warriors, like you, to help you step into your power, so we can take back our world.

Trainings Include:

1 – An education as to what is really going on.

2 – An understanding and big picture as to WHY it’s happening.

3 – A de-programming of limiting beliefs, fears, and anxieties that are BLOCKING you from creating real change

4 – Healings related to your mental, emotional, and childhood wounds that are keeping you stuck in a loop of fighting a battle that is designed to NEVER END.

5 – Spiritual teachings and guidance on how to STEP INTO YOUR POWER

6 – Support on how to be involved with all of this — in a new and empowered way.

7 – Practical steps on how to create long lasting positive change!

Learn how to be part of the solution.

Stop complaining about the tyranny.

Stop feeling helpless, hopeless, or unsure what you can do…

There are many things you can do EVERY DAY to stop the tyranny!

I’ll show you the way.

Book Trainings:

Contact me for pricing and to book trainings.

I have a slew of trainings related to what is currently going on in the world.

I customize a program for your group related to specifically what you are currently struggling with and concerned about.

I am located in Eastern PA and travel to you, wherever your group is located.

Trainings are also available remote/online.

For pricing and to book trainings, send an email to the love guru blaire at gmail . com

In your email, include your answers to the following:

1) Date or dates you’re interested in booking

2) Would you like your trainings to be done online or in person (and if so, where is the location?)

3) Name of your organization or company, if applicable. If not applicable, what is the common bond/connector between the people in your group?

4) How many people will be attending trainings?

5) What you are looking to get out of trainings/topics you’re interested in learning and what you, as a group, are struggling with related to the chaos happening in the world.

6) Please include your phone number and the best time to reach out.

Thank you for your interest in Freedom classes. I will give you a call to discuss.


The information I share in these trainings may be looked at as controversial. It may bump up against your long-standing beliefs and how you see (or rather, have been programmed to see) the world. The information shared in trainings may upset you, confuse you, frustrate you or make you angry. It will also educate, enlighten and empower you. I will be guiding you through the awakening process and having different thoughts and emotions come to the surface (to be processed) is all part of the experience. With that said, I will be with you every step of the way during your awakening and transformational journey. I will share tools, techniques, teachings, and healings to help you have a more enjoyable experience. Would you rather know the truth, even if it rattles you a bit, so you can understand what’s really going on in the world, and then take steps to fix it? Or would you rather continue to live a life that is based off of lies, manipulation, and control?

Learn How To Be Part of The Solution.

About The Love Guru Blaire

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Dating & Relationship Expert, Marriage & Family Therapist, Awakened Warrior, De-Programmer, Teacher of Truth

For over 20 years, Blaire has guided individuals out of illusions and into truth.

Everything you have been taught here on Earth is a lie. The truth is, since birth you have been programmed / indoctrinated / brainwashed.

As an emotionally and spiritually mature adult, it is your job to get de-programmed. This is what I help you do.

Learn how to heal your mental, emotional, and childhood wounds, as well as clear all the ways you’ve been programmed by society, by the media, and by your parents.

Once you clear this internal “gunk” you are able to see the world as it really is, not through a distorted lens of false beliefs and lies.

Featured in the NY Times, LA Times, CNN, MSNBC, Glamour and more.

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