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I Fix Your Workplace “People” Problems.

Upgrading Your Workforce and Your Workplace.

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Leadership Skills

“People” Skills


Employee Engagement & Retention

Customer Service & Sales

Most big name companies these days are corrupt.

And if you pay close attention to how these companies run, it’s very clear they don’t care about their people.

Employees are just numbers to them and each one is seen as replaceable.

These are companies that put “profits over people.”

I help companies who value their employees.

Businesses who truly care about their employees.

Who want to develop and nurture them.

Companies who see their business as a way of bringing good into the world .

They are companies that understand that “people are your profits.”

Because as you invest in your employees, your profits naturally grow.

Is your company struggling with any of the following…? 

1 – Are you short staffed? Having trouble finding employees? Have high turnover?

2 – Are your employees overworked? Dealing with burnout?

3 – Do you have managers who are great workers, but have terrible people or communication skills?

4 – Do you want your employees to provide better customer service or be better at sales?

5 – Do your employees waste tons of time talking to one another, not working, on their smartphones, having meetings or not working efficiently which is eating at your bottom line?

6 – Do you want your employees to be more self sufficient and help them develop leadership skills?

7 – Do you have a toxic work environment – managers/employees who are bullies, who gossip and backstab, who are poorly trained, who have little or no communication or people skills? – want help cleaning it up?

8 – Want assistance in creating systems that shorten the sales cycle and make it easier for people to buy? Increasing productivity and profitability.

9 – Do you struggle with work/life balance or in creating that for your employees? Are you noticing burn out, errors and/or health issues?

If you said yes to any of the above, I can help you.

I Fix Your Workplace “People” Problems


Upgrade Your Workforce and Workplace



Improve Your Company’s Productivity, Profitability, and Peace.

People Are Your Profits

“Invest in Your People and Watch Your Profits Grow”

Most Companies Focus on the Logistics of Running Their Business,

While Neglecting Their Relationship with Their Employees.

You run your business different.

Trainings, Coaching and Consulting:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • People Skills
  • Employee Engagement & Retention
  • Customer Service & Sales

Success Stories:

From Tom @ BJ’s Wholesale Club

“Ever since I began working at BJ’s Wholesale Club over a year ago, never before have I had a manager as influential, helpful and positive as Blaire.

Before Blaire, my interactions with BJ members were basic. My sales pitches were lengthy and I had a poor attitude. I rarely sold out of my product and I was easily frustrated, bored and didn’t enjoy my job. I was never given any leadership responsibilities or training, even though I kept asking and eagerly wanted to learn. I also had emotional breakdowns every other day and I was scared of losing my job because of them.

However in the course of just 3 months, Blaire has changed all of this. She was different than the other managers. She didn’t think I was expendable and she saved me from the one thing I was afraid of – the possibility of losing my job because of my freak outs.
Blaire has taught me a great deal of helpful skills, such as keeping my sales pitch short and sweet, multitasking without mental load, and now I’m able to tackle any demo I’m given. Now I sell out almost every day! Now I’m training under Blaire to be a proper team leader, something I’ve been dreaming about for a really long time.

I have been free of emotional breakdowns and have learned how to kick some serious butt when it comes to sales. I’m very pleased with how Blaire has shaped me into a model employee and how much I’ve changed from how I was when I first began. Thank you, Blaire!!!”

From Mary Lou @ BJ’s Wholesale Club

“I’ve been working this job for 3 years. For that entire time I’ve been experiencing difficulty with selling and multitasking. For example, I’ve struggled with cooking the product, selling, and engaging with members. I would watch other specialists and see how comfortable they were with doing this and it wasn’t until Blaire came in as the manager 3 months ago that I finally got the help that I needed.

Before sell outs of my product was rare. I wouldn’t hit my sales goals and my presentations were lengthy and didn’t prompt people to buy. Now I sell out on my product several times a week! I’m able to talk to customers and connect with them rather than talk at them, and frankly, my demos are amazing! Blaire has also been teaching me how to sharpen my leadership skills. I’m learning how to speak up for myself, direct people, speak more powerfully and succinctly and make executive decisions. I’m much better at managing my time.
Before I would easily get distracted. Now I’m learning to focus and accomplish my goals (which is everything!) and my day runs much more efficiently. (Before Blaire came in a lot of time was wasted by the whole team and it was never addressed). Blaire has empowered each one of us. She has motivated and coached us and the whole team has developed beyond what we thought was our potential. I highly recommend Blaire. She brings a lot to the table, much more passion, skills and effort than any job description would require.”

From Yolanda @ Dollar General

“Blaire is a manager who really cares about her employees.

She’s given me with the leadership skills and confidence to step into a being a manager.

This is something I didn’t feel comfortable doing, nor was I ever provided training for this role in the 7 years I worked for the company. She’s coached me in speaking up about my concerns to employees and upper management in an empowered way, rather than complaining, being a victim, and creating drama.

Schedule an Initial Consult

so you can tell me what problems you’re dealing with

and I can help you start fixing them.

Session is 50-60 minutes and is done through the phone.

On the initial consult, I will do an assessment of your current workplace “people” problems and share guidance, channeled messages, as well as practical steps on what you can do now to create positive change.

I offer coaching, consulting and trainings to assist, as well as hands on management. If you sign on as a regular clients, all of this can be done in person.

Session is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Come to your session with a pen and notepad and get ready to interact.

Once you purchase, you’ll be brought to a page to download an intake form where you can start sharing with me the issues you’re having in your business that you’d like me to help fix.

About Blaire:

I’m a holistic, intuitive, empathic, energetic, self motivated, results driven, servant leader that helps forward thinking companies by consulting, coaching and training employees and management in people skills, leadership skills, sales, customer service, and communication skills in order to increase productivity, profitability and peace.

► Masters degree similar to I/O Psych – trained systemic thinker
► Experienced workplace ‘people’ transformation expert (culture change)
► I upgrade your workforce and your workplace
► 20+ years experience helping people step into their next level of success

• My masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy is similar to Industrial Organizational Psychology. I have key insights into the psychological workings of your employees and the skills and training to work with small and large groups/teams as well as individuals to bring transformational and sustained workplace change.

• I have 20+ years experience as a Transformation Coach, Consultant, Trainer. People and companies don’t change because they are stuck in old ways of thinking and being. I have tools and techniques to help people and companies easily and gracefully step out of their comfort zone and into the new.

• I’m a highly creative idea generator. Passionate, hard-working, innovative, extremely intuitive, detail-oriented, enthusiastic, smart person. I’m also a self-starter, motivated, and inspired independent worker who is also a joyful collaborator and enthusiastic team member.

• I have a love for learning and self development and for over 20 years have constantly pursued and succeeded in stepping into greater versions of myself (and help others do the same).

• I’m able to see your employee’s unique gifts and talents that others don’t see or appreciate. I love nurturing people to reach their absolute best. When your employees unique gifts are acknowledged and then properly placed in your organization, you go from having employees who are checked out or just getting by to having stellar employees who are 100x’s more motivated, productive, joyful, loyal and profitable!

• I have 15+ years experience creating and delivering employee and management sales, customer service, people skills, communications & leadership trainings and workshops.

• 20+ years providing coaching to individuals and groups/teams.

• 20+ years experience in sales, marketing, promotions, public relations, event planning and event management in NYC, NJ and Miami.