Covid Event Agreement


Please read the following and CLICK AGREE at the bottom of the page to PURCHASE YOUR TICKET for the event.

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you do not like the information shared, you will not be issued a refund or credit. You have been warned in advance that this information may challenge your current beliefs and programming.

This class may go against your long standing beliefs, which may include but is not limited to how you view your life, your profession, other professions and how the world works.

Event is kept small so everyone can get personal attention, guidance and healing around this information.

Come with your questions and an open mind. You are coming to this event to learn information that has been highly censored by the media, social media, the government and more.

This event is for those seeking the truth (no matter how bothersome it may be at first or how it may rock your worldview).

I understand and agree that Blaire is not responsible for my mental health, emotional health, physical health or other.

I understand that the information shared at this event may be shocking, upsetting and cause distress. I understand that this is a normal reaction when first learning this information and that it’s up to me to get the necessary help to process the information, as well as to do my own research. I agree that I am responsible for myself and I can leave the event at any time.

This event is for entertainment purposes only.

I understand that Blaire is sharing what she currently believes to be the truth. I also understand that this information is constantly evolving, as is everyone’s consciousness, so what is truth today may have a shift in perspective at a later date. Again, I understand I am to sit with the material and do my own research to come up with what I find to be truth for myself.

This class is about the corruption of our government and leaders. If this is offensive to you, do not sign up.

No cell phones or smart watches at events.

Bring a list of questions of what you are wondering about. Nothing is off limits.

Bring a journal and pen to take notes.

Bring water to help you clear stuck energy and process the material.

Blaire will give assistance during the event to clear anxieties, fears, false beliefs and programming. I understand that it is up to me to express to Blaire at the event that I would like this kind of help if something is coming up that is bothering me.

If at any time you feel you need psychological help, call a mental health therapist to get support. This event does not in anyway take the place of medical or mental health care.

Get In Touch

The best way to reach me is via email.

guru at loveguru dot net

Please allow 24 hours Monday-Friday for a response.

Break Out of the Dating & Relationship Matrix

You're not supposed to go about finding love or being in a relationship like you've been programmed (brainwashed) to do by movies, tv, and society.

I break you out of the dating, love, relationship, and life illusions you've been lead to believe, and instead, align you with truth.

This is a journey of healing all the ways you've been programmed by your family, society, and the media, as well as healing your mental, emotional, and childhood wounds.