I work with high powered male and female executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities and teach them how to partner with the Universe to easily and effortlessly attract the "One."  I also clear and heal anything and everything that's blocking you from experiencing love life success.

Is This You...?

  • Are you tired of being single and doing life on your own?

  • Do you consider yourself a great catch but haven't found someone that's good fit for the long term?

  • Are most people surprised that you're still single, since you have so much to offer?

  • Do you have dreams of going on adventures with your "One" but are starting to wonder WHEN and IF he (or she) will ever appear?


  • Are you concerned that you're getting older and feel you better hurry up and find love, because time is running out?

  • Is there something that's preventing you from opening your heart and letting someone in?

  • Do you have some insecurities, anger, anxieties or fears that are keeping love away?

  • Do you have abandonment, co-dependency or commitment issues that you'd like to release?

  • Do the traditional ways of looking for love (being set up, using a matchmaker, dating online, using a dating app) not work for you or you have no interest in using them?​

  • Were you in a bad relationship or marriage that you're afraid of repeating?

  • Have you seen a therapist to get help with your love life, but not much has changed?

  • Do you refuse to settle, but worry you may have to?

If you've said "yes" to any of the above, then click here to get started, because I can help you.

There are two types of singles who come to me.

  1. Those who don't know how to attract love, and....

  2. Those who have "gunk" in their heart that needs to be cleared because it's blocking them from love

Which one is you?  I can help you.

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You Don't Have To Be Single

(if you don't want to be)

And You Don't Have To Settle.​

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