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NYC & NJ Innovation and Development Consultant

Business Intuitive & Therapist The Love Guru Blaire

Innovation Consultant from NYC – Will travel up to your state or country

For over 15 years, I have been working as a professional Intuitive Heart Heart Healer, Psychic Medium, Dating and Relationship Expert. I am also trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist. I have been featured in the NY Times, MSNBC, Montel Show, Glamour, Guardian UK and much more.

Clients come to me for love life and relationship advice.

Rise and Thrive as a Business of the New Earth:

It’s no secret that the Coronavirus has changed the world.

It’s also changed the way that businesses operate.

Your business is either going to fail, falter, or give into more government regulations and control that will not only smother you, your employees but also repel people from your company.

It’s time to think out of the box.

I can help you, your business, and your employees rise and thrive at this time and into the future.

Visionary Business Consultant in New York City and New Jersey

I am a Visionary Business Consultant.

This means that I use my psychic and healing gifts to help your business re-brand, fix, innovate, change, and transform to suit the needs to customers and business trends now and into the future.

Since I am working in the spiritual and psychic realm, I am not reading business trade magazines, but instead tapping into what Spirit/God/your guides have to say about what would be most in alignment for you and your Soul to offer to the world.

I do this on an individual level for you being the business owner or c-suite executive, as well as on a collective level pertaining to your business as a whole from a higher perspective.

More specifically, my two strongest psychic gifts are that I am clairvoyant which means I can see the future, and I am claircognizant which means I just know things related to what is going to happen, what will work, and what will not.

I help my clients get fast results and can help steer your business into greater success.

Innovation and Development Consultant in New York City and New Jersey

I am an Innovation and Development Consultant, but not in the traditional sense.

We’re in a new world and it’s time to think out of the box.

I am an idea generator.

Some people call me a creative genius and I am known for my unique and out of the box ideas that bring great success.

Again, I am not looking through some statistics and doing hard-core and wasted analysis, but instead, I am connecting and communicating with Spirit/God.

I am tapping into the energy of the Universe and following the guidance of the trends that are now and to come.

I am also connecting with your heart and Soul and guiding you in bringing forth your unique gifts and contribution into the world.

I can not only contribute to re-working your business so it thrives during this time and in the future, but I can assist you tapping into what would really light you up, as passion is what is currency in this New World.

Gone are the days that you do work or run a business just to make money.

The world has shifted into a place where you do what you are passionate about and what contributes to humanity.

I can guide you through the process of self-discovery so your business aligns with your Soul Mission.

New World Order and Cabal Expert in New York City and New Jersey

I am an expert on the cabal’s agenda for the New World Order.

I am well-versed on the cabal’s plans for control and depopulation of humanity.

Whether you’re currently a believer in this or not, it would make sense to at least consult with someone who knows what those with billions of dollars and control over the world have planned for humanity.

This puts you ahead of the curve.

If you know what is planned, you can adjust yourself accordingly.

Not only have I studied this topic extensively, I also get intuitive/psychic downloads as to what they are doing, when, and how.

You probably didn’t know that businesses weren’t going to be able to open for many months, but I did it!

You probably didn’t know that businesses were going to go out of business, but I did!

You probably didn’t know that the economy was going to tank, but I did!

You probably don’t know what’s next, but I do!

Yes, it’s partly because I’m psychic, but it’s also because I know how the cabal works.

I know their plans and therefore I am able to consult as to the next moves for you and your business to make.

Workplace People and Relationship Expert in New York City and New Jersey

I’m a Workplace People and Relationship Expert and excellent at guiding people and companies through quick, profitable, and peaceful transformation.

I’m an Intuitive Heart Healer and for 16+ years have guided high-powered executives, entrepreneurs, and celebrities in clearing their old programming, sabotaging behaviors, mental and emotional blocks, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, anger, resentment and fear. I am known for my quick results in helping people upgrade their lives and become better versions of themselves.

I also have a masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy which is a degree similar to Industrial Organizational Psychology.
I have key insights into the psychological workings of your employees, and the skills and training to work with small and large groups/teams, as well as individuals to bring transformational and sustained workplace change.

Get Started:

We either start now when your business is still up and running.

Or we start when your business has already fallen.

I think it’s best to start now while you already have employees and structures in place that can easily be adjusted.

Reach out now — time is of the essence.

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Within 3 SHORT MONTHS, I turned around a troubled retail membership store (events division) that was neglected and lacked supervision for OVER 3 YEARS, that was riddled with employee issues which included but was not limited to low morale, employees goofing off, not working efficiently or productively, employees who had absolutely no customer engagement or sales skills.


• Turned the workplace into a profitable, productive and peaceful club where employee morale and expectations regarding performance standards has greatly risen.

• The team is more cohesive, more interactive, more supportive and team members are excited and eager to come to work to sample, engage and sell, sell, sell!

• Sales have gone up. Sell-outs happen almost every day and by numerous team members.

• Management team is happier because of the increased sales, as well as the more efficient and organized way in which team members work. Everyone is more productive.

Besides all of that, I am in charge of creating systems for and running events (live demos, samplings, roadshows, video demos, etc) and passing on the “how to” trainings to employees.

I assess, recommend, develop and implement solutions to improve store events, as well as improve customer sales and service.

I develop and deliver group classroom style as well as “on the retail floor” trainings. I also provide individual trainings and coaching that inspires, educates and motivates team members as well as increases their confidence, product sales and customer service.

I am the liaison between the marketing company and retail club’s management team and employees. I create and nurture strong relationships with store management, vendors, merchandisers, employees and customers.

I also identify and develop employees special gifts and talents (areas where they excel) and then make recommendations to corporate and do hands on preparation to get candidates ready for promotions.

NYC and NJ Innovation and Development Consultant, People Expert, Business Intuitive, Therapist

The Love Guru Blaire is Workplace People and Relationship Expert, Business Intuitive who uses her psychic and healing gifts to increase productivity, profitability, and peace in the workplace. She is an Innovation and Development Consultant and Business Intuitive who taps into the c-suites vision for the company and natural gifts to assist them in aligning their business with what comes natural to them and what will provide a positive contribution to humanity and the world. Gone are the days that one does business just for money. We are in a new world and it’s time to build the New Earth. The New Earth runs on principles of truth, honesty, integrity and business that is in support of the highest good of all. Businesses that contribute to the higher consciousness and development of humanity will rise and thrive at this time. She works with NYC and NJ Business Owners, Law Firms, Retail, Restaurants, PR Firms, Marketing Firms, Hotels and Hospitality Businesses, and other Corporations in the New Jersey and New York area. She also travels to other states and countries to provide innovation and development consulting. The Love Guru Blaire provides intuitive guidance and practical business consulting in Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County, Passaic County, New Jersey and Manhattan, Montauk, The Hamptons, Southampton, East Hampton, Long Island, Westchester County, Rockland County, NY.