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The Love Club

Monthly Manifestation Program with Weekly “Putting It Into Action” Exercises

Fun, light, and flirty activities to help you

attract more good things in your life!

This program is for men and women. You’ll benefit whether you are single or in a relationship!

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”

Learning the concepts I teach can give you a “high” but once you leave the space of learning, it’s easy to get back into your old thinking patterns and habits.

The Love Club was created to bring more love into your life, bring you more fun and aid in your spiritual development.

Your everyday habits can bring you more happiness, more money and more love.

You’re invited to join The Love Club!

The Love Club is a monthly manifestation program, where each week you get a new exercise of something that’s EASY, SIMPLE, FUN and SOMETIMES FLIRTY for you to do out in the world.

The idea is to learn a new way for you to BE in the world – and – a new way for you to interact with people that will stir up CRAZY, AMAZING, AWESOME ATTRACTION ENERGY! 

Here’s How It Works:

The habits you do every day are what bring success to you in life. It’s the SMALL things that produce BIG results.

When you’re enrolled in The Love Club, each week, through email, you’ll get a new Love Challenge.

Doing the Love Challenge will something you’ll want to (or at least try to…) incorporate into your life every day for that week.

All Love Challenges will be light, fun and flirty.

Some will be related to dating and bringing more men or women into your life.

Side note: The Love Club is for ANYONE, single or in a relationship, man or woman!

It’s about learning how to stir up good energy in your life and having more FUN!

Other “Love Challenges” will be related to stepping out of your shell.

But most of all, The Love Challenges will be related to the LOVE you have for YOURSELF and the LOVE you have for YOUR LIFE.

Your role will be to do the Love Challenges and if you want to take the experience deeper, you are to journal about the thoughts and feelings that were stirred up by doing the Love Challenges, what shifted and changed, as well as the successes you have!

This is how you make spiritual growth and manifesting fun!

And to celebrate all your changes, and keep you accountable, you are welcome to email your results back to me each week!

But Wait! Before We Go Any Further, Let’s Do A Quick Lesson on How The Universe Works!

Lesson 1: We are all made up of energy.

Lesson 2: Since we are made of energy, we each vibrate at different frequencies.

Lesson 3: The faster you vibrate, the more GOOD THINGS you attract to you!

It’s that simple!

You can stop working sooo hard for everything you want in life!

If you learn how to increase your energy and raise your frequency, you will effortlessly draw good things into your life, now!

No effort required.

You just go out and have fun!

And it takes just 5 minutes each day!

Are you ready?

I’ll show you easily what to do!

PS: Are you having trouble taking the leap and enrolling right now?

You have to understand that it has been our upbringing – and our programming – that has been trained (brainwashed) us to believe that we have to work hard to get what we want in life. You have to suspend this negative thinking in order to try something new. Enroll in the program today and I’ll show you those new things to do.

PSS: Let me tell you the story of how I discovered this information

In 2004, I was fed up and frustrated with my love life. I was working as a dating coach at the time and helping other singles find love, but couldn’t get it right for myself, so I asked God to show me the way.

The guidance that started coming through were exercises – activities – fun, goofy things that I am now sharing with you through The Love Club.

They were silly things really. Stuff that made me laugh. Some put me out of my comfort zone, but I did them.

And each time I did them, even with me just planning and thinking about how I’d do the exercises – I’d start smiling and laughing and feeling good. I was really happy. So at the time I thought it was just a way to make me happier.

Showing me a way to have more fun with life and people.

But then more things started happening! The things that I was dreaming about started materializing. Just. Like. That. I was attracting more men to me. I was getting invited onto major TV networks to do interviews. I was in the spotlight. (these were MY dreams – of course, yours can be different and will start happening too!)

I was not working harder or putting out any physical effort to make my dreams happen, they were just happening! Because of the exercises I was doing! (I learned later, the reason why all this great stuff was happening but in order for the manifestation to happen I didn’t need to mentally understand it!) I saw that they worked! Over and over again! So I just kept doing them!

And now I share those fun, easy, simple exercises with you!

The Love Club

Manifest More Love, Happiness and Success with Fun, Easy Weekly Exercises

Option 1: Standard Enrollment

Includes access to manifestation program on a monthly basis,
where you get emails with Love Challenges on a weekly basis that
will be fun and easy and draw good things to you.

And if you’d like to be witnessed,
you’re welcome to email to email me your shifts, awarenesses and successes!




Option 2: VIP

Includes everything that Option 1 has,
plus 1 (50) minute private phone healing session with Blaire each month
(a $600 savings!)


* You will be charged every 30 days on a monthly basis. All sales are final and there are no refunds. There are also no refunds or credits given for partial months. Cancel anytime simply by going into your PayPal control panel and clicking “cancel” on the subscription. If you leave the Club and then come back, you will automatically be started with the first lesson again. If you email your shifts, awarenesses and successes, know that I read every email, but will probably not reply. I will be there to witness your transformation. If you enroll in Option 2, which includes a private session with The Love Guru, this is a 50 minute session. It is your responsibility to contact me to schedule your session. You must allow at least two weeks for me to fit you into my schedule. Sessions are done during the hours of 8AM-6PM EST. If you do not contact me to schedule your session with at least two weeks in advance, you forfeit your session and it will not be carried over to the next month. Email support in between sessions is not included. Bring whatever questions, issues, etc you want guidance and healing around to your monthly call.

When you purchase, please allow 24-48 hours Monday-Friday EST to receive access to the program. When you get access, you will receive notification in your email, so make sure you to check your spam folder if you do not see it within this time frame. If you have any questions or issues with your purchase, please email or call for assistance. Your email will be responded to within 24 hours M-F.

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"You really gave me a lot to think about, and I like the way you don't think the way most of our society does..."

“Thank you for the great "Heal The Root Of Your Illness or Disease" workshop today! The class was intense! I loved how you spoke to everyone!” - Nora

"Blaire teaches spirituality in an easy manner. Her 17 Ways To Raise Your Vibration made an immediate and lasting positive impact. I am taking steps to use her techniques in my daily life to improve and heal myself for long term happiness."

“After a recent breakup I felt lost and unsure about everything. I was miserable. A friend who had used some of Blaire’s other products told me about “Embracing A Breakup." I bought it and listened right away. I started to do the exercises and after a week or two I really started to feel better. I recovered from the breakup and am ready for my next relationship. I feel ready for a better relationship too.”

"Blaire's 17 Ways To Raise Your Vibration guide was very informative and helpful. I like that the list is, as she said, small baby steps you can take to grow one step at a time. Nothing in itself is difficult or inconvenient, and some of the suggestions I would have never thought to try!"

"Thank you so much for your time and energy today at the "Heal The Root Of Your Illness or Disease" workshop. I really enjoyed it! I hope to work with you in the future. I’m going to start planning and preparing for a private session." - Andi

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