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I'll share with you a list of 16 ways you can raise your vibration (and reasons why each of them works!)

Now, you might be wondering... "Why would I want to raise my vibration?"

1) In order for you to attract "The One" and/or create and maintain a healthy, loving relationship,  it's key that you have a high vibration, that you're happy with your life, and that you're attracting wonderful opportunities all the time. Otherwise you'll attract a depressed partner... or you'll be co-dependent on your partner because he or she will be your source of happiness... or you'll end up having a lot of unnecessary fights with your partner.

Do you ever notice how when you're in a good mood, you attract more wonderful things?  That your good mood is like a magnet and you end up attracting more and more things that make you smile.... and on the flip side, when you're feeling sad, frustrated, or mad, that you also, end up attracting more and more... only when you're in a sad, mad or frustrated mood, usually you attract more things that cause you to be, well, mad, sad or frustrated about. It works both ways!  So the exercises in this guide keep you on a natural high - attracting good things everywhere you go and every day of your life.

2)  You more easily get what you want (out of life)

3) You'll manifest things that you want quicker 

4) You'll feel happier 

5) You'll more easily feel and fall in love (with yourself, with a partner, with others, with life) 

6) You'll feel magical 

7) You'll laugh a whole lot more (and we're not talking about being fake) 

8) You'll smile a whole lot more (same deal, not fake smiling, but true happiness from your soul) 

9) You'll attract good people into your life - those who enjoy you and you enjoy back 

9) Your life will have an easy, effortless flow - you'll just go along for the ride

"16 Ways To Raise Your Vibration" is a short guide with a list of things that you can do to raise your vibration, along with a with brief sentence or two as to why they work.

I'm warning you, these are super easy and simple things that you can do right now to raise your vibration, and they only take a few minutes or seconds to complete.

Your mind might resist. It may want more information, but I'm telling you, it's not necessary. This is not for your mind to understand, it's for you to experience.

>> And please note, the way you'll get maximum benefit from this list is if you apply at least one of them each day. That's where discipline comes in... and possibly "the hard part" of what I'm sharing with you.

Practical application makes the difference in totally transforming and upgrading your life!

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