Corporate Consultant

In addition to offering companies leadership trainings and coaching,

I also act as a trusted advisor providing consulting services to upgrade your workforce and workplace.


In case we haven’t met yet, Hi, welcome!

My name is Blaire and I’m a Leadership Coach and Trainer, Relationship and Communications Expert, and Marriage and Family Therapist. For over 20 years I have been a trusted advisor to high-powered executives and entrepreneurs, guiding them in upgrading their careers, love lives, and lives.

I work with companies who want to be one of “best places to work”

Improve your employees’ leadership skills, communication skills, “people” skills, resiliency, abundance mindset, work/life balance, employee engagement, customer service and sales skills.

How I Can Help You with My Consulting Services: 

1) Book a consult to share the issues/struggles/frustrations you’re having with your employees/leadership team. During the consult, I ask you a bunch of questions, make an assessment of what’s going on, and share guidance on how to fix the issues you’re having. I can provide trainings and coaching.

2) Or, book a consult to share your goals for your workplace, related to your workforce. Maybe you want your employees to become better leaders? More independent? More personable? Resilient? Better at networking, sales, customer service? Maybe you’d like them to improve their communications or people skills? Maybe you’d like guidance on how to make employees happier and/or more loyal? Or, maybe you’d like to offer employee development to position your company as a place where people want to work. There’s a lot of ways I can help you upgrade your workplace.

During a Consult, You Will:

  • Get clarity on how to fix the ROOT of the issues your company is dealing with.
  • You’ll understand WHY the issues are occurring (it may not be what you think!)
  • You’ll get expert advice as to the best plan of action to take – what are the most important issues to tackle first, second, etc.
  • A consult may be needed if I’m creating trainings for your organization and you need time to share your thoughts, ideas, concerns and problems, so I can map out exactly what to cover during my presentations to fix the issues you’re having.
  • You can implement the guidance I share on your own or I’m available to assist so that your workplace gets upgraded quickly and changes are sustained.

Come to your consultation with a paper and pen to take notes. 

4 Steps of a Consultation:


You’ll share the issues you’re having with your employees.


You’ll share your goals for your workforce and workplace.


I’m able to quickly get to the root of what’s going on within your organization.


I’ll share guidance on how to fix and upgrade your workplace.

If you’d like my help in implementing the suggestions made during your consult, I will customize a training(s) and/or coaching package for you (additional cost).

Some Benefits:

My services improve your employees’ emotional intelligence, build empathy, intuition, and increases their people skills, communication skills, and leadership abilities.

90% of high performers

90% of high performers at the workplace possess high emotional intelligence, according to TalentSmart.

20% more revenue

Managers with high emotional intelligence generate 20% more revenue, according to Multi Health Systems study.

Ready To Upgrade Your Workforce and Workplace? 

I offer a 30-minute complimentary phone consultation. This is an opportunity for us to meet and see if we're a good fit. You can share what workplace "people" problems you're having and want help with, as well as your goals. I'll make some suggestions as to how I can help you.

Schedule a Paid Consult:


1 hour

Phone or zoom

Once you sign up, I will forward you an intake form where you can share some details of what workplace "people" problems you're dealing with and what you're looking to achieve. Filling out this form will give me an idea of what's going on within your organization before we meet, so we're able to make the most of our time together.

If you'd like, you can meet with other team members/leaders in your organization to brainstorm, discuss the most pressing issues you want fixed, and fill out the intake form together.

This consult is for you and one other person only (another owner of the business or member of management team).

If you'd like more members of your organization to attend, there's an additional fee of $250 per person. Having many members at a consult is not suggested. Our time together goes fast and the focus is on productivity. The more people present, the more people will want to contribute and we may run out of time. This means things will take longer to get accomplished, which means more consults.

The consultation is non-refundable. Only 1 reschedule is permitted by Client and must be given 24 hours in advance; otherwise your consult fee will be forfeited. No monies will be refunded.

About The Love Guru Blaire:

Corporate Consultant, Leadership Coach & Trainer, Relationship & Communications Expert, Intuitive Heart Healer, Marriage & Family Therapist

For over 20 years, I've been working as a Relationship & Communications Expert, Leadership Coach, and Professional Intuitive, guiding entrepreneurs, c-suite executives, managers, and employees in improving their leadership skills, communication skills, "people" skills, customer service, sales, and more.

I'm able to fix your workplace "people" problems and upgrade your workforce and workplace - quickly.

I increase productivity, profitability, and peace by clearing dysfunction from the corporate culture.

Some examples of dysfunction are:  inefficiency, poor communication, no communication, micromanagement, no training or supervision at all, poor organizational skills, lacking management skills, bad customer service, poor or no sales skills, employee conflict, drama, gossip, and more.

I'm trained as a Marriage & Family Therapist (a degree similar to the Industrial/Organizational Psychology) - I have keen insight into the psychological workings of your employees.

I work with groups, teams, and organizations (large and small), as well as individuals, and look at your workplace issues through a systemic lens. This means I'm able to see how your company's policies, environment, employee-to-employee as well as management-to-employee interactions, and internal/external changes effect your employees individually and collectively, as well as your company as a whole. Then, I propose and implement solutions that are a win-win for everyone.

Throughout our relationship of working together, I'm your trusted advisor supporting you and the growth of your company every step of the way.

I went to The University of Miami for my undergrad studies, where I had a double major in Speech/Interpersonal Communications and Psychology (graduated early with honors) and Nova Southeastern University for graduate school, where I received my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Featured in over 100 media outlets worldwide - New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CNN, MSNBC, TimeOut NY, Montel Show, Glamour Magazine, The Wendy Williams Show, Yoga Journal, The Guardian UK, and more.

Rave Reviews

“Very interesting way to communicate”
– Administrations Office Employee (Passaic County)

“Excellent training!”
– Recreational Therapist (Passaic County)

“The information you shared was very helpful! Thank you. Now I have to speak to my manager about some issues we’ve been having on the floor. Thank you for giving me the tools and the confidence to handle this. It came at the perfect time.”
– Nurse, Nursing Department (Passaic County)

This picture shows me in action during one of the corporate trainings I created and delivered for Prosecutors, Police Officers,  Social Workers, Nurses, and other employees of Passaic County, NJ.

I trained government employees "How To Be More Powerful and Effective Communicators at Work (and Home)" in order to decrease gossip, drama and complaints to HR about co-workers.

“Excellent. There should be more classes like this one.”
– Building Management (Passaic County)

“Very interesting way to communicate”
– Administrations Office (Passaic County)

– Attorney, Prosecutor’s Office (Passaic County)

– Equipment Operator, Road Department (Passaic County)

“Loved the way you presented the material. Thank you!”
– Police Officer Trainer, Sheriff’s Office (Passaic County)

“The course was helpful.”
– Mosquito Control, Health Department (Passaic County)

BJ'S Wholesale Club

Within 3 short months, I turned a troubled club (events division), that was neglected and lacked supervision for OVER 3 YEARS, that was riddled with employee issues which included but was not limited to low morale, employees goofing off, not working efficiently or productively, employees who had absolutely no customer engagement or sales skills and turned it into a highly profitable, productive and peaceful club where employee morale and expectations regarding performance standards has risen.

The team became more cohesive, more interactive, more supportive and team members became excited and eager to come to work to sample, engage and sell, sell, sell!

Besides doing all of that, I was in charge of creating systems for and running events (live demos, samplings, roadshows, video demos, etc) and then passing on the "how to" trainings to employees.

I recommended and implement solutions to improve store events, as well as improve customer sales and service.

Developed and delivered group classroom style as well as "on the retail floor" trainings.

I also provided individual trainings and coaching that inspired and educated, as well as increased their confidence, product sales and customer service.

“Ever since I began working at BJ’s Wholesale Club over a year ago, never before have I had a manager as influential, helpful and positive as Blaire.

Before Blaire, my interactions with BJ members were basic. My sales pitches were lengthy and I had a poor attitude. I rarely sold out of my product and I was easily frustrated, bored and didn't enjoy my job. I was never given any leadership responsibilities or training, even though I kept asking and eagerly wanted to learn. I also had emotional breakdowns every other day and I was scared of losing my job because of them.

However in the course of just 3 months, Blaire has changed all of this. She was different than the other managers. She didn't think I was expendable and she saved me from the one thing I was afraid of - the possibility of losing my job because of my freak outs.

Blaire has taught me a great deal of helpful skills, such as keeping my sales pitch short and sweet, multitasking without mental load, and now I'm able to tackle any demo I'm given. Now I sell out almost every day! Now I'm training under Blaire to be a proper team leader, something I've been dreaming about for a really long time.

I have been free of emotional breakdowns and have learned how to kick some serious butt when it comes to sales. I'm very pleased with how Blaire has shaped me into a model employee and how much I've changed from how I was when I first began. Thank you, Blaire!!!”

Tom - BJ's Wholesale Club

“I've been working this job for 3 years. For that entire time I've been experiencing difficulty with selling and multitasking. For example, I've struggled with cooking the product, selling, and engaging with members. I would watch other specialists and see how comfortable they were with doing this and it wasn't until Blaire came in as the manager 3 months ago that I finally got the help that I needed.

Before sell outs of my product was rare. I wouldn't hit my sales goals and my presentations were lengthy and didn't prompt people to buy. Now I sell out on my product several times a week! I'm able to talk to customers and connect with them rather than talk at them, and frankly, my demos are amazing! Blaire has also been teaching me how to sharpen my leadership skills. I'm learning how to speak up for myself, direct people, speak more powerfully and succinctly and make executive decisions. I'm much better at managing my time.
Before I would easily get distracted. Now I'm learning to focus and accomplish my goals (which is everything!) and my day runs much more efficiently. (Before Blaire came in a lot of time was wasted by the whole team and it was never addressed). Blaire has empowered each one of us. She has motivated and coached us and the whole team has developed beyond what we thought was our potential. I highly recommend Blaire. She brings a lot to the table, much more passion, skills and effort than any job description would require.”

Mary Lou - BJ's Wholesale Club

“Blaire is a manager who really cares about her employees.

She's given me with the leadership skills and confidence to step into a being a manager.

This is something I didn't feel comfortable doing, nor was I ever provided training for this role in the 7 years I worked for the company. She's coached me in speaking up about my concerns to employees and upper management in an empowered way, rather than complaining, being a victim, and creating drama."

Yolanda - Dollar General