You’ve Been Programmed! (Family)


THIS IS ONE CLASS IN THE SERIES OF NEW WORLD ORDER LEADERSHIP TRAININGS I created 3+ years ago when the con began. You can book the training for your group as a stand alone class or pair it with other trainings in the series.

These trainings have been created for those who want to be part of the solution. For those who want to step into the light, the truth, and tear down the corrupt structures that have inhabited our world for too long. These trainings educate, heal, de-program, guide, and support you and others who want to step into positions of power. For those who are feeling called to be leaders in this new world we’re creating and who desire to lead in truth, honesty, integrity and for the good of all.

“You’ve Been Programmed! The Negative Effects Of Your Family

Learn how your childhood programming and unhealed childhood wounds are preventing you from experiencing true freedom.

You’ve been mind controlled.

There’s no doubt about it.

Sit down.

Shut up.

Do what you’re told.

Respect authority.

This may have worked well when you were a child,

but now it’s a major disadvantage to you when you’re trying to experience freedom

(from the tyrannical government, plus more!)

Blaire brings insightful and thought-provoking discussion of current events, healing techniques and how to be an activist without getting immersed in the culture of fear and reactivism.

Her approach is different than other spiritual teachers, and she offers down-to-earth advice about how to use spiritual teachings to effect real change, heal our ingrained programming, and move into our power.

In This Training,

1 – You’ll understand what true freedom means (It’s not what you think!)

2 – You’ll learn how you’ve been living in a prison of your own mind

3 – You’ll uncover the 3 areas of your life where you’ve been programmed by your family and how it’s negatively effecting you on a daily basis! (Can anyone say mind control?!)

4 – You’ll understand how your mind works and how you were sooo very easily programmed as a child… and if you have kids, how you’re doing the same dirty deeds to them too! (Oh, no, please stop! This training will give you insights into how to do that)

5 – You’ll get key insights into how your family/parents have programmed you.

6 – You’ll see how your parent’s programmed views of you and how this world works are negatively effecting you and your life!

7 – You’ll gain clarity and healing around all the areas where you’ve been negatively programmed.

9 – You’ll get guidance on how to replace your negatively programmed beliefs.

10 – You’ll learn how your family’s programming is negatively effecting your ability to stand up to tyranny and step into freedom.

11 – By attending this training, you’ll step into being a more powerful human being.

Amazing and thought provoking!

While exposing corruption, uncovering truth, and standing up for freedom are popular topics these days, most do not tackle it the way I do. Finding freedom is an internal job.

Come to class and I’ll guide you!


This training is not about finger pointing, complaining, bible prophesy, or doom and gloom. Instead it’s about:

1 – Getting educated as to what is really going on (minus the misinformation and disinformation)

2 – Doing the inner work where you heal and clear whatever is holding you back (anxieties, fears, childhood wounds, programming)

3 – Standing in your power and standing up for freedom

4 – Getting support in taking action and being part of the solution

“Blaire is passionate about the work she does.

It’s inspiring and her energy is infectious.”

This class is for you, if:

– You’re a truth seeker. You love learning the truth and can’t get enough of it.

– You’re curious and have an open mind.

– You’re sensitive, in touch with your feelings, and a deep thinker.

– You have a warrior spirit, a love for humanity and believe in doing what is right.

– You know about the corruption happening in the world, you don’t like it, and you want to stand up for what’s right.

– You want to be part of the solution, but you may not know “what to do,” “how to do it,” or you may have anxieties or fears that are holding you back from stepping up and standing out.

This class is NOT for you, if:

– You have a love for or loyalty to the government, political system, pharmaceutical industry, educational system, healthcare/medical system, the entertainment field, etc. You refuse to hear that anything is wrong with these industries and you get angry when people talk about these things – they’re not experts, they know nothing about the field, they should shut up, you don’t want to hear about it.

– You are not interested in learning about or talking about the corruption happening in the world. There’s nothing you can do about it. You do what you can (like maybe vote) and you’d rather just focus on your own life and have fun.

– You don’t like thinking about anything for too long and you don’t like sitting around feeling your feelings. You’d rather just carry on with your life and do what needs to be done.

– You like to be positive and talk about happy things. You can’t stand when people talk about negative or depressing things.

– You think the covid injection is God’s great gift to the world.

– You hate hearing about conspiracy theories… what a bunch of nuts!

Blaire’s energy is attractive and infectious!


The information I share in these trainings may be looked at as controversial. It may bump up against your long-standing beliefs and how you see (or rather, have been programmed to see) the world. The information shared in trainings may upset you, confuse you, frustrate you or make you angry. It will also educate, enlighten and empower you. I will be guiding you through the awakening process and having different thoughts and emotions come to the surface (to be processed) is all part of the experience. With that said, I will be with you every step of the way during your awakening and transformational journey. I will share tools, techniques, teachings, and healings to help you have a more enjoyable experience. Would you rather know the truth, even if it rattles you a bit, so you can understand what’s really going on in the world, and then take steps to fix it? Or would you rather continue to live a life that is based off of lies, manipulation, and control?

This Information Is Censored!

You won’t find the information I share in these trainings on TV, in the media, or by our corrupt leaders. BECAUSE IT’S CENSORED! They don’t want you to know the truth. But I do. Because truth is power. And they don’t want you to be powerful. But I do!

Blaire is a light on fire!

She’s articulate, knowledgeable and informed!

This is a foundational classes.

Why are pre-requisite classes are a must?


Reason #1: The ability to understand and accept the truth.

During the course of these Freedom Classes/New World Order Leadership Trainings, I’m going to be sharing some “unbelievable” and “outrageous” material with you. When our mind hears something that is completely opposite to what we previously thought or heard to be true, we automatically reject it, because its scary for our beliefs to be challenged. Your mind may end up mocking the material. You may be overwhelmed by it, confused by it or just ignore it. But in order for you to BE A LEADER IN THIS WORLD and to powerfully stand up for freedom, it’s important that you learn what’s really going on in this world (i.e. the truth). So to support you in this awakening process, I take you step by step down the rabbit hole of truth in a safe, kind and loving manner where I’m able to answer your questions and be there for you.

Reason #2: The ability to fight for the light, not be used by the dark.

Many people out there think they know what is going on and what is the truth and they are strong activists. But the sad part is that they think they are “fighting for the light,” when in reality they are fighting for darkness and the agendas put forth by our corrupt government, media, etc.  I want you be to able to fight for the light, rather than be used by darkness.

Reason #3:  The ability to actually stand up for freedom, rather than just talk a good game.

If you agreed to wearing a mask during the con (covid), getting your temperature checked, taking covid tests, getting the “vaccine,” closing your business during the scam, putting up plexiglass, etc, and use the excuse that you “had to,” even though you didn’t want to or you knew something was shady about what was going on, then you’ve already failed in your “fight for freedom.” Many people talk a good game, but when it comes time to stand up for freedom, they’re not actually able to do it. To help you heal and clear mental and emotional baggage, childhood wounds, and ways you’ve been programmed that are keeping stuck as a victim of circumstance and disempowered into a place of being a powerful leader in this world who’s here to positively impact humanity.

About The Love Guru Blaire

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Dating & Relationship Expert, Marriage & Family Therapist, Teacher of Truth, De-Programmer, Awakened Warrior

For over 20 years, I have been guiding individuals to heal and clear their mental, emotional and childhood wounds, and all the ways they’ve been programmed by their friends, family, society and the media.

I guide you in stepping out of illusions and into truth.

Everything we’ve been taught here on Earth is a lie. The truth is, since birth, we’ve all been programmed/brainwashed/indoctrinated.

As an emotionally, mentally, and spiritually mature adult, it is your job to get de-programmed. This is what I help you do.

Once you are clear of this internal “gunk,” you are able to see the world as it really is, rather than through a distorted lens of false beliefs and lies.

For over 10 years, I have been studying and teaching about the New World Order, corruption, and how to be a leader who leads in truth, honesty, integrity and for the good of all.

Featured in over 100 media outlets – The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, CNN, MSNBC, Montel Show, Glamour Magazine, The Guardian UK, and more.

General Release:

This event is for entertainment purposes only. By attending, you understand and agree you are expected to do your own research, come to your own decisions, and that you are responsible for your own actions. Anything that happens to you or does not happen to you from following the information shared at one of Blaire’s events is your responsibility and your responsibility only. You release Blaire and all others who attend these events for any and all consequences that happen in your life.

Cancellation Policy:

All tickets final. No refunds or transfers.

Audio/Visual Release:

This event may be recorded. Please be advised that by signing up for this event you are giving irrevocable consent to being photographed and/or audio recorded and/or videotaped. You also irrevocably consent that any recorded images and audio from this event may be used and reproduced in any and all media now known or hereafter devised for the purchase of including publicity, advertising and sales and to sell, distribute and otherwise profit from the use of your voice, statements, likeness and images.

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