Client's Experiences


Quickies, 30 minutes of delight!

"I know I have said this before but thank you again for everything you have done and continue to do for me.  Your abilities are phenomenal!" 

"I felt so holy while you were working on me. I don't know any other way to explain it.   Thank you so much. I was truly healed and relieved of something. You are a very talented healer!"

"Good morning Blaire, I wanted to take a few moments to say thank you so much for the energy healing session last night.  You were not kidding about having that tissue and water handy, as I definitely needed it afterward.  After we hung up, I felt suddenly overwhelmed with emotion and could do nothing but sit there and release it.  It was an extremely difficult night, as there was so much being released I couldn't really believe it.  I am still feeling very tender and in the midst of more release, but I am truly grateful for this experience.  I have been praying for healing, have made healing my intention, and then you the Universe saw fit to bring this energy clearing experience to me.  So I thank you wholeheartedly.  I know there is much work to be done, but I welcome it fully.  And I cannot expect healing to be pain free, by any means.  So I will, as you suggested, focus on being kind to myself as the process continues.  Thank you so much.  I am truly grateful.  God bless, always.  Love and light" - Milica, 31, NYC

"Blaire, thank you for everything you did last night.  I really enjoyed our time together and it was unreal how I was able to feel you working on me!  The energy work you did has put me in a more peaceful and accepting place about what is going on.  I will take your suggestions and I would like to book an appointment with you as I would like to know how I can be more proactive in attracting my "One."  Thank you!"  - Jessica, 27, NJ 

"I signed up for Healing Night because I wanted to know what my blocks were and to clear them.  I also wanted to open myself up to love.  The session was wonderful and my chat with Blaire was extremely enlightening.  I am going to save money to have another session" - Denise, 50, UK

"Hi Blaire!  I slept like a rock and woke up feeling refreshed. I've been doing a lot of thinking and just sitting with what you said.  I passed on your info to a friend of mine---- I shared some of our session with her and she was impressed as well!  Thank you!" - Amanda, late 30s, NY

"I had an amazing breakthrough after our session!  I feel like a better new me!  Thank you so much!" - Leslie, 34, CA

"My name is Terry, I'm in my 40s and I've never been married.  I signed up for Blaire's spiritual healing session because I was hoping to get some heart healing as I have been dealing with a broken heart from a relationship that lasted a year.  I needed Blaire's help with healing, insight, strength, and ideas for how to get him back as I pray  of this. I pray daily for him to realize what he has given up.  When Blaire was doing healing on me I could feel tingles throughout my body and it was very relaxing.  When she called me she told me her insights which were quite amazing what was in my aura.  She picked up my sadness and loneliness.  Even though she told me that he feels like he is taken and that he has moved on, which is not what I wanted to hear after the session I was thinking about it and journalling and I felt better about my heartbreak and my relationship with him.  I'm very grateful to Blaire for helping me during this time in my life.  She offered a lot of support and guidance and this I am very grateful for because I have never felt so sad and disappointed with love." - Terry, 40s, NY

"Blaire has a wonderful gift in harnessing divine messages.  My session with her was amazing!  Blaire picked up things about me that I didn't even know were effecting my love life.  My intention for the session was to release an ex who I have been having a hard time letting go even though we have been broken up for awhile now.  Blaire helped me focus on the underlying issues as to why I was holding onto him which has helped me come to peace about moving on.  I have been praying to God for helping with these things and I feel very blessed that Blaire was brought to me as an answer to my prayers.  I am having another session with her in two weeks and I am looking forward to getting to know myself better as well as develop my mediumship skills as I have always been interested in learning more about that and Blaire picked up that that is one of my gifts.  I am very grateful to her for all she has already done for me.  Thank you so very much!" - Amanda, 28, CT 

Experience a 30-minute pick-me-up of healing and manifesting energy!

Focus your energy on what you'd like to create and together we'll manifest!

Just like you clean your physical body each day to wash off dirt and so you smell nice, it’s important that you keep your energetic body clean so that you don’t repel good people, good things and good opportunities from coming into your life.
The cleaner your energy body, the more success and happiness you experience in life.

Quickies can be done in person (at my Nutley NJ or Montclair NJ office) or via Skype.

Make sure you lay down during the session, are in a quiet room and can relax.

Feel free to bring a notepad and pen so you can journal during your session if you'd like.

I will do distant healing on your body removing anything that no longer serves you and bringing in good energy that supports you and what you want to bring into your life.

Attract The One Activator

Wondering where your soulmate is and want him in your life right now? The ‘Attract The One Activator’ is for you if you’re ready for deeply passionate love with the man you’ve been dreaming of. It’ll give you a boost in your love life and magnetically propel your soulmate towards you. Get ready for a heart opening and blessings to be sent from above.

The Heart Healer
Sometimes we carry so much pain in our heart that we don’t know what to do. Relationship drama, a break-up, career frustrations or disappointments in life can bring you down. ‘The Heart Healer’ will clean you up, get bad energy off of you, and put you in a place where you can be happy once again.

Deeply In Love With Me
Deeply and completely loving yourself is the key to getting everything you want in life. Need a little pick-me-up? Feeling a little depressed? Or just want to take your self-love to a higher level? Boost your self esteem with ‘Deeply In Love With Me’ and upgrade your ability to love yourself, love others and love all of what life has to give you.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond
Desiring a new job, a raise or more money? Whether you have a big presentation at work or want to be really confident for date night, ‘Shine Bright Like A Diamond‘ is for you if you want to be ‘large and in charge.’ You’re meant to shine, sparkle and be proud of who you are. For others to admire you and be thankful for the gifts that you bring into the world. Dimming your light doesn’t serve anyone and it sure doesn’t get you the life you truly desire.

No More Drama, Mama
Does drama and chaos follow you around? Or maybe you’re just going through a rough patch? If you’ve found yourself in a never-ending cycle of drama, frustration, anger, and chaos, it’s time to step back and get off that crazy merry go round. ‘No More Drama, Mama’ will help you break the negative cycle and bring clarity and peace back into your life.

Anxiety, Frustration and Fear Be Gone!
When your mind goes into overtime with worries, fears, anxieties and frustrations, it’s hard to think straight. Life wants to bring you wonderful things but you block them with the worries that are in your mind. ‘Anxiety, Frustration and Fear Be Gone’ will usher in clarity and peace. You’ll start to see the bigger picture of what’s going on and be able to trust in the Universe and your higher self. 


Please note:  If you partake in smoking, drinking, or drugging on a regular basis,

I can not accept you as a client at this time.  Get sober first and then feel free to schedule a session.