"Are You Fed Up and Frustrated With Being Single?" 

"Tired of Looking For Love And Just Want To Be With "The One?"

"Sick Of Asking Friends To Match You Up?

Dreading Another Blind Date?"
Have You Tried Many Things To Find "The One" With Minimal Success?

Let me tell you something --

Stop Doing The Same Things
Over and Over Again,
If They're Not Bringing You Love Life Success.

"I'll Teach You How To Easily, Effortless, and Naturally Attract "The One" To You
Rather Than Searching Everywhere For Him or Her
What I Teach Works
(I know, because I used to be where you are)


The ONLY Manifestation Program On How To Attract The One You Will Ever Need

This Program Heals Your Past Relationship Pain,

Clears Your Blocks,

Heals Your Unhealthy Thought Patterns About Love,
Releases Sabotaging Behaviors, and

Gets You Attracting "The One" -- Right Away!

(Please note:  There's no need to rush through the program in order to attract love.  As soon as you sign up, you'll start shifting, changing and attracting "The One."  As you'll learn, when you partner with The Universe things can happen quickly.  Many people have attracted "The One" while at the beginning and middle of the program and that can happen for you too. 

​​​​​​Here's My Story -- How I Discovered This Information!

Back in 2004 I was sick and tired of being single.  For years I would (on and off) go to singles events.  For years, (on and off) I had my profile on dating sites.  I would ask friends to match me up.  I used to ask family members if they knew anyone who would be good for me.  Anything that came into my awareness I would try.

Always being the determined and pro-active one, I worked harder and harder to find love.  But guess what?  None of it worked!  I was still alone.  I was still getting older and I was still worried about never finding someone who was everything I wanted.

Most of my friends were getting married and most were starting families of their own.  I wanted this too.  Everyone around me told me I was being too picky but whenever I settled I was never happy.  Also, even when I tried to compromise, that never worked out either!  I felt like I was doomed - I really had no clue what to do.  I always wondered, why was it so easy for others to find "The One," but why was it difficult for me?  Can you relate to my story so far?  If you said, "yes" I have good news for you.... 

How I Finally Figured Out How To Attract "The One"
So right at this point that I was fed up and frustrated and had no idea what to do anymore to find "The One" was exactly when I got this idea to put up a website which was meant to be private and serve as a notice for friends and family to find me my "One" - I was no longer doing it all by myself.  On the site I put information about me and the type of man I was looking for.  I showed the website to my parents and told them that the job of finding me "The One" was now their responsibility.  If they wanted me to get married, they were going to have to find me a man.

But instead of the website being private, before it was officially done being designed, it got out into the world and went viral.  It was passed around the US and to other countries (this was before everything goes viral every day).  I started receiving emails from suitors everywhere.  Men who wanted to date and marry me.  Women who felt the same way as me.  People who wanted to help me on my search.  I was interviewed on many TV shows, radio shows, newspapers and magazines.  The world was now helping me find love.  I was thrilled.

What happened was with all the activity of dating many men and being a social butterfly, I got exhausted.  I was dating guys I was not interested in because I thought I better give them a chance and because so many people were now rooting me on.  I felt like I had so much riding on my success in finding love since I wanted to give hope to other singles out there.  But I just couldn't do it.

I had a chat with The Universe and told them I couldn't continue at the dating pace I was operating at.  I finally surrendered, and The Universe stepped in and showed me a whole new way to attract love and date.

Within 2 months, I attracted a soulmate.  Got into a relationship, learned some lessons, and then it ended.  This happened with several guys -- one soulmate after the next.  All back to back.  And then I got into a long term relationship, the man who I thought I was going to marry.  The relationship lasted 1 1/2 years and then the energy left and again, it was time to move on.

But this time I was a changed woman.  The Universe had showed me a new way.  I no longer wondered how to draw love to me, I knew exactly what to do.  Anytime I wanted another spiritual relationship in my life, I would use my techniques, which I now call The Spiritual Way To Attract The One® and poof!  a new man and magical relationship enters my life.  

So through this experience I had learned how to easily and effortless attract love to me, rather than going out and looking for it.  I also found my true One, which I discovered is myself.

Stop Struggling To Find Love,

Instead, Learn How To Easily And Effortlessly Attract Love To YOU!


Here's What's In Store For You:

1 - Can you imagine reading a spiritual teaching and having your life change instantly?  You read the guidance, you change your perspective, and then your life shifts... just like that! (That's the increased awareness this program will bring to you)

2 - Can you imagine doing an easy exercise, where you think about something related to your love life, jot down some thoughts on a piece of paper, and then shortly after -- a day or two, a week, or a month or so --  a man appears in your life who fit the traits on your ideal mate list. (It happens all the time and can happen for you!)

3 - How great would it be for you to do something that you regularly do... like going to work, going to the gym, going food shopping, walking around the block, hanging out somewhere -- and you bump into someone you have an instant soul connection to!

4 - Imagine journalling about what you desire... and then when you head out for the day and then you realize that what you just wrote came true!

Listen, all these things have happened to me and have happened to my clients.  Once you learn this information, they'll happen for you too.  Through this program, I'm introducing you to a whole new way of looking at love... attracting love... and yes, a whole new way of being YOU in the world.  It will truly change your perspective on so many things in life, you'll wonder why you ever stressed about it, worried about it or worked so hard.

Program Overview:

  • Step by step program guiding you with spiritual teachings, healings, and exercises.
  • 5 modules total
  • Go at your own pace.  There's no need to rush through the program, you can attract love right away.
  • Shifts can happen quickly when you work with The Universe.  You don't have to finish the program to see results.  It's better if you take your time and focus on each teaching and do the exercises.
  • Enjoy the journey of transformation, processing of emotions, healing, and manifestation of love in your life.
  • Never go back to your old way of looking for love again.

The Program Is Packed With 5 Months Of Material.

One week after the next new teachings and exercises are given for to apply to your life.  This is an active program.  It teaches you a new way of being proactive in your love life.  You have to do the exercises to get results.

Get Access To The Full Program When You Sign Up
But because I know most singles are in a rush to attract the "One," I've made the full program accessible to you the minute you sign up and pay in full.  Other programs time out the modules and hold you back until you complete the step before.  I don't do that to you.  I understand you want love now and I am here to help you in getting that.  Also, it's important that you know that you don't have to complete the program to attract "The One" -- you start to become magnetic right away and people have attracted love in the beginning of the program too. Sometimes all you need is one or two steps and then it all clicks for you!

Here's What You Get:

A WELCOME AUDIO (44 minutes) that explains how to go through the Program, how to use the material and what to expect.  Mindshifts will start happening right here.

MODULE #1 - Healing Your Heart (1 Audio + 7 Lessons/Exercises)
Before you can create a new, fresh, healthy and happy relationship you need to clear out the past. This is a crucial step for everyone.
The past has a nasty way of creeping back into our lives, if not properly healed, no matter how long ago it was.  That’s why the program starts here….  to ensure your success and so you can start with a clean slate.  Most people bury their hurt and negative past experiences only for the anxieties and issues to come out and CONTAMINATE their new relationship.  Going through this module -- that won't happen to you!  You will be guided to explore and heal your current or repressed or current emotions towards your ex(s) and past failed relationships.  This is healing work.  More specifically, emotional healing.  When you do healing work, you are also doing manifestation work.  Includes 20 Minute Audio + 7 Lessons / Exercises

MODULE #2 - Clear and Cleanse Your Love Life (1 Audio + 6 Lessons/Exercises) 
“Clear and Cleanse Your Love Life” is a module that focuses on healing, as well as manifesting.
Clearing and Cleansing your love life is very valuable and a step that most do not do and are not aware of.
Doing a clearing and cleansing of your love life cleans the slate of your emotional as well as physical world,
so you are fresh and clear of baggage to welcome in a new lover and partner. 
Includes 21 Minute Audio + 6 Lessons / Exercises

MODULE #3 - Partnering With The Universe To Attract Love (1 Audio + 7 Lessons/Exercises)
“Partnering With The Universe To Attract Love” you’ll learn the foundation of what it means to partner with the Universe.  You’ll learn more about the Spirit helpers who are here to help you on your journey with love, as well as discover details about how to work with the Universe, not against it  You'll be introduced to what a conscious relationship is and how to create a conscious relationship.  This module includes an art project for you to do -- manifestation art!  You'll also learn and get a better understanding of how to manifest in an easy and fun way.  Includes 6 Minute Audio + 7 Lessons / Exercises

MODULE #4 - Prepare Yourself for Love (3 Audios + 20 Lessons/Exercises)
After you've done the other modules and have a great foundation for manifesting your "One" -- you'll move into more fun stuff.  Manifesting!  Good thing you cleared out the past – we needed to make room for your manifestations!  Too many times people try to manifest when they are clogged up with old baggage and then wonder why their manifestations aren’t appearing…. This program helped you take care of clearing out that old baggage... and this is the next magical step.
“Prepare Yourself for Love” is 100% manifestation work and super powerful.  You will learn how to use your internal power to create and draw “The One” into your life.  Includes 3 Audios (60 Minutes, 40 Minutes, 20 Minutes) + 20 Lessons / Exercises

BONUS!  MODULE #5 – Releasing (1 Audio + 10 Lessons/Exercises)
Module 1-4 are really all you need to attract the "One" - but just in case, I've included even more manifestation tips.  Module #5 “Releasing” focuses on the energy of surrender and healing.   Includes 11 Minute Audio + 10 Lessons / Exercises



Your Investment:  $3,000 or 2 Payments of $1,650*
When you pay in full, you get access to the Program within 24-48 hours Monday-Friday.
*If you are paying by installments, you'll get access to the program when full payment is received.
 ​You will have access to the program for 1 year from date of entry.

PS:  With The Spiritual Way To Attract The One® Program, there is no more waiting, no more complaining, and no more feeling sorry for yourself...  Instead of feeling a victim to circumstance, you're the one who's in the driver's seat.  You have control and you will be empowered in your love life.  This will also be the best investment in yourself -- and in your love life -- you'll have ever made.  Back in 2004 when The Universe taught me what I will be sharing in this program with you, it not only transformed my love life, but my whole entire life (my clients too).  When you learn how to partner with The Universe to attract "The One" to you, rather than having to go out and look everywhere for it, you realize how easy and effortless it can be.  You start to realize that you are the one in power and that you really can create everything that want in the world.

Refund Policy:  Once you place your order, you’ll get access to the Program which contains The Love Guru's proprietary material, because of this, refunds are not offered and your order is non-refundable.  If you have any questions about the program or this policy, please contact us before you proceed with your order.